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Ravi says sorry to Devika, but she says he purposely played with her emotions. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He says it was just a prank, no big deal and if he didn’t come, then why would he come? He was here before her call. She says she is helpless and he’s taking her advantage. Chachi comes in with Pallavi hearing noise. She asks if anything wrong. Devika says they were just discussing that they should go home now. Chachi says it’s late now and asks them to stay there for night. Both hesitate, but can’t say anything. Family members take Ravi to give him Ajay’s clothes for night.

Manju stops Shweta and asks so she gave invitation to Saket for the reception. Shweta says she went to tailor. Manju tells her to tell lie to someone else, she knows very

well where she went. She then calls Saket to invite. Saket asks what was left to lecture. Manju says she called to invite him for Ravi Devika’s reception. His sister must have invited. if not, then he’s shameless to come without invitation anyway. She warns him to sit quietly in a corner. If he tries to do anything, then she will insult him in front of everyone. Saket thinks let reception day come, then he will show it to everyone.

Devika is annoyed with Ravi that he’s a big mouth etc. Ravi sees her hiding and thinks she looks angry. Devika notices and asks why he’s hiding there. Is he afraid of her. He comes in and says he’s not afraid of anyone. Both argue that they don’t like to sleep with each other. Devika says she has put blankets and all down there and he can make his bed. Ravi says what. He tells her to give him respect. He lets her sleep on the bed in his house, so here she should at least let him give the bed. He’s son in law in the end. She stares at him. He says fine, he will sleep there. He sets up his bed on the floor. Pallavi comes in with milk and asks what is this? Will they sleep like that? Devika says bed is too small for them both to fit. Pallavi makes another bed beside Ravi’s and says now it’s double bed. They both can sleep down there. She leaves.

Devika and Ravi start arguing again and refuse to sleep beside each other. Chachi comes in and asks why they are not sleeping yet. Is there any problem? Both start acting sweetly and say they were about to sleep. Devika asks her why she’s awake when doctor told her to rest. Chachi says she slept whole day, so is not sleepy now. She will stay outside for a while and then sleep. She leaves. Devika tells Ravi that Chachi seems to have doubt on them, so they will have to adjust for tonight. Ravi says so they will sleep together? She tells him not to get excited. They will have a line and they won’t cross that. They sleep turning away from each other. After a little while, Ravi turns to Devika’s side and his hand crosses the line. She sees it and goes crazy about him crossing the line. He says how he would know what he’s doing while asleep. Devika says she won’t sleep with him. He says fine then. She sleeps on the bed. She sees shadow and thinks it’s Chachi. She sleeps beside Ravi again. Ravi notices it and smiles. He pretends to be sleeping and puts his hand around Devika. Devika is helpless as shadow is still there. She tries to free her hand, but Ravi pulls her to him and pretends to be sleeping. After shadow disappears, Devika bites his hand and tells him what he did. He says he was sleeping. She tells him not to be oversmart. They again sleep separately.

In morning, Devika and Ravi are set to leave. Dadi comes there and leaves without saying anything. Devika becomes sad. Chachi tells her not to be sad. Dadi will accept her and Ravi one day. Dadu comes and gives a gift to Devika. Chachi takes Ravi to a room to talk to him. Devika thinks Chachi may question him about their relationship and what if Ravi says the truth.

Chachi tells Ravi to be soft on Devika. She is disturbed after how her marriage happened and if she says him anything wrong, then forgive her and not punish her. Ravi tells her not to worry. He will never let any tear come in her eyes. She says she knew this and she’s glad that Devika got married to him instead Saket. She gives a gift to him. He refuses, but she says she was always worried who will take care of Devika after her. She is not her real mother, but she is no less and asks him to take thinking it’s from her mum. He takes it. Devika only sees him taking the gift.

Precap: Devika tells Ravi he must knew he would get gift and that is why he came. He asks how he would know..it’s his first time and he did say no. She asks why he hid then seeing her?

Update Credit to: Niki

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