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Scene 1
Ravi is waiting for Devika and says where she went? its late night, she doesnt say that she loves but she takes care of me so well, thank God i married Ambika and not Nivi, my life would have been destroyed, she wouldnt take care of me, Ambika is like Devika, she has filled gap in my life, but where to find her? He sees Nivi calling, he takes call, Nivi asks how are you? Ravi says i have fever, but why you are asking? Nivi says someone attacked you and you are away from house so i wanted to make sure if you are alright, Ravi says Ambika is here to take care of me, Nivi did you see Saket on your way to villa? Ravi says why you are asking this? was Saket following me? Nivi says i dont know, she ends call. Nivi thinks that Saket haven done anything till now, i have to stop him.
Ravi says

was Saket following us? Ambika has left too, i know i was sick but she should have told me before leaving me.
Saket is sitting in car and looks at Devika’s picture, he says you are so beautiful, Ravi is going to die then nobody can separate us, i will be with you and you can cry on my shoulders, i love you so i wont leave you, come and hug me Devika, he hugs her picture and says when you hug in real, it would be so good.
Mechanic tempers with Ravi’s car, Devika comes there and glares mechanic, she says did you do work nicely? check you failed brake nicely or not, your boss wants everything perfect, check it, mechanic says who are you? Devika says you have taken money to kill my husband, your boss is Saket right? go and tell Saket that you have done work but you are a fool, what you think that you will tell him Ravi’s wife knows everything and he will not kill you? he will torture you, mechanic says Saket asked me to do this i had to do it, Devika says i will give you 20lacs but you have to work for me, he asks what i have to do? Devika says money doesnt matter to me, my husband is priceless, first repair brakes of this car and fail brakes of Saket’s car, he should die like he planned for Ravi, make Saket go away from car, keep him engaged and ask your assistant to fail his brake, mechanic says i will call my assistant and do your work, he leaves. Devika thinks that its time for Saket to die, villain should die.
Mechanic comes to Saket. Saket comes out of car, mechanic says i have done work but i want more money, Saket says have you gone mad? this is some function that you are asking for money? go home now, mechanic says i will save you from police too, give me more money, Saket says i wont give you penny, mechanic says i will tell police everything, Saket drags him and strangles mechanic, another mechanic comes from behind and starts failing brakes of Saket’s car while Saket is threatening other mechanic, Saket says i will handle police, mechanic’s assitant have failed brakes of Saket’s car, Devika sees all this and thinks that Saket will die, he deserves it.
Ravi calls Devika and says you left without telling me? you should have told me. Devika says are you scared to be alone in home? make friends with ghosts, but be away from witches, i will get jealous of them. Ravi says dont joke, tell me where are you? Devika enters house and says i am here, Ravi sees her and says where did you go leaving me? Devika asks how are you feeling? Ravi says i was so worried for you, i feel like scolding you, Devika says i wont say anythin, scold me, Ravi screams on her that you left me, i am not feeling well and you left, Devika laughs and says you cant be angry, you cant show anger, i am sorry, Ravi says i cant be angry because of your smile, promise me that you wont leave me, Devika says i promise i wont leave.
Nivi comes out of villa and thinks that i reached here but i have to find Saket, he must be near here. Nivi comes out of car and looks around for Saket. She sees Saket’s car and thinks i was right, he is here, i have to talk to him. She sees Saket sleeping in car, she wakes him up, he says you? he comes out of car and says you came here to distub my sleep here too? nivi says what are you doing here? why have you switched off your phone? Saket says i can park my car anywhere, i didnt take your call because i was busy, should i tell you why i am here? i have done all work, just wait for some time and then Ravi will be no more, Nivi slaps him hard, she grabs his collar and says you know how much i love him, i have done so much for him, i lost everything but i still want Ravi, i doubted when Ambika got arrested, i felt like you were planning something, you hired Raghav to shoot Ravi and not Ambika and i was stupid to trust you, i didnt expect this from you, i thought you were my friend, i didnt know you would try to kill Ravi who is everything to me, if Ravi gets scratched then i wont spare you, Saket says i would have killed you if you were not friend, Nivi says i dont expect anything from cheap person like you, Saket says you always used me and nothing else, i killed Devika because of you, she was my love but i killed her because i thought my friend but you kep cheating me, your love is love but mine is not love? you are selfish, you will sacrifice your love this time, Ravi is going to die, nobody is going to save him, Nivi says i wont let anything happen to Ravi, Saket says Ravi is going to die, Nivi says i will call Ravi rightnow and tell him about your plans, she goes to call Ravi, Saket hits nivi on head by stick, she faints, Saket says i am tired of your drama. He calls driver to take away from here.
Ravi is lying his head on Devika’s lap and sleeping peacefully, Devika is caressing his hair and thinks that thank God he doesnt have fever now, i wont be able to slepe now, Saket is devil, soon everything will be according to my plan, Nivi killed me to get Ravi but saket is my biggest enemy because he wants to kill my husband, my husband is everything to me, tomorrow his evil ways will end, i didnt tell such big decicion to Janki maa, she should know everything, she has given me this strength, i should call her, maybe she hasnt slept till now, Devika makes Ravi lie on bed and goes to call Janki. Janki is sleeping, she Devika calling, she takes call, Devika says were you sleeping? everythin fine there? Janki says why did you call so late? everything fine? Devika says sorry to wake you up, Janki says everything fine? Devika says Ravi had fever but he will be fine, i have to tell you something important, you know Saket came here to kill Ravi, Janki is shocked.

PRECAP- Saket is in his car, he starts leaving in his car from Devika’s house, Devika looks him going.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Maybe now the serial can move on to another track.

  2. Hey tuffy, yes….. it sems very interesting for me as i didnt c this from.begining…..

  3. Oh my God, finally Saket is going to die. I have been waiting for Devika to attack her two main enemies Saket and Nivi. Now Saket is going to die. I’m just thinking about how Devika will punish Nivi. She should destroy this woman. Ravi looked cute while sleeping on Devika’s lap. Nice episode. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode

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