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Scene 1
Pallavi says to Ravi and Sakshi that what happened to you both? all guests have arrived and you are asking her to runaway? i will tel everything to mom, Sakshi says i didnt tell you anything but i feel Saket has trapped me and Monty in drugs case, from the time Saket’s marriage is arranged with me, he threatens me that he will torture me, i was silent for my family, Ravi is right even if this marriage happens nothing will become fine, Ravi says what i said in engagement party was right but Saket gave poison to Charan, Cahran is now fighting for life, how can you allow your sister to marry someone like Saket? we dont have choice, we have to save Sakshi from Saket’s trap, we dont have time, help us if you want to save your sister’s life, he asks Pallavi to wear sakshi’s

bridal clothes till he takes Sakshi to safe place, Pallavi says this cant happen, if i get caught then.. Ravi says nothing will happen, trust me, i will comeback and save you, Pallavi says what if you dont comeback? Ravi says i will comeback, trust me, i beg you to understand, save your sister’s life, Sakshi requests her too, Pallavi says okay only for Sakshi, Sakshi hugs her, Pallavi asks Ravi to comeback soon, Ravi says dont worry, i will comeback before this marriage, Pallavi asks if anything wrong will happen? Ravi says nothing, he asks them to change clothes and leaves.
Manju says to Parmindar that Savitri has done good arrangements, food is good too, Savitri says its good because we didnt give contract to your son this time, Manju says you didnt even give him penny for two marriages, Savitri says when you wll have to pay then i will see.
Ravi gets call from Monty, he finds Devika going to see Sakshi, he stops her and says Rekha is calling you, she wants you to welcome guests, Devika says i will meet Sakshi then i will come, Ravi says i will bring Sakshi, you go to Rekha, Devika says okay bring Sakshi and come soon, she leaves.
Saket meets Sanjay and asks where is Ravi? Sanjay says no idea and leaves, Saket thinks that i have to find Ravi, he should be infront of my eyes, i should ask DEvika, Ravi comes out of venue, Sakshi comes out too, Sakshi asks Ravi where are they going? Ravi asks if she trust him? she says yes, he gets call from someone and says come to Mandir, he takes Sakshi from there.
Saket comes to Devika and says arrangement is good, i will always regret that we couldnt become couple, he asks where is Ravi? Devika says he has gone to bring Sakshi, Saket says you know he can do anything, go and bring Sakshi, DEvika goes.
Devika comes in room and sees bride sitting in room, its Pallavi, Pallavi hides her face with veil, DEvika thinks thank God Sakshi is here, she says nobody came to take you? i thought Ravi will bring you, its time for pheras, lets go, flower falls from hand, she bends to pick it up, Pallavi gets worried if Devika sees her face, she turns around, Devika stops her, Pallavi thinks is she got doubt? Devika says your dupatta is torn, we have to change dupatta, take it out, i will change it, she brings another dupatta and says change it, she says but your in laws may not like other dupatta, she covers torn piece of dupatta and says keep wearing it only.

Scene 2
Ravi brings Sakshi to mandir, he says i need to tell you Monty’s truth, Sakshi says i dont wanna talk about Monty, what he did wit me.. Ravi says Saket was behind all that, Monty was worried and didnt want you to enter in compromise marriage, he didnt love you so as a friend he didnt want to indulge you in forced marriage and Saket took advantage of it, he provoked Monty, Monty said yes for marriage to save your respect, Saket provoked Monty on marriage that if he does marriage then he will destroy your life so Monty left marriage, Saket kept him abducted, Ravi says what about that letter? Rav says Saket wrote that letter not Monty, Saket brought that letter, nobody knows what was written in that letter, Sakshi says your mom wanted to read that letter but Saket didnt allow her, Ravi says Monty got to know that Saket cheated him and is getting married to you, Monty is very ashamed, he is regretting that he put you and your family in tight spot, now i want you to get married to Monty, Sakshi says what? Ravi says you are like my younger sister, i wont do anything bad with you, we dont have choice, this is only way, Monty comes there and is not able to see Sakshi, Sakshi angrily looks at him, Monty says i am sorry Sakshi, please forgive me, Sakshi says its okay, Ravi told me how Saket trapped us, Mont says i should have thought about you, you had to bear so much because me, please forgive me, Ravi says now you both know Saket made this plan, now forgive each other and do what i am saying, before anyone stop us, do get married, Monty says what about our family? Ravi says if our family gets involved in it then Saket will know it too then he will conspire again, we cant let that happen, Sakshi says your and Devika’s relation will weaken too, Ravi says dont worry about it, one day Saket’s real face will come infront of her then she will understand what i did was right, now you both have to take decision, if you are ready for this marriage, Sakshi looks at Monty, she gives her nod, Ravi says then we should not wait, he takes them in Mandir.
Pallavi is brought in mandap, Saket thinks that my servant is coming, she is seated beside Saket, Savitri taunts Manju that my grand daughter is diamond and coals(manju’s family) couldnt take care of her, its good that she is getting married to Saket, Pallavi is tensed, Saket asks Devika where is Ravi? Devika says i dont know, i will see, she leaves.
Devika is finding Ravi, she is not able to see him, she thinks to call him.
Ravi asks Sakshi and Monty to start marriage, he gets Devika’s call and thinks what to do, he picks call, Devika asks where are you? Ravi says when you show your right on me, i like it, Devika says i am not joking, where are you? Ravi says i am still in washroom, Devika says all are waiting for you, Ravi says i will come on time, dont worry, he ends call, he thinks that i have to reach there as Pallavi is in danger too and she will have to sacrifice for her other sister, i dont be able to show face to anyone then, Pundit asks Ravi if there is any other family member coming? Ravi says i am their family.
Navi comes in Saket’s marriage, Pallavi is worried and waiting for Ravi, she thinks that what if i get married to Saket? Saket asks her what she is thinking? nothing can happen now, soon we will get married and you will wear my name’s mangalsutra, i mean noose in your neck, your sindoor will imply your ill fate, Pallavi is shocked to hearr that and thinks he is devil, it means Ravi was right to save Sakshi from him, thank God i took their side.

PRECAP- Saket says to family that Marriage time is going, is this joke? where is Sakshi? Ravi comes there with Sakshi and Monty, he says Sakshi is here, and now she is Mrs. Monty Garewal, he says to Rekha that i made Sakshi marry Monty and saved her from this jerk Saket, Rekha slaps Ravi hard, Devika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ravi deserve this

    1. Ab dakhna hai Ravi or devika ka relation kab break hota hai because chachi slapped Ravi

  2. Gud to see that this time too saket will not marry..haha

    1. An dakhna hai k ravi or devika ka relation kab break hota hair because chachi slapped Ravi

  3. Hahaha saket ki kismat me shadi nai hai.

    1. Ab dakhna hai k Ravi or devika ka relation kab break hot a hai because chachi slapped Ravi

  4. Ab Ravi or devika ka relation kab break hota hai yeh dakhna hai because chachi slapped ravi

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally dusri baar bhi saket ko milla baba ji ka thullu…..
    But i hope ravi will not die…. vrna show ki tag line vishwas katam na ho jaaye… becuse i watch this show sometimes but only for ravi and devika sweet nok jhok and love…

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