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Scene 1
Saqaid’s family bring Devika in house, one lady says this is bad omen, she has entered house and brought fire, Saqaid’s sister(shweta) says dont say like this, she gives water to Devika, shweta ask Devika to come and change clothes.
Saqaid thanks Ravi for saving Devika, Saqaid ask about her sister(Shweta) who is married to Ravi’s brother(Vikas), Ravi says Shweta came earlier, Saqaid ask about job which he refereed to him, Ravi says i like to get things on my own, i have got job on my own, i dont like to take these kind of helps, Saqaid says if you need anything then tell me, Ravi ask about Devika? Saqaid says i am going to marry her and you know what i like, i grab it fast, you will soon get invitation for marriage.
shewta brings DEvika in room, Devika thinks if

Ravi is relative of Saqaid? he is such a cheap guy, he uses girls, if he is relative of this house then how can i marry here but Dadi will not listen to me. Shweta meets Saqaid, he ask are you fine? she says my problem is that vikas doesnt get good work, he says why you didnt tell before, dont worry, i will write his fate, she says really and gets happy, Ravi comes and says Shweta cane we leave, Shweta ask can you bring my bag, Rvi goes to bring it, he enters wrong room, Devika is changing, he says i am sorry, she comes out and says you are a cheap guy, you should be in jail, Ravi says i didnt know you were here, Devika says dont be so innocent, remember you were trying to rape a girl, RAvi says you are alleging me, i cant rape a girl, Devika says i had seen you touching her, you should be thankful to her that she stopped me from complaining to police, you are a rapist, Ravi says you should see different side too, your friend told you that they were three but when you came, i was only present there, why? because i had beaten them and they had ran away, i was just trying to her bring her to consiousness, i always respect girls, Devika says i know what you are, Ravi says i dont have to prove my character to you, i know what kind of girl you are, you have no thinking and have no dream, you are good for Saqaid, you have chemical problem in mind, Saqaid is mad too so you both are good together, this is perfect match, Devika is stunned.

Scene 2
Saqaid ask Shweta do you like Devika? she says she is nice, she ask what you liked in her? he recalls how Devika followed his orders, he says Devika is very beautiful and she gets afraid seeing me, she will remain my servant whole life, Ravi comes and listens this, Ravi thinks why i am thinking about her, she scold me alot, she deserve Saqaid only.
Savitri ask Rekha to put Ajay’s bride’s dress for Devika, Rekha is shocked, Dada says Devika has not comeback, SAvitri says she must be meeting her in laws, i am just worried that if she speak ill then everything will be ruined, i told her to not talk about job there, Savitri thinks that this marriage should happen and this Devika should not mistake.
Devika comes after changing, she meets Saqaid’s Bua and tai, Saqaid’s mother ask about her hobbies, Devika says i liek to study and want to do job, mother says forget about job, Saqaid will not agree, Shweta says you dont know him, if you gets married to him then he will set you life, Saqaid handles everything of house, he takes every decision of house, he is possesive kind of person, i know you will not do mistake but Saqaid is short tampered guy, if he sees a office guy with you then he will beat him and will be mad at you, dont think about job, you will have to manage, DEvika is worried, she goes out.
Ravi is waiting for Shweta and goes in washroom, he listens someone crying and comes out to see. he finds Devika crying, about to leave but turns to look at her, he comes to her and ask why you are crying, i know you for you i am flirty, cheap, 3rd class and all, but listen to me once, look at me, she looks at him to find hsi pant’s zip open, she says chee, he says shit and closes zip, he says i was going yesterday when i found three guys forcing a girl and i saved her, i know you will not believe it, today too i was in washroom and listened ou crying so came her and forgot to zip pant, i know you are sad that Saqaid didnt take you resturant, lovebrids didnt get time, Devika says what you know about girls? our emotions get destroyed but you guys didnt get affected by it, if i assume that you didnt do anything with my friend, but some guy was raping her, all boys are same, i am worried, i am not able to find any way, leave, Ravi thinks she is in big problem, Ravi says sorry, i cant see tears in women’s eye, i dont know you but i know you are worried, i am not emotional but i know one thing that if something is hurting you then you can share it, you can tell me, Devika says i dont wanna get married at this time, DEvika says getting married means i will break my dreams, i want to become something, i want to fulfill dreams of my mother and dada, my dadi thinks that only boys can do something, she wants me to get married, i want to do something that my family is proud of, am i asking much? Ravi says they are lucky that you want to make them proud, that is enough for any family, Devika says i have only 3 days and if i dont g4t job then dadi will make me marry, dadi is not letting me anywhere to find job, she wipes her tears and says why i am telling this to you, she leaves, Saqaid listens all this and says so these are her plans, Ravi thinks that she will not fulfill her dreams just because her family wants her to get married, he is about to leave, Saqaid ask what you were talking to Devika? Ravi says she was talking to her friend, she want to do job, she wanted to talk to you if you will allow her to do job or not, Saqaid says i will not allow her to do job, they get freedom, she should remain in control, Ravi says why you are telling me all this, my thinking is different, i feel girls and boys are same, you talk to her about this, this is your personal matter, he leaves. Saqaid says its good i got to know what she wants, now i have to find some way.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that if you want to do something then you have to become strong and tell people what you want from life, the one who love you will be on your side and others will not, its as simple as that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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