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Scene 1
Sakshi is unconscious in police station, policeman calls Pallavi and tells her that Sakshi is in police station, come fast, he ends call, Pallavi calls everyone on house, she tells them that Sakshi is in police station, SAvitri says what is going in house? why did Sakshi go out of house so late? no one is having check on girls, this house rules are not followed, Shekhar ask her to not get angry, we will go and check, they all leave.
DEvika says to herself as much i know Monty, he is not a bad guy, she recalls how Sakshi messaged him, and he said that this is some other Sakshi, she says why would Sakshi go with Monty? she recalls how shde had seen Sakshi and Monty together, she says i should call Sakshi, she calls Pallavi and ask her to give call to Sakshi, Pallavi tells her everything

and that Sakshi is in police station, she says REkha is very tensed about her, Devika gets tensed.
Ravi and Manju are in police station, they ask about Monty, policeman shows them Monty who is unconscious, he says we had seen drugs with them, Savitri and family comes there too, they find Sakshi unconscious, Ravi goes to talk to high commissioner, DEvika comes there too, Savitri ask policeman why did you bring Sakshi here? he says we found drugs with them, Savitri says this is lie, my daughter is very nice, she cant do this, he says then see these pictures, he shows them pictures of Monty and Sakshi close, SAvitri starts crying and says Sakshi have destroyed our image, what will we do now, DEvika comes to Sakshi and ask her to get up, she says tell me what us truth, nobody will say anything to you,please get up, she comes to police officer and says maybe someone spiked her drink and then when she got unconscious, he clicked his pictures, police man says we will do investigation and after that we will free her, Devika thinks that this is all done by Monty, Ravi comes there and says to police officer that my brother cant do this, please free him.

Scene 2
Navi recalls how she was getting close to Ravi, she says why i became so desperate, i would have waited, Ravi was with me then i should have not done this, he is married so he must be restricted.
DEvika comes to Ravi and says you asked me to not come here so that i cant know what your brother has done with my sister, cant you see what he has done to Sakshi, she is not talking not saying anything, Ravi says dont blame Monty, there is some misunderstanding, we should wait for truth to come out, DEvika says truth is that Monty drugged Sakshi and tried to take advantage of her, Ravi says please you know how innocent Monty is, DEvika says this is problem, you all have innocent faces but you all are cheaters, you cheated me, you have destroyed my life and now Monty did same with my sister, he has maligned her respect, you all Garewal men are same, Ravi says please dont blame my family, DEvika says where were you whole night? you was with your girl friend, i had seen lipstick mark on your shirt and smell of lady’s perfume was coming from your shirt, you were with your girlfriend, you have no respect, now what will you say that girl came and kissed you right? who you are? are you a super man? are you a hero that all girls get attracted to you? and its not your fault? you are just characterless, Ravi thinks thats why her mood was off, he recalls how Navi had tried to kiss him, DEvika ask him to say truth now, she says i have been ignoring all this but truth is that you all are cheap, your brother is ahead of you, i went to Monty’s room and saw message on his phone of Sakshi but he lied to me and i accepted it, i didnt doubt him, i am fool that i trust you people everytime, i will not forgive your brother for this, she leaves.

Scene 3
Police man ask Manju and Savitri to be silent, he leaves, Savitri ask Manju cant you sit peacefully, first you married my Devika to Ravi by cheating and now you are maligning respect of my Sakshi, if Saksh tell me that Monty tried to take advantage of her then i wil not Monty, Manju says dare you say anything against my sons, you should slap your Sakshi, she has not character, Savitri and Manju starts fighting, Vikas takes Manju from there, SAvitri ask Shekhar to call Saket, only he can help us, he says why Saket? Savitri ask him to do what she is saying.
Saket is in car and thinks what must be goin on in police station, he says this plan will not fail, now this Sakshi will pay for her words, when she will come to consciousness, she will be shocked, she was trying to save her sister and now herself in problem, Shekhar calls Saket and tells him everything, Saket acts and says how Sakshi got involved in all this, this drug matter is very serious, he says i will come there, dont worry, he ends call and says i must go as Devika need me, i need to put down Ravi and prove that Garewal men are flirt and have only one aim to malign girls respect, i wanna see how much wifely duties she can follow.

PRECAP- SAvitri says to DEvika that you have to decide this time that will you be with your flirty brother in law Monty or will you be with you innocent sister, DEvika moves from Ravi and stand with SAvitri to show she is with them not with Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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