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Scene 1
Saket says your sister is so stupid. Devika says she is immature, i will ask her to refrain afterwards.
saket holds her hand and says try to look it from my point of view. I get mad when i see ravi again, if he does anything today, I will ruin this sangeet as well. I hate it when he is around. Ravi comes in with his mom. saket says i did so much for them because my sister got married there, and this is how he returned me. i wont do anything else for them now. saket sees ravi. Dadi shows to dada ji how dare they come here? We insulted them. i will not leave them today. dada stops her and says no don’t do this, this will ruin our function, ravi is saket’s relative and he has done so much for us.

Sakshi says look ravi is here. i knew he would come. He wanted to see devika,

wow. Everyone has got a current. Ravi says to his mom i asked you i dont wanna come her, i feel insulted. maa says dont focus on them. they are nothing in front of me. I will show them that its my favor i came here. go to your brothers. they need you. Randhir asks bunty. Bunty says the LED is not working. ravi says lets go check the main connection. saket stands up, devika says please for me dont do anything. he did this as my pal, he had this misunderstanding. It was all unintentional. he did this to secure my future, saket says i am your husband to be. I have the right to make you secure. Devika says he is my friend he just wants me to be happy, saket says weird friendship. You are taking his side rather than mine, i am your husband to be. Devika says if i was not on your side i wont have married you. saket says okay then if you want, i wont say anything.If he tries to come between us i wont listen to anything you say.

Ravi’s mom says my son has done such amazing arrangement. A guest comes in and says such a good function it is. Dadi says some uninvited people are here. Ravi’s mom says and there are many dual face people here. Dadi says to ravi’s maa no one would have come here after that insult. You came here to eat. ravi’s maa says we are here to prove something, just wait an watch my daughter in law in going to be here. The princess shouldn’t be here and but i had to bring her to show you, your worth. My son is a diamond and you accused him.

Navedita comes with 3 or her servants. Ravi and devika see each other and there is an eye lock, saket come. Devika turns her face other side. Raavi sees navedtia, he recalls her saying that he took advantage to her while drunk. He said that you are most vulgar woman on this planet, i wont have touched you even in you were last woman on planet. Ravi stops his mom and says you said she wont come? She says i lied to you. you wont have come otherwise. Maa welcomes navedita, she says i was waiting for you. Navedita says i am glad to come here. She says come in will introduce. She takes her to savitri and says she is navedita only daughter of parkash. She is owner of the company your devika used to work in. navedita says i wanna meet the bride, devika. chachi says lets go. Ravi’s maa says yes meet her. She says to savitri are you shocked? see my ravi’s choice, your devika doesn’t even come near her. savitri wonders how she met ravi.

devika says hello navedita. Devika says come sit here. navedita says what is so special about you that ravi is so interested in you? devika says who said that? navedita says i can see it, you were with ravi in police station, you dressed his wound and was lost in your eyes. Romance in police station, interesting.

Precap-saket holds devika’s hand, ravi sees it in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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