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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Devika and calls her Devika, Devika says to Ravi that whats wrong with you? i thought you would change after engagement but why you are persistent to make me Devika? Ravi says this is truth, i dont care what you say, i am sure now that you are my Devika, i dont know why you are doing this? Devika tell me, Devika says are you mad? everyone has tried to prove that i am Devika but everything was proved wrong that i am Devika, dont know why you are stubborn, Ravi says i have proof that you are Devika, he grabs her hand and makes her sit down, he shows her birth mark on her leg and says what this? Devika tries to leave but Ravi holds her hand and says tell me truth that you are Devika, tell me you are my Devika, tell me, Devika says yes i am Devika, yes i am and i hate you alot, Ravi

says why you hate me? why you do that? why you wanted to become Ambika? why you are not answering me, Devika tell me everything, Devika leaves.. It all turns out to be Ravi’s dream, he wakes up and says it was dream but i will make it reality, i will go to her house and she will have to accept that she is my Devika and not Ambika.
Saket meets goon, goon asks if he has to kill that person? Saket says keep her with love, goon says why so much love for enemy? Saket says its not my enemy, its my old love so not misbehavior with her, he gives him Devika’s photo and says kidnap her, goon says i will do it, but i need a car, Saket says i will send car, kidnap her, Goon says tell me her address, Saket says its not easy to kidnap her, she must have security, kidnap her when she is outside her house, be careful, Goon says okay and leaves.
Its morning, Ravi comes to Devika’s house. he meets Janki, Janki thinks that i know he has come to sak about birth mark to Ambika’s leg, Ravi says i want to meet ambika, janki says are you mad? you keep asking to meet Ambika, you went to her room earlier too, you have no shame, you keep coming here, Ravi says its about my life, let me meet her, Janki says she is not at home, Ravi says you are lying, she is in her room, he goes and comes to Devika’s room, he doesnt find her there, he knocks washroom and says I am Ravi, i want to talk, he sees none in washroom, Janki says i told you she is not at home, Ravi says i will wait for her here, Janki says i have not seen any stubborn person like you, i have much work than serving you, wait if you want, she leaves. Ravi looks around room and looks at Devika’s pictures, he says once its clear that you are my Devika then space between us will be gone, nivi calls him and says why you go out of house early morning? i wanted to talk to you, Ravi asks what? Nivi says we did mistake, janki and Ambika didnt do anything bad for me, they bought house to help me, she bought my house to give it to me, i am feeling terrible, i will talk to you later, she ends call Ravi thinks that i was always right about her, she is not Ambika but my Devika and today i will make her confess this.
Devika comes to Mandir, She says ambe Maa you have always helped me, Maa says that i have to fight this battle for you, you know i have to fight Saket now, i am scared of him, i dont want to lose fight because of it, give me strength to face him as ambika, he is my biggest enemy, i am scared about him, give me blessing to go above that fear and face him, bless me always. Goons come to mandir. They look around for Devika, Devika turns and sees them. Goons bring out Devika’s photo, Devika turns away and recalls how she was kidnapped earlier, she thinks what these goons are doing here? like they are finding someone. Janki calls her and asks where are you? there is problem, Ravi has come, i tried but he is stubborn and says that he wants to meet you, he must be wanting to talk about birth mark, dont come home till i tell you, where are you? DEvika says i am in mandir, i have weird feeling, some goons are here and they seem like finding someone, i feel like they are behind me.. Goons say that i saw her coming here only. Janki says to Devika that what if they are finding you? Saket.. you were right, Saket is dangerous, i told you to take bodyguards, i am coming there, try to hide somewhere so in public, i am coming there, she ends call. Devika is hiding behind grill. She stealthily leaves from there.
Saket says why goons didnt call me till now? he gets call from Shweta, she asks if he did anything about Ambika? i am scared, i knew you would be doing something, whats your plan? Saket says i dont have time to think all this, he ends call Saket says this shweta just wants to spy, if i tell he that i am kidnapping Devika then she will tell everyone, he calls goon but phone is out of reach, he says i have to find Ambika is Devika and Devika is ambika and she is my love and i have to bring truth of her fake mother too, once Devika is kidnapped then everything will be cleared.
Ravi is sitting at Janki’s house, he says today Devika will have to agree that she is my Devika, she cant deny it, he recalls how Devika confessed her love to him, their close moments, humdard song plays, he recalls his moments with Ambika too, he says i am sure you are my Devika not Ambika Raichand, once you accept that you are my Devika then i wont let you go anywhere.
Nivi is sitting in her office, she is angry and says i cant concentrate on work, who is that person? if Saket is not doing this, if Ambika or her mother didnt do anything then who is my enemy? who wanted to destroy my company and my house? i have to find out, what has happened to Ravi? where he goes early morning? he doesnt even tell anything, i am not keeping eye on Ravi these days, i have to be more alert, i cant lose Ravi after losing everything.
Devika comes out of mandir and thinks to reach her car. Goons see her and looks on, Devika thinks i have to get away from there, Devika goes away, goons strikes with one woman, she scolds them, goons show her gun and says not to waste time, woman moves away, Devika runs from there, goons are running behind her. Devika hides and thinks where to go?

PRECAP- Devika sees goons coming and covers herself with shawl, she sits with beggars on street so that goons dont recognize her but one goon comes to her and takes off her shawl from her face, Devika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Because of this stupid devika share will again end up in saket’s hand. She is most idiotic character.

    1. I agree stupid weakling no guts no balls pardon the pun

  2. seriously ya and that Ravi is so blo*dy shameless both the leads are yuck,? sick and stupid ravi you are horrible and devika pls improve ur acting skills

  3. Devika is all talk but a coward, her character is very weak, all that money and still so powerless, she’s running around and hiding. When she and mom talks to each other, I mute the TV, when nivi delivers her lines, I listen coz her lines are so loaded I can feel her disgust and anger at times, even when she is contrite, she is compelling. Her character is very strong unlike ambika’s and they are both loaded with money.

  4. Serial showing Devika have faith on Ambe maa but how she shivering looking saket makes her very weak character how can this much weak devika take revenge?

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