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Scene 1
Sakshi is in store room and is injured and distraught. she listens voice from outside and says my Devika di? she says open door, Devika di save me, she has come to take revenge, she will not leave anyone, she will save me from here and will take care of me, she laughs like mads, she says no one will be saved from her, i am happy, she asks Devika to come, where are you di? dont leave anyone, they are bad.
Ravi says to Devika that you have to prove me that you are not Devika else you wont go from here. janki says you want proofs, i will show you, Devika says we dont have to prove anything to anyone, what status he has infront of us? look at this girl Nivi, she is saying that i came to snatch someone, this is ridiculous, who does that? She asks Ravi to admit his fiance in mental hospital,

she needs it, Nivi is shocked to listen this, Devika says to try to hamper my identity else you will have to answer police, Ravi says Devika.. Devika says i am not Devika.. who is this Devika? is she your wife? then why you are marrying again? did she die or alive but you are marrying other girl? cheating her? Ravi is hurt listening this, DEvika says i am not interested in all this, i am Ambika Raichand and will remain that, you all enjoy engagement. What a combination this Ravi is stubborn and that Nivi is mad, it will be good couple. Janki says we have big empire in London, i can buy people like Rekesh in a blink, you tries to insult us, now see what this Janki Raichand will do with you, she leaves with Devika, all look on.
They come out, Janki says you did great work, i am proud of you, i thought that you might get weak seeing Ravi but you didnt disappoint me, i was stunned to see your confidence. Devika says i dont know how i got confidence, i was sacred of facing them, i was thinking that i might do mistake infront of them but then i entered venue, i got strength and i didnt get afraid of anything, be it facing Nivi or talking to Ravi, it didnt move me at all, i dont know how i did this but i know ambe Maa’s blessing with me, Janki says i didnt give you name Ambika without any reason, you are Ambe Maa’s blessing and you have proved it today, Devika says i have waited for this for 9months, i always used to think how i will face them, how i will answer them but today everything was fine and i know i will be like this afterwards, i am so happy, i am not afraid of anything now. Janki says now Nivi will see dreams of doing bad things with you. When you called her mad, her face was to look for, she was having attacks, your mother in law saved her else we would have to call ambulance for her. Devika says after marriage i got to know that Manju wanted my property, i listened her and Ravi’s talk but i never hated her, i thought that i will win her heart one day but it never happened, she always hated me, Janki says they are stone hearted and can never be melted, dont be sad, just think what Manju must be going through, her head would be spinning.
Manju says to Nivi that how it can happen? she cameback. Nivi says it maybe that she is not Devika but Ambika. Manju says how can two girls have same face? and she coming here. Shweta says its Devika, she has taken new identity. she has come to take revenge, thank Go i was not with you people when you killed her. Nivi says whats this identity, ghost, soul and all? this is nonsense, important is if she is Ambika or Devika, if she is Ambika then its fine but if she is DEvika then she will tell everything to Ravi and will snatch him, i wont let her do it, she is playing with me but i wont let win, she can win over Nivi, once this engagement is done then Ravi will not leave me, his self respect wont allow him to leave me, once this engagement is done then i will handle this girl too, she ask them to go in function, they leave,
Nivi comes in function, she looks around. Vikas asks what happened? you look worried? all guests are asking me if engagement is not happening? Nivi says it will happen for sure, where is Ravi? Vikas says he is not seen anywhere. Jyoti says he went behind Devika, Nivi says why you are taking that name again? you want to get slapped again? she says no, Nivi thinks where Ravi must have gone?
Ravi is driving car and recalls his time spent with Devika, he is in tears. How they got married again, how they confessed love.. then how Devika came infront of him as Ambika, how Devika said who the hell is Ravi? Nivi is calling him but he doesnt pick up, boldo no zara plays.
Nivi is calling Ravi and sys how can he leave engagement ceremony like this? Monty says i called his friends but he is not there. Nivi says to Manju that its humiliating what i will answer to guests? i have called him again and again but this is not done, this is not good behavior. Shweta says to Manju if Ravi has gone to Ambika’s house? Manju says shut up, Nivi will listen.
Rekha says to Savitri that why did Nivi insult us so much? she didnt even consider your age, she is so egoistic, Ravi is marrying her for my Devika, he is sacrificing but he doesnt know about her, she can destroy his life. Door knocks, Pallavi opens door, Ravi comes in and says where is Devika? he looks in rooms, Rekha asks what happened? he asks where is Devika? he says i know he is alive, i want to talk her, i want to tell her why i am doing this engagement, she must have come to meet you, she used to love you alot. Rekha says what has happened to you? Ravi says i know she is angry with me, she must have said to you to not tell me about her, if she has comeback then why she is not listening to me? i love her alot, i have lived for her, why are you lying? Rekha sys i am not lying, whats the problem? Savitri says problem is that he is drunk and he doesnt know what he is saying, he has gone mad thats why he left his engagement and came here, we are poo but respected people, your rich fiance must be waiting for you, go from here. Ravi says i thought you would understand my pain and will help me but you hided Devika from me, dont worry i will find my Devika, he cries, Rekha is confused, he leaves. Pallavi says what happened to him? he is remembering Devika, Savitri says if he loved her then he wouldnt be getting married so soon again, he must be drunk thats why recalling Devika, she goes to sleep. Rekha thinks that where is Devika, Ravi is missing her alot, i cant see his pain, comeback for him Devika.
Shweta says to Manju that he is not picking call. Nivi comes and says whre is Ravi? you said he will comeback, i am waiting for him, i know he is frustrated but he can comeback, how irresponsible? she cries. Vikas thinks that i am enjoying seeing her in this condition, i like it. Guest says to Nivi that we have to leave, Nivi says you cant leave, nobody can leave, you all listen that till this engagement doesnt happen, nobody would leave, drink and eat food, do whatever you want but nobody would leave till my engagement, you all are my business partners and if you dont listen to me then it will be bad for you all, do you get it? Vikas says to Shweta that we should eat food, its getting cold, Shweta sys you are right, Ravi wont comeback, Nivi breaks her phone in anger.
Devika says engagement must have happened. Janki says it must be dead engagement, after seeing you, their happiness would have died, can i give you advise? she says yes, Janki says think that this was our first attack and we succeeded, Devika sys this was my first win and i want to win only, i will sleep peacefully today, thank you. Janki says you will sleep peacefully and your enemies wont get sleep, they will keep thinking if you are Devika or Ambika, Janki says to Devika that today we have shaken their identities and this is just start.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Nivi that i cant do this engagement, she says why? Ravi says Devika has comeback and my heart knows she is alive and Devika only, Nivi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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