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Scene 1
Saket says to Rekha that i dont have much time, if you dont tell me truth then i will kill you, Pallavi says trust me, Maa didnt do anything, Saket says stop this rubbish. Door knocks, Saket says who it can be. Pallavi shouts jeeju. Nivi asks Saket to open door. Saket frees Pallavi and asks her to go and open door. Pallavi runs and opens door. She sees Ravi’s family there. Ravi and all come in and see Sake pointing dagger at Rekha’s neck, Saket says dont move closer, Saket says Rekha now tell everyone, Ravi says i wont spare you, Manju says calm down, he can do anything. Devika says what drama is going here? Saket says i am trying to find your truth from her mouth, Devika says my truth? is this happening because of me? and why you are finding my truth from this lady? i dont even

know her, who is she? i just know that she is some relative of Devika.. oh now i know, you are again doubting me that i am Devika? not again please, you came to two three days back and apologized to me for misunderstanding, you even proposed me and said poetry for me, now its brilliant, she says to Nivi that why did invite Rekha when you dont even like her, she says to Saket that Nivi invited her, i was with Nivi whole time in wedding, i think she was in mandap so how would i plan something with her? i was confused myself to get out of this trouble and now this drama is happening, my mood is off now, what you want to do? what you think? you kidnapped me thinking i am Devika then you realized that i maybe Ambika then you begged and apologized to me and even said that you wanted to marry me, you poured roses on me and now when i got married to Ravi so you backtracked thinking that i am Devika, you all keep trying to prove that i am Devika, i am tired of you dramas. Ravi says to Saket that Chachi didnt do anything, she is Devika’s chachi, how can you do this with her? he grabs knife from Saket’s hand and says i told you to not hurt her, Devika claps and says i am proud of you, she was being tortured and all were just standing, beat him. Ravi is holding Saket’s collar. Devika says to Ravi that you are my husband now and you know he likes me so you must be feeling possessive so beat him, beat him good, all looks at her confused about her cool behavior. Devika says Pallavi your mom is tied, are you not worried for her? open her ties, okay i will free her. She frees Rekha and gets emotional but controls herself, Pallavi comes to her, Rekha hugs her and makes her sit on couch, she brings water for her. Saket says i want to know truth, Devika says truth is what i have told you many times, i know you are coward, you would have killed her if you wanted, you waited for everyone to come so that you can show performance, i dont know how fool like you are a politician, you should be actor, you are like Ravi who doesnt know what he wants from his life, she stares Ravi, she says to Janki that i didnt know this stupid drama was going on here otherwise i wouldnt have come here, you know i want to sleep, i dont want dark circles, Janki says now we are here so lets see end of this drama. Ravi says lets give him to police, Nivi says no, he should get punished rightly, he will freely come out of jail, i will punish him now, she drags Saket out of house, all look on.
Nivi brings Saket in parking lot, Nivi says what were you doing? is this way to get someone? you are idiot, you dont have plan or know way to execute, you didnt get anything, all must be laughing on you, your doings have affect on my life too, Saket says so should i sob like you? you didnt do anything but i cant sit quiet, Nivi says i did everything, i tried to make them take reverse pheras but Ravi put me in place, he was right, learn from my mistakes, if i didnt stop Ravi, he would have give you to police, Saket says police cant do anything about me, Nivi says you think you have many contacts? if you keep threatening people openly like that then you will be gone soon, relax and think about it.
Ravi asks Rekha and Pallavi if they are fine? Pallavi says thanks for coming on time, Ravi says Chachii is like my mother and you are my sister, dont worry, if you need anything then call me. Devika comes there and says i was leaving aunty so thought to say bye, take care. Rekha says Ambika thanks a lot, you made everything fine otherwise Saket was going to kill me, she holds her hand and says i am alive only because of you, thank you. Devika takes her hand back, Ravi looks on. Devika says your whole house is filmy, Saket was just doing drama, if i didnt save you then someone else must have done it, i am sleepy now, dont worry Saket wont do anything, i have given him lecture so he will deal with me from now on and not with you, just take care, she leaves, Rekha sadly looks on.
Nivi says to Saket that i am trying to make you understand, i am leaving now. Saket says if i didnt do that drama then Ravi and Ambika must have marriage night, Nivi says you.. Saket says are you jealous? atleast i take my revenge, Nivi says i understand that our enemy is same, it was Devika first and now its Ambika but you tell everyone that you are villain but this is not my way, whatever happened, it has destroyed your and my life, Saket says i dont even know if she is Devika or Ambika, i dont care much but she was best friend and snatched your wealth, your house, your husband and has made you go on roads and you couldnt do anything, and you are lecturing me here? Nivi says i am not silent, i have a lot of anger and i want to do a lot, you wait for tomorrow you will know how strong Nivi still is.

Palavi says she said we wasted her time. When I saw her first I thought she is devika. But now i know she isn’t. She would have hugged you and cried. She is ambika a spoilt brat. Rekha says no I saw her with my heart it was all drama today. Truth is that she saved my life today. This means to me. Think since morning what has she not been through still when she heard about me she came running for me. This is enough for me to realize she is my lado. Palavi says don’t give yourself false hope. Rekha says this is my belief. I dont know why she tries to be ambika. SHe wanted to cry when she hugged me. I could feel it. There is some reason behind her pretending ambika. I have to wait a few days till I call her my lado again. I will take this test of patience. I don’t know why my lado wants to stay as ambika but be with her God.

Ravi is in his room. He recalls everything, when devika said she didn’t know rekha. She said to saket you are like ravi you don’t know what you want. Ravi says how can she do this? She made fun of everything. How can she do this? I won’t tolerte this. I have to talk to ambika.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When is this garbage show going to end????

  2. theres no precap tomorrow?! ?

  3. though it is garbage better than kumkum baghia, kasam…. moinul..

    1. Agree with u on kb but kasam is better, I think.

  4. Untoratable, I want devika and ravi being again

  5. Loveleen

    even if one stops watching this serial fr one mnth the stry remains d same aftr one mnth …no progress…waste garbage rubbish….only evil plans n plottings….smtyms nivi or Saket or ambika

    1. True v v true… I..am seeing kalash after 2months same story no progress only… wen will devika find out ravi is innocent….
      Writers are jus stretching their shows…

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