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Scene 1
Devika comes to Ravi and says i am sorry for misunderstanding, but its not my fault, you didnt wish me so i was irritated, i thought you didnt have courtesy to wish me thats why i got angry and said i didnt like dress, i like this dress a lot, thank you, this party, everything, i liked it a lot, thank you but sometimes i dont understand you, you confuse me, Ravi says its okay, i know i am difficult to understand but if you see me from heart then you will be able to see me, think from heart not from mind, i just want to say that i am not a bad person, i am saying truth, they share eyelock, Ravi says i forgot to tell you that i brought gift for you, Devika says it was not needed but give it now, Ravi says close your eyes, she does, Ravi brings her gift, he asks to open gift, Banjara plays,

Devika says i cant wait to see it, she opens gift wrapping and finds crystal ball inside, she gets emotional and recalls how Ravi gifted it earlier too, she emotionally looks at him, he asks if she didnt like it? she says its so pretty, nobody can gift me more nicely than this, Nivi comes there. Nivi sees that Ravi has gifted crystal ball to Devika, she says who gives this kind of gift to his wife? i am sorry Ambika, you must have expected something nice from him and this is what you got, Devika says you cant see but i can see, this couple in crystal ball shows how much they love each other, they wont let anyone come between them but you dont understand as you are practical, you wont understand emotions, any wife would want gift like that, i like this gift a lot, infact i think nothing can be better gift than this, she says to Ravi that this gift is special for me, Ravi says thanks for making it special, Nivi thinks that this night will be last night for you Ambika, she leaves.
Goons enter catering area and makes waiters faint, they change their dresses and come as waiters with gift.
Nivi asks Saket where is his goons? i want Ambika dead in half an hour, Saket shows her waiters and says they are our goons, they will do work, they are killers. Nivi smirks.
Saket calls waiter and asks his goon where is bomb? they show him gift and says give this gift to girl, Saket says have you gone mad? what if it burst inbetween goon says nothing will happen, dont worry, Saket says i am not scared, you made it seeing video on internet, Goon says this will blast when i press button on remote, you have to give her gift as we are waiters and cant gift it, Saket says dont press button till i dont hand it to her, he takes gift from them and is little scared.
Ravi sees Devika busy on her phone, he comes from behind and says hi, she says hi, Ravi says did you like my gift? she says i told you, Ravi says you liked couple dancing inside crystal ball? she says yes, Ravi says then wont you want us to be in each others arms and dance together, he makes her turn and offers his hand, Devika holds his hand.

Scene 2
Ravi brings Devika on dance floor, Tujh main song plays. Rekha and Janki are happy to see them dancing, Ravi and Devika are lost in each other and dances in each others arms. Shweta says to Manju that i am tensed, Nivi will kill Ambika or not? Manju says lets go to Nivi and ask her, they leave.
Saket shows gift to Nivi, Manju and Shweta, he says there is bomb in it, Manju says keep it away, Saket says nobody has guts to hold it, he says Nivi you too? i have guts to hold it, i was not scared to hold it, see how confident i am holding it, this bomb will explode with remote, Manju says what if we are close to Ambika when this bomb will blast, Saket says this is special bomb, this will kill only person who has it.
Ravi strikes with goon, goon says watch where you are going, i know what i am doing, Ravi says you are waiter? where is your boss? goon says soon i will tell you where is boss, other goon comes and says sorry to Ravi, he takes him away. Vikas comes to Ravi and asks everything fine? Ravi says waiter was misbehaving with me, Vikas says i will talk to his boss, dont worry, he leaves. Devika comes to Ravi and says hi, she gives him gift, he says for me? Devika says you did so much for me so i thought to gift you, this is return gift, Ravi takes it and opens it, he says lets see what my lovely wife brought for me, he opens gift and finds soft toy, baba as gift, he looks at Devika, stunned.
One goon says to other goon that you know whom you were fighting to? he is husband of wife whom we are going to kill, his life is going to ruin.
Saket says to Manju that give this gift to Ambika, Manju says Shweta will give it, Shweta says no, Nivi takes it and says i will give it, she is my enemy so i am going to kill her, Saket says lets go then. Nivi says lets go, she leaves with bomb. Janki sees them coming out of room together, she thinks how did they became team again? they were against each other, what plan they were making? earlier they planned Devika’s murder, what if they are planning against Ambika? did Nivi make them on her side? this is danger for Ambika, i have to find out what they are upto.

PRECAP- Nivi wishes birthday to Devika, she gives gift to Devika which has bomb. Nivi calls Saket and says Ambika has gift in her hands, call your goons and ask them to press button so bomb will explode.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Let’s see what happens, will the bomb blast in ambika’s hand or someone else’s?

    1. No one cares, this shit is not watchable

  2. Not in Janki’s hånds


    So nice to see devika and ravi again as romantic couple…
    But I hope Janki do not die while saving Ambika and whole family, as in 90% cases this happens, that the person who saved and brought hero/heroian again as his/her daughter (like Janki); they always die due to conspiracy of villians…

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