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Scene 1
Ravi accepts Rekha’s gift and says dont worry about Devika, Devika thinks that he is selfish that he cant see anyone, i know this is all drama, you will get sugary as you got expensive gift, you came here to get this gift, Rekha says i trust you Ravi, she sees DEvika and ask were you listening our talks? she makes her stand beside Ravi, Ravi thinks that she will misunderstand me again seeing this gift, DEvika thinks that he is hiding gift from me, Rekha says you both look great together, she makes them hold each others hands and says time can be bad or good but if you both share it together then it will turn out to be well, she leaves, Devika jersk her hand away and leaves, Ravi says where i am stuck.
Ravi and Devika comes back home, Ravi ask whats all this? sweets and all, Vikas

says there is big celebration today, Ravi ask whose celebration? Vikas sys its reception of you and Devika, Ravi is stunned and says why you didnt tell me and from where you got money? Vikas says i got contract but they canceled event and didnt ask as for payback so i saved money and also decorations will be used in your reception, Ravi says dont say like this, Vikas says i am talking about savings and afterall money is money, DEvika gets miffed and leaves from there, Vikas ask what happened to her? Ravi sys you say without thinking anythin, now i will listen her taunts, he leaves.

Scene 2
Dada ask Rekha how are you feeling? she sys from the time i have seen Ravi and Devika together, my health is fine, they look good together, Manju comes there, Savitri says you? come in, its your house, Manju is confused with her behavior, Savitri ask how come you here? Manju says there is something special to tell, she ask did Ravi and Devika left? Rekha says yes, Manju says i like DEvika alot, she has manners and respect elders alot, she cook very nice, Rekha gets ahppy listening and says she is very pure hearted girl and can win heart of anyone, Savitri thinks that i know why Manju is happy with Devika, she has greed for her property, Manju talks nicely with Savitri and says sorry to come empty handed, i came here to invite, i hope you dont mind me coming without sweets, Rekha says no issues, which invitation you are talking about? Manju says i am doing small reception of Ravi and DEvika, its small one unlike you people, Vikas got contract of marriage (Saket’s marriage) but they didnt give him money for that but dont worry we will do good reception, Savitri and all gets tensed listening this, Manju thinks that they eat others money so have to listen, Manju says i should leave now, you all have to come, she greets Savitri and leaves.
Ravi comes in room and closes door, he says to Devika that i am ready to listen your taunts so start, she sys i have not seen person like you, nobody asked me before doing this reception, i am not going to come in reception, Ravi says even i didnt know about it, she says then say no to it, Ravi says i dont like it too but we have to do somethings for our families like i had to come to your house to pick you up even when i didnt want, Devika says so you came there for me? dont fool me, i know for what you come there, you knew you will get expensive gift and you got it, Ravi says you are saying like i have done these rituals ten times before so i knew that i will get gift, DEvika says then why you didnt say no to gift? why you took it? Ravi says enough, i am most cheap, classless, liar, mannerless, greedy, everything for you, spare me for once, i took that gift as your chachi said that she is like your mother and she has right on me, i took gift to make her happy, Devika says you like to play with emotions of people, you must be happy that first you got gift and now this reception, i am not going to attend this reception as i dont accept this marriage, say no to reception. Ravi says nothing can be done on you, you are becoming stubborn who thinks that only she is right, remove blindfold then you will know who is right and who is worng, he goes out of room and thinks that one side my mom ins creating problems for me and otherside my wife doesnt understand anything, i will be crushed inbetween them, DEvika sit and says to Ambe Maa that why you are doing this with me, i am tired of showing fake smile, i have come back to this house because of Rekha but now this reception? i cant show fake smile all the time, she takes off Ravi’s trophy from stand and puts Ambe Maa’s idol there, she gets call from Rekha, Rekha ask did you reach to your house? DEvika says yes, Rekha says i am so much happy for you, i wanted to talk to you, DEvika ask what happened? Rekha says now i know my upbringing was right, today your mother in law came and she was praising you, you made me proud, you have accepted your in laws so well, i know you handle everything well, my health is fine after listening so much praise of yours, i have faith that you will handle responsibilities of wife and daughter in law really well, DEvika ask who said all this to you? Rekha says your mother in law, she invites us to reception, we all are so happy, we will meet in evening, i will pray that you celebrate everyday, DEvika thinks that i said no to reception and now Rekha.. Rekha says Sakshi and Pallavi are coming, she ends call, DEvika says what is happening, i said so much things to Ravi, i said i will not come to reception, now i will have to bow to him, he will taunt me so much.
Ravi is waiting for Manju, he says Devika will not come in reception and we will make joke of ourselves infront of relatives, Manju comes there, Ravi sys you know i dont like these receptions and all abd even you are doing this, Manju sys i know you dont like it but we have relatives so we have to do it, nobody came in our marriage so we have to invite them, Ravi says Rekha got heart attack so its doesnt look good, Manju says but i went to their house, she is fine. Ravi says DEvika got tensed because of Rekha and she has become ill now, she has head ache and many more, Manju ask why you didnt call doctor then? Ravi says she said no, she said she will take rest, Manju says what about reception? Ravi says cancel it, Devika comes there, Manju ask what happened to you? are you fine? you have fever, DEvika says i am fine, Manju says Ravi was saying you are ill, Devika says no i am fine, i came to ask you what should i wear in reception? Ravi is stunned and looks at her, she leaves, Ravi says she is mad girl, she asked me to cancel reception and now acting good infront of my mother, she will drive me crazy.
Manju is welcoming everyone in reception, Shweta thinks that they have insulted my brother now he will take revenge.

PRECAP- one relative says to Manju that you have spent so much on reception, you should save money, Manju says i am not mad, i have not spend anything on reception, Vikas got contract but it canceled at last moment so we got advance and also these decorations, Vikas got one more contract, i thought they will not give money but then they gave us 3lacs, Savitri listens all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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