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Scene 1
Manju ask Shweta to get ready fast, she gets Navi’s call, she greets Navi, Navi says i called you to say sorry, i didnt behave nicely with you in party, i was not in good mood, will you forgive me? Manju says dont be sorry, you were worried so you might have said things, Navi says i am sorry to say all that to you, i wanna meet you and say sorry, Manju says i am going to for Mehndi ceremony now, navi ask is this Mehndi have any significance? Manju says mehndi is applied on girl’s hands and if color is dark then married life is said to be successful, you can come there if you want, women will be there and als Ravi, Navi says ok i will come, she ends call and says mehnid is color of love, it will be interesting.
Devika is coloring Rangoli, Ravi comes there and says that now

i know why your designs are different in architecture, Devika says architecture designs are different from Rangolis, she says you go from here as i get distracted, you talk alot that i cant concentrate, Ravi says you have not sense of humor, she ask Ravi to go away, he starts leaving, Ravi thinks that i was praising her Rangoli but she doesnt understand, Ravi sit behind her and watches her making Rangoli, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, Ravi smiles seeing Devika, a kid comes, Ravi ask him to irritate Devika, kid irritates Devika, she turns and says Ravi.. Ravi says i was not irritating you but you keep scolding me, your time is not passed if you dont scold me, kid ask Ravi to give him chocolate as he has irritated Devika said by him, Ravi runs from there before Devika can hit him.
Monty calls Addy and ask why you didnt come in engagement? Addy says this is all fake, i know you are not happy with all this, Monty says i wanna meet you, Addy says meet me at restaurant but non one should come with you.
Savitri says to herself that Saket has challenged me, i have to do something to destroy this mehndi ceremony, i have to bring some bad omen in Mehndi, Pallavi comes and say Rekha has said to keep Devika and Sakshi’s separate from others, she leaves, Savitri says i got idea, i should mix something in Mehndi that brides will not be able to keep Mehndi in hands, she brings red chili powder and says i will mix it in Mehndi then brides will have to wash their hands as they would not be able to keep chili filled mehndi in hands, Pallavi comes there and sees her mixing something, Rekha calls Pallavi so she leaves, Savitri sees her going and thinks what if Pallavi has seen me? all will doubt me if i mix anything in Mehndi now, Pallavi can tell family, i cant put myself in problem.
Ravi is watching Devika hiding behind curtains, he says she will scold me again so i should keep in hide, Devika is finding Ravi and thinks if Ravi has gone home because i scolded him? its good if he has gone as now i will be able to attend function easily, Rekha comes to Ravi and says why are you hiding, she brings Ravi infront of Devika, Devika thinks that he is such coward that he was hiding from me, Ravi thinks now its of no use to hide from her, i have to face her now, he ask Rekha what will i do here? Rekha says we will welcome guests, Ravi says give me some big work, Rekha says this is also a big work, Ravi welcomes guests, Manju comes there, Rekha says he is my son in law, Manju says your son in law is nice, he is welcoming guests nicely, Rekha says he is newly married so his eyes are set on his wife only, Devika smiles listening this, Ravi says dont tease me, Navi comes there, Manju says to Rekha that you know Navi, she wanted to see Mehndi ceremony so i brought her here, Rekha says she can attend all functions, DEvika doesnt like Navi coming there, Manju and Rekha leaves, Navi says to Ravi that it seems like you didnt like me coming here, i will leave then, Ravi says nothing like that, you are welcome, Deviak thinks what Ravi is talking with her? why navi is showing much interest in our family.
Addy meets Monty and says its good you didnt bring anyone here, Monty ask why you are hiding from everyone? Addy says you are wrong, why are you marrying? Monty says i am marrying Sakshi because its Ravi and Devika’s happiness, he ask Addy to attend all functions, if you dont come then i will not talk to you.
Navi is getting bored in function, she finds Devika and thinks to giver he some tension, she comes to Devika and greets her, she ask can i sit with you? Devika says why not, Navi sits and says this is very interesting custom, its very informal, she says to DEvika that you must be feeling bad, you were going to get married to someone else, you msut have applied his name’s mehndi but you got married to someone else, these things matters alot in middle class houses, i wanna know if marriage is more important to you or these customs? Devika says marriage, most important for me is my marriage, these customs are secondary, these are steps to celebrate marriage but most important is marriage, they take pheras and become life partner, i may have done these customs before but now my marriage matters to me and my husband is Ravi only, Rekha ask cousins to bring Mehndi bowls, Navi ask Rekha why Devika-Sakshi’s mehndi are different from others? Rekha says bride’s mehndi comes from groom’s side, its of shagun, Navi says this means this Mehndi has come from Ravi’s house? Rekha says yes, the color of Mehndi tells about love between couple.

PRECAP- Navi comes in room and finds Ravi and Devika lying on sofa, Devika is lying on Ravi’s chest, she thinks how come they are so close? Navi comes in washroom and mixes some chemical in Devika’s mehndi cone, she says sorry DEvika i have to do this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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