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Scene 1
Devika says to he men that clean this house soon, why working so slow? Nivi comes and says stop Ambika. She comes to her and says i have to talk to you, she holds her hand and drags her.
Manju asks men to be careful while taking things out. she cries and says to Gurvindar that what is happening? i didnt take such wrong in my life, Gurvindar says i tried to make you understand, Manju says my thoughts always take me to wrong path, i went to Ravi and asked him to marry Nivi, we will have to live in huts now, when i had to make Nivi my daughter in law then i made Dvika my daughter in law and now when i had to get Devika, i asked him to marry Nivi, Gurvindar says she is not Devika but Ambika, Manju says but she has money, now we have nothing.
Nivi brings Devika to her room and locks

her door, Devika thinks what drama is she going to do now, Nivi says you know i never met someone who can challenge me, i never got defeated so whoever came in my way, i just crushed them, my family didnt understand it, i did what i wanted, i went to extends to get what i want, i didnt see any limit to get Ravi, i killed Devika for him, i cant accept defeat and today you made me lose, today Nividita lost to you.
Ravi is finding Nivi, he asks Manju if she went to meet Ambika? Monty says you are worried for Nivi or Ambika? its clear that even after doing so much, you are worried for Ambika, Ravi says shut up, i dont have time for this rubbish, Monty says go find her, she might listen to you, Ravi says you.. Manju says dont be angry, go find her, Ravi leaves.
Devika thinks why she is telling me all this? she can try to kill me, i have to be alert. Nivi says you did right with me, i am selfish, i couldnt understand your goodness, your friendship, you did so much for me and i only gave you pain, i never thought what you wanted, i thought my wealth, my stubbornness, my wants, i never thought about anyone else, i broke house, people, relationships for what i wanted, why i am so bad person? why i cant be good friend? why i cant give happiness to anyone? she cries and says i dont want to be like this, i know i should be punished, i always do wrong with people, i dont know what relation we have, i always do wrong with you but you always do something good for me, i dont deserve your friendship, i know i dont deserve it but forgive me please, please forgive me, i wont be able to live myself, she sits in her feet and pleads, Devika says stop this drama, i know when you dont have anything to say, you start this pleading drama, i am leaving, Nivi says i will change myself, i am folding my hands infront of you, forgive me, Devika says i dont trust your crocodile tears, Nivi says i am not lying, this will not happen again, Devika says i know how you are, Nivi says till you dont forgive me, i will keep pleading, Devika says i dont like this, its your sangeet today, Nivi says i just want forgiveness, this sangeet wont happen till you dont forgive me, i will leave after sangeet, i will do what you say, Devika thinks i feel good to see you like this, you dont know how much peace i get when i see you cry like this, i want to see you like this more so its better to forgive you this time.
Saket comes to Nivi’s house and sees furniture going out. Shweta comes to him. Saket says what kind of sangeet is this? leave it, i just want to meet Ambika. Shweta hugs him and asks how is he? he says i am fine, what is happening? Shweta says you know what Ambika did? she tells him everything, how Ambika ordered to leave this house. Saket says she showed place to Nivi, she is great, where is she? i will find her, he leaves. Shweta says Saket came to put more salt in fire.
Devika says to nivi that i forgive you, stop crying, i still take you as my friend, i was just taking revenge, i give you one more chance, will you go in sangeet like this? wipe your face, come to your sangeet, you dont have to leave this house, you can live here till wedding, Nivi says you are really nice person, Devika says dont worry, calm down then we will do down. Nivi wipes her tears, Devika thinks that i will take more revenge on your marriage, i will get one more chance to see you in pain, the pain which you gave me is much more than yours now. She says lets go? Nivi smiles, Devika holds her hand and takes her down.
All are in lounge. Devika comes there with Nivi, she says to family that forget everything, i want you all to enjoy sangeet of Ravi and Nivi, she asks Nivi to start sangeet, i will ask my men to put things back. Media ask Devika what is happening here? did you ask them to clear house? DEvika says nothing like this is happening, Nivi and I are friends, we joke like this, take pictures of couple and show on Tv, she ask media to go and enjoy, they leave. She says i want this night to be memorable for nivi and Ravi. She asks Nivi to go and dance. Shweta says to Vikas what is happening? Vikas says Ambika will teach her lesson in her language, Shweta says whats her plan? vikas says no one knows whats next in T20.
Janki comes to Nivi’s house and thinks that i have to find Ambika, dont know what Saket will do with her.
Nivi says to Devika that thank you for accepting my apology, we are friends again, Devika says no problem, we are good friends. Devika holds Ravi’s hand, Ravi looks at her confused, Devika says why you are tensed? i didnt hold your hand for myself, i held it for your fiance Nivi, i am well wisher of your relation, i am sorry, so much happened in your sangeet because of me, i want to make everything normal, she is your fiance, you both have love so why shy away from holding hands? she gives Ravi’s hand in Nivi’s hand and says now have romantic dance with her. Ravi thinks that is this just show off or she doesnt have any feelings for me, she so easily gave my hand in Nivi’s hand, is she not jealous a little? how is this possible? Nivi says she is right, we should dance Ravi, its our sangeet after all. Devika and Ravi looks at each other. Devika says DJ play most romantic song of playlist, Ravi thinks why Ambika is doing this? what i wanted, opposite f that is happening. Devika moves away. Ravi and Nivi comes on dance floor. Nivi starts closely dancing with Ravi, Jenay lage plays, she sensually dances with him, Devika looks away. Janki sees Saket outside house and thinks that before he meets Devika and misbehaves with her, i have to take her away. Saket sees her there and thinks that she is here so she wont let me meet Ambika, i have to find way to meet Ambika. Nivi and Ravi are dancing, Ravi looks at Devika, she looks away, Janki comes there and asks Devika to come with her, she takes her away. Ravi sees Devika gone.

PRECAP- Shweta strikes with Devika, juice falls on Devika, Shweta says come with me to room, i will clean it. Devika says okay lets go, Shweta smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is this show? Nothing but garbage! Life ok pls stop! No story just repeat of what shown before.

    1. Its pure crap

      1. My request to all sponsors, pls done throw your ad money down the drain and stop supporting this garbage!


    Whats all rubbish…. ya to writers ka dimag hill gya hai ya fir hmra karab kr rehe hai… ek hi episode me story ko kahin b le jaate hai… stupid show


      And more stupid are all viewers who are watching this crap

      1. maybe ekta thrives on these negative comments this is what keeps her going, everyones annoyance to the storyline. so why should she change the track, she probably reads all our comments and has a good old laugh. gives her the edge to carry on with the pathetic track instead of ending it. i bet shewta did alll this drink drama with dumb devika/amibika so she can unite her with snake eyes saket. ouf ouf no words are left to say for Kalash . maybe like the name put the programmes ashes in it LOL!!!!!.

  3. I don’t think the writers have any other storyline that’s why this one is being dragged. For how much longer are they dragging it. Expose nidhi, manju and saket and either move on or stop the show. I read monty to turn negative in the show, really, since this ambika story he’s not been any different, not even bothered about his wife.

  4. Ekta is hoping to get same ratings for this serial like kkb, that’s why it’s going the way it is. After all that devika feel and thinks of nivi, you telling me she kissed and made up and prolonging the revenge tactic, hoping to achieve greater satisfaction? How crappy is that? Can’t ekta bring an end to this ongoing script and move on……to different storyline, so boring!!! I only read update, too painful to watch devika and Manju’s characters…..and Monty, can’t stand his lowly role….so like a puppy. The only ones worth watching is Ravi and nivi, they are convincing in their roles.

  5. I am watching this serial after a long time and it seems as if nothing changed..same old dragging story,,,,rather a short exciting story that everyone will remember than something they will forget

  6. I just hope to see krip suri in othr serial soon cz this show vl nt progress

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