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Scene 1
Navi finds poison bottle in dustbin, she brings it out and smirks.
Rekha comes to Sakshi and says Devika told me Navi is making laddos, this is good but a family member should make those laddos for bhog, Sakshi says i will go and make them, Sakshi says i dont understand why this Navi keep interfering in our lives, let us do work in our function, dont know what she wants.
Navi finds laddos box there, Navi thinks that Devika told me Mata Rani will give me what i want if i pray to her, i want to finish you Devika, if get successful and get my Ravi then i will believe you Devika and will make Mandirs everywhere, she is about to pour poison on laddos but Monty comes there, she hides poison bottle, Monty says i wanted to thank you for giving me job, you are great, Navi thinks why he is

wasting my time? Sakshi comes there too, Monty says i will leave now, he leaves, Navi thinks how will i make laddos infront of her? Sakshi says i will make laddos, Navi says dont worry i will make them, Sakshi says only family people can do work in Mata ki chowki, Manju asked me to make laddos, if i dont do it then she will be angry, we have to follow rules of these rituals. Navi says Manju told me to make laddos of material from this box only, she gives her box, Sakshi asks her to leave, Navi says i want to learn how to make laddos, Sakshi starts making laddos, she goes to bring something, Navi pours poison on laddo, Sakshi comes back and takes that laddo, Navi thinks that its good, Sakshi made this laddo, now she will be blamed for Devika’s death, she thinks she is smart but now she will be caught, Navi thanks her for teaching her how to make laddos, she says let me take this laddo outside, she leaves with laddo, Sakshi is confused.
Jagrata is going on. All are dancing, Ravi dances with Devika. Sakshi says to Navi that give this laddo to everyone. Navi sees Devika and thinks that it will be her last dance, Navi comes to Devika and asks her to have laddos for bhog. Devika takes laddos and gives it to Pundit. Navi sees that kid and thinks that kid can destroy my plan again, i have to make her leave from here, Navi says to kid that if you go inside and watch TV then i will give you chocolates, kid leaves. Navi dances with Ravi, Savitri sees this and is tensed. Savitri says to women that is this Jagrata or some dance show? see how that Navi is dancing, women calls Manju and says just see that Navi, she is dancing like dancing on item number, she is so arrogant, who is she? Manju thinks this Navi will destroy my respect. Manju comes to Navi and says this is Mata ki Chowki and we dont dance like this here, Navi says this is party too right? Manju says you dont dance, just sit there, Navi goes and sit, Manju thinks i will have to teach her alot of things, Navi gets Saket’s call. Navi comes in corner and asks why did you call me? saket says are you still in jagran? you are planning something? Navi says i am just seeing Ravi, Saket says dont try to do anything that will put us in problem, i am coming here, Navi says if you come here then all will doubt us seeing us together, you sit at home, she ends call and says i cant tell you plan as then you wont let it be successful.
Pooja is going on, Navi thinks that this wait is so fascinating, what couldnt happen in kidnapping, it will happen today. After Pooja, Pundit gives laddos to Devika and asks her to show them to everyone, Devika shows laddos to everyone, they touch it, Pundit says with elders blessing, these laddos are not pure, he gives her laddo piece, Devika eats it, Navi is happy, she thinks that finally my wait is finished, she ate ladoo filed with poison, there is no Mata Rani, Devika will die now. Ravi comes to Navi and asks why are you standing alone? Navi says i am thirsty, Ravi says i will bring water, she says no i will take it, i am happy to be here, i have starting to believe in Mata Rani like you, she goes to drink water. Devika is feeling dizzy, Manju sees this and thinks what happened to Devika? what happened to her so suddenly. Navi comes there and sees Devika dizzy, she thinks that i am seeing Devika infront of me, she smirks. Manju comes to Navi and says what happened to Devika? did you do something? Navi says how do you know? Manju says just look at her, Navi says i will tell you everything. She brings her in corner, Manju asks what you did? Navi says i mixed poison in laddos which Devika ate, Manju says we will be caught now, Navi says Sakshi made those laddos, Sakshi will be caught, we will win and Sakshi will be framed for it, Devika will gone from our lives, Manju is shocked to find Sakshi standing behind them, Sakshi comes to them and says Ravi told me that you want water, Navi says yes, she takes water and leaves with Manju, Sakshi is suspicious and thinks why they seem tensed?
Saket says dont know whats going on there, Navi is still there, Navi doesnt believe in jagran and all, she could meet Ravi in office, i should go and check, she must have planned something, she will make me get caught, if i go there then all will doubt me, should i go there? i should check what she is doing there, he leaves.
Navi thinks that no power can save Devika now. Devika is dizzy, she calls our Ravi’s name but he is busy with guests. Devika comes to Ravi and falls down, Ravi asks what happened? Devika says i am feeling weird, mand brings water for her, Devika doesnt drink it.

PRECAP- Doctor checks Devika and says its seems like she ate something poisonous, Ravi says she didnt eat anything since morning.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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