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Scene 1
Devika says to all that yes I am Devika. Manju, Saket and Nivi recalls how they all killed Devika, all are shocked. Devika says yes biggest truth is that Devika is Ambika, Janki is tensed. Devika asks Saket if he listened? why you are shocked? you wanted to know truth, you wanted me to accept truth so i accept it truth and now that you know that i am Devika so i know who tried to kill me, what you thought that Devika was your ploy who will dance to your tunes and would bow down to you? but when you saw that you couldnt threaten me so you tried to kill me, even after pressuring me, i didnt leave my husband and because of that you killed me, isnt this true? Nivi says what are you saying? Devika turns to her and recalls how Nivi pushed her off cliff, Devika slaps her and says what will you say?

i have never seen cheap woman like you, i used to respect you so much i as my husband’s boss but you had eyes on him, i was fool that you were nice with my husband but real reason was you wanted him and wanted to snatch him, thats why you tricked me, if i had known that time, i wouldnt have allowed you to come between me and Ravi, i thought you were his boss but you wanted to get him and stooped so low that you tried to kill me but you failed as my Ambe Maa saved me, same mandir where you killed me, i was saved there and thats why i am alive infront of you today. Manju recalls how Devika came to her asking for help and how Manju helped in killing. Manju says this cant be true, she cant be Devika, we all thrown her off cliff, she is saying Devika’s story, we all very cruelly thrown Devika off cliff, she cant get saved from such height, she is lying, Ravi looks on, Devika says finally you accepted truth that you killed me, i feel unlucky to get mother in law like you, girls try to see mother in laws like mother but what you did with me, if people know it then they will pray to not get mother in law, i always knew you can stoop to any low for money but i still respected you, on the marriage night, i listened you asking Ravi to get my property but even after knowing that, i loved you thinking you will change but you wanted to get money which i couldnt give you so shook hands with Nivi, she wanted Ravi and wanted someone to help her but even after your plans, Devika is alive and infront of everyone, even after all trying, i am Ravi’s wife and not Nivi, Ambe Maa sent woman in my life who was Devi for me, my Janki Maa, she gave me strength to fight, you people not believing me? she tells them everything, how they pushed her off cliff and killed her but then Janki got her from river and saved her life and adopted her as her daughter, gave her new life, gave strength to fight, she says i am alive only because of Janki Maa, she says i am alive today infront of you in new identity. Ravi says you lied to us? you cheated us? Devika says you are saying this? yes i cheated but what about you? you proved to be biggest cheating husband, i loved you, accepted you, i respected you, i trusted you, i did everything you asked me, i never cheated on you, i always stood by you but what you did? you broke our relation for just some money? you snatched my husband and friend from me but you are son of selfish mother, what you did with me, it broke my heart, i had no relation with Nivi, i had no hopes from her but Ravi you were mine, i loved you so much, if you had asked me that you love someone else then i would have left your life without asking anything but you cheated me and now you are biggest enemy, you are real culprit. Saket wanted me so he did everything, Nivi wanted you so she did everything she did, Manju wanted money so she did everything but Ravi what was your reason? you could have separated from their plan, would have stopped them but you did just for some money? i am ashamed that i loved you in past, Ravi says but how did you know all that? Devika says you killed me, i saw you with my eyes that you were part of murder, i loved you and you tried to kill me, Ravi says but.. Devika says i wont listen and believe your fake stories. Saket says its good that its proved that you are Devika so stop playing Ambika. Devika says i dont want to play it anymore, i am here to take revenge for your deeds. Nivi says if you are Devika then how will you take revenge from us? Devika says you cant even think what i can do, i am not that weak Devika, you are forgetting, your property, your business, your house even your husband is mine now, Nivi is shocked, Devika says i dont feel like telling what i am going to do, i will tell you on time. Saket says you think you can get freedom from me? i have loved you and will do it till death, he grabs Devika but janki tries to stop him, he slaps Janki and pushes her away, Pallavi runs to her side, Janki says Saket leave my daughter, Saket holds her hand and says i was waiting for you Devika. Devika looks at mandir, she pushes Saket and goes to mandir, she takes trishul her hands and takes Ambe Maa’s avatar. She comes back, all are stunned. She stares Saket. Devika says your end has come, you four are devils for me, your sins are full now, like Amba Maa killed sinners, this Ambika will do same today, you will punished for your deeds and punishment is your death, you have pained my both mothers, one who raised me up and other who gave me new life, nobody can save you from me today. aket is about to attack her with dagger but Devika throws it away using trishul, she tries to attack him with trishul but he holds it, they both try to grab trishul, all look on. Pallavi frees Rekha from chair. Saket’s hand starts bleeding as he holding trishul’s sharp end, he snatches trishul from her, Saket grabs it and attacks Devika with it but Rekha comes inbetween and gets stabbed with it, Devika shouts Chachi…… and this all turns out to be Devika’s dream. She is still in car with Janki, Janki asks what happened? Devika breaths heavily, Janki asks why you are tensed? Devika thinks that thank God it was dream, Chachi is fine, she says this cant happen, nothing should happen to Chachi, i am shivering, Janki asks what dreamt? Devika says i saw that i told my truth to everyone, i was trying to kill Saket but Saket attacks me but Chachi got injured inbetween, Janki says this is hint from God to not tell truth, you have just got your victory, you got everything because your identity was not revealed, this is not time to be emotional, take advantage of your different identity, Devika says Saket can do anything, nothing should happen to my chachi, i dont care about anything else, Janki says i know, even if your chachi knew what you have been through, she would have asked you to keep your identity hidden too, i will tell you how to behave with Saket there, Devika says i will do anything you say.

PRECAP- Ravi is holding Saket’s collar. Devika says to Ravi that you are my husband now and you know he likes me so you must be feeling possessive so beat him, beat him good, all looks at her confused about her cool behavior.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Ha ha ha ha?????????????
    Serial ne oct me sbko april fool banna diya ??????????
    1/2 hr ka bus dream sequnce…..

  4. Omg another dream that kept us hoping it was all true. I knew it was all too good to be true. How much more are we going to have to wait for da real thing? Forever I suppose ??

  5. I said so yesterday’s comment I will be someone blo*dy dream ouf what shit programme

  6. Omg it was all a dream are u serious so the whole of yesterday’s episode was a dream what’s wrong with writers

  7. ekta ji tumbhi es serial me ghus jao neya role lekar…..viewers ko to chuna laga raho….is serial ….me aaajao …..dream banao….365 days ka episodes barega…..

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