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Scene 1
Ravi sees police arresting Manju. Inside Shera says to Devika and Janki that i miss my mom seeing you both, Devika says if your mother saw you working like this, then she would be hurt, come tomorrow to take money, Shera leaves. Devika asks Janki if she is fine? Janki says i am proud of you. Outside godown, Ravi asks what happened Maa? Inspector says Ravi your mother Manju has done henius crime, she kidnapped Janki and tried to her murder too, Ravi says no this is lie, he asks Manju, Manju is crying, Ravi says Janki is like my mother, Ravi asks Manju to answer, he says Manju cant even steal, she cant do kidnapping, inspector says dont you understand her silence? we have caught her red handed, Janki and Ambika caught her and her words are recorded too, she kidnapped Janki first then forced

her to sign her property to her and wanted to kill her, and threatened her that if she didnt sign papers then she would kill Ambika infront of Janki, its good that Janki and Ambika cuaght her otherwise your mother would have done more crimes, she cant be saved now. Ravi asks Manju to say something, Manju says he is right, i kidnapped Janki and wanted her to sign her wealth to me, i thought i will get her property, i did it for my family, i made you marry Ambika to get her wealth, Nivi became beggar and i got to know that Janki has all wealth not Ambika so i kidnapped her, please save me son, i am sorry, i will apologize to Janki and Ambika, she fold her hands and says save me. Ravi says such big crime, you kidnapped girl whom i love, please say this is all lie, Manju says i did big mistake, Ravi says i did so much for you, i tried to give you everything, asked me for money, you did such big crime for some money? you killed your son, i took you as my God, i never let anyone say anything against you, how can you do this? i cant even show face to Ambika now, i loved you and Ambika but you killed your son, i am dead, dont touch me, i knew you love money but i didnt know you keep money above your son, i am sorry to say but my relation with you had ended, i wont see your face, you have put me down in my wife’s eyes, i cant do anything, he fall on his knees and cries, Manju says save me, please, i did mistake, police takes Manju from there, Manju is crying for help and ask Ravi to save her, i dont want to go, police leaves with her. Ravi is crying. In godown. Janki says to Devika that you have proved that woman can do anything, when you were Devika, you had to bear so much, you changed your name and got strength, you took oath to finish your enemies, you have crossed one more hurdle, i want women to learn from you how to fight, you have made me proud today, Devika says i am able to do it because you came in my life, i want all girls to get mother like you who show them right path, i just followed it and see where i am, Janki says i just showed you way but you walked on it, you have finished Manju and Shweta, now you have decide whom to punish first Saket or Nivi. Devika says they are both criminals, Nivi snatched everything from me and killed me and Saket kept filthy eyes on me and killed me too, i will punish them together and soon. Outside godown, Ravi says why Maa did it? i love Ambika a lot and you tried to kill her mother, how can she do it? he cries and says i should leave before they come out, he leaves.

Scene 2
Inspector brings Manju to station, she say let me call. She calls Nivi, Nivi takes call. Manju says i am in trouble, i need your help, Nivi asks what happened? where are you? Manju says police caught me for kidnapping Janki, you know Ambika and Janki trapped me and Ravi didnt even listen to me, you have to help me, please free me from jail, Nivi says how could you do it? and Ravi knows your reality too? how can i help you know? Manju says you know lawyers, anyone will listen to you, please save me, Nivi says i cant help you, what will Ravi think then? i wont allow him to think that i was involved in kidnapping you, i cant help you, Manju says they are locking me in jail, you know we are a team, you would have gotten half money, you have to save me now, Nivi says you didnt do kidnapping after asking me, you shoudl rott in jail now, Manju says then get ready to be in jail too, Nivi says sorry dont get angry, i want to free you, it will take time but please wait, i promise i will save you from jail, i might do mistake in haste so wait, Manju says listen you know what i can do, free me or else you know.. she ends call.
Devika comes home and asks Jyoti where is Ravi? she says maybe in his room, Devika thinks that its time to tell Ravi everything, he always took Manju’s side, he never listened word against her but i have proofs against her now, he will know her truth today. Devika slips and falls on floor. Ravi comes there and asks what happened? i always ask you to take care of yourself, Devika says floor was wet, Ravi says i will take you to room, Ravi pulls her in arms and take her to his room. Monty sees this and thinks that thank God Nivi is not seeing all this.
Nivi comes to Saket, Saket says you at my home? Nivi says dont be happy, i didnt come to talk, i have to tell you bad news, why people take big steps when they cant do it, you know Manju is in jail, Saket laughs, Nivi says its not funny, she called me from police station, Janki and Ambika gave proofs against her, Ravi knows her reality too, she asked me for help, i cant help her but she threatened me that she will tell my reality too, i told her to give me time, this is all happening because of Ambika, she has some mission, Saket says Ambika didnt throw Shweta out but Vikas did, and who asked Manju to kidnap Janki? she is a big business tycoon, what can i do now? Nivi says how can you be so calm? you know it can affect us, what if Manju tell our truth to everyone? Saket says dont worry, i will handle her, i will see what i can do, Nivi says cant you see? were were team of four but only two of us are remaining, Saket says dont worry, i will do something.
Ravi brings Devika to room and says you keep falling, Devika says i slipped, Ravi says dont talk now, he rubs her foot, Devika thinks that i wanted to tell him about Manju but he is worried about my pain, everytime i try to take revenge, my heart melts and i get weak seeing him, Ravi rubs her foot, they share eyelock, Ravi asks her to drink turmic milk, Devika says i cant, i dont like its taste, Ravi scolds her and says i dont matter to you? if i got injured, wont you take care of me? Devika nods yes, Ravi says then i am doing same, drink it, Devika drinks it. Ravi thinks that what if she ask me anything about Manju?

PRECAP- Ravi is hugging Devika. Nivi sees this and thinks i wont let them come closer, i have to separate them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    After sooooooo many days of dragging, finally ravi knows half truth of his mother.. but i have some thoughts, that might all will be in jail soon and will realise that Amika is Devika and will try to kill her again; that time ravi will know whole truth of murder of devika and her return of ambika..
    And it was sooo good to see both together

  2. Excellent story writers. Keep showing the loving romance of Devika and Ravi. And yes, please Devika punish those two idiots Nivi and Saket. They are irritating to the core. That stupid Saket with his ugly smiles. Anyways, I can’t wait for Devika and Ravi to get united in the full sense. And love you so much Janki mom for supporting Devika till this stage. Devika well done for confronting Manju in that godown. It’s good that you sat on chair in place of Janki. Perfect. And one more thing writers, please somehow remove the misunderstanding from Devika’s mind that Ravi is part of the murderers of Devika. Please…. Anyways love Kalash more than anything else or any other show.

  3. I agree with you with both of your statements.. I believe (in my opinion) Janki Devi will turn out to be Ambe Maa since she’s been guiding and protecting Ambika/Devika and maybe Janki is taking a human form. I’m sorry my mother was saying that she might be. The story is going good so far, and I’m glad that Sakshi is coming back to normal. 🙂 Nivi is absoutley crazy about Ravi. I mean what kind of person would you be after doing such a murder like that. I mean what do you gain for doing that?! I also mean like why would you want to destroy your reputation like that. :/ And it makes me laugh how she’s like “I kidnapped, killed Devika just for Ravi” ? gosh she needs to be killed off or put it in jail. I hope Rakesh Luthra comes and will yell at her so much for doing such terrible crimes.

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