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Scene 1
Bicycle is broken, Ravi and Devika are sitting on road, Devika listens wild animal’s voice, she says to Ravi that he can eat us up, Ravi says nothing will happen, Ravi sees a truck coming there, he stops truck driver and asks him to give them lift, truck driver asks them to come in, Ravi and Devika sits in truck. Ravi thanks driver, Driver asks if they ranaway from marriage? Ravi says girls of modern age are crazy, my wife didnt like ordinary wedding so we are running away, driver asks from where did you find this beautiful girl? Ravi says in jungle, one can find beautiful girl anywhere, Devika smiles, he says to driver that you come to Ambala sometime, i will get a girl for you too, i am expert at impressing girls, Ravi asks Driver if he liked his wife? he says she is nice girl, Devika

says to Ravi that just let us reach home then i will scold you for being expert in impressing girls, if you have so many girls then why did you marry me? Ravi says i married you as i wanted to save you, DEvika says dont lie, Ravi says it means you knew that i loved you, Devika blushes, driver compliments their couple,. Ravi and Devika comes out off truck at bus-stop, he thanks driver for giving them lift.
Rekha comes to Manju, she says you always said bitter words but i never answered you back, just leave this anger and bitterness, Ravi and Devika are coming back after so many days so let bygones be bygones, lets start afresh, didnt you see how Ravi put his life in danger to save Devika, truth is that they are made for each other, you are loyalist of Mata rani too, i swear on Mata that i have no animosity against you, Manju says you are right, my son’s happiness matters to me most.
Devika says to Ravi that i dont like the fact that you make fun of me infront of everyone, you took this phone but it doesnt have balance else we would have called Addy or Monty to pick us up from here, Ravi says you talked to your Rekha chachi and balance went to zero, Devika says dont blame me, tell me what we are going to do now? Ravi says we will go home and have our marriage night, Devika says dont talk to me like this, i am in tension, dont joke, when we riding bicycle, i felt like someone was following us, Ravi says you are smart at chancing topics, she asks him to see for any lift, Ravi have pain in feet, he says its because of riding bicycle, Devika says i will massage your feet, he says no, dont be worried, i am fine, when you are with me then i am fine. Dildar and goons see Ravi and Devika from far, he shouts at Ravi that we have seen you, Ravi and Devika sees goons standing on cliff, Ravi says till you reach here, we will be gone, Dildar says you are going to be finished.
Navi comes to manju’s home and thinks that i will stay here till Devika’s murder is confirmed so that no one has doubt on me, she comes in to find Rekha there, she thinks why all are here and so happy? Manju meets Navi and tells her that Rekha got to talk to Devika, Devika and Ravi are coming back, Navi says this is great news, she goes to washroom. Navi comes to washroom and says Manju is double faced, why she is so happy to listen Devika coming back? but its not a problem, soon Devika’s deadbody will come here and Manju will return to my side, shweta comes to navi and says you must be sad as your dreams shattered, you made good plan but you lost Ravi too, Navi says dont even dare to talk infront of me, i am not like your brother, i do what i say and Ravi will become mine for sure, she leaves, Shweta says to herself that dont know why i talk to her, she is dangerous.
Savitri makes Shekhar eat halwa and says i happy that Devika is coming back. Saket comes there, Savitri asks ow come he is here? Saket says i was finding Devika, i found clue and told police, Devika will be soon found, Savitri says its good, i know you are our well-wisher, Devika and Ravi are coming back home, Devika called Rekha and told her that they have runaway from goons and will soon come here, Saket thinks that they can celebrate as much as they want now but soon they will cry over Ravi’s death.
Ravi and Devika are walking, they sit. Devika says i will take lift, you are hurt on feet so keep sitting, i will get lift easily. She stops a car, driver checks her out, she asks him to give lift to Ambala, he says come, Devika goes to brinb Ravi, driver sees Ravi and leaves from there, Ravi laughs, Devika says he was ready to give lift, dont know why he left, Ravi says you are innocent, i will take lift, he feels pain, Devika says i am sorry and thank you, i keep fighting with you, i keep scolding you and talking against you and forgets what you have done for me, you have been through all this because of my stupidity, Ravi says you dont know what you means to me, Ravi says my heat beat on your name, if anything had happened to you then my heart beats would have stopped too so whatever i have done, i have done it for myself, Devika says you have built faith in me, this trust wont break now, this relation is more than life to me now, i wont misunderstood you ever now, i am so lucky to get life partner like you, i am fool not give you credit for all this, i am really sorry, she hugs tightly, Bajnjara plays, Devika rests her head on his shoulder, Ravi says this is not time to cry, we will cry and talk at him, you can thank as much as you want at home when we will celebrate our marriage night, we have to as we have got married again, he goes to take lift.

PRECAP- Ravi stops a truck, truck driver asks them to come in, Ravi and Devika sits in truck, driver takes off veil and its none other than Dildar, he says welcome you both, Ravi and Devika are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. FGS how many more days/weeks is the track going to continue. Why are the writers dragging this track? Again showing the bad winning and the good losing.

  2. Agree Tuffy its enough with dragging now no wonder why their TRP is so low.

    1. all these writers belong to one writing club and that is “The DRAGGING CLUB”
      SHAME no akal all of them

  3. Chantal Brijnarayan

    This serial is dragging and becoming boring. The truth should be revealed by now….

  4. I really hope this track ends next week. So boring and dragging, everyday same thing. When nivi and saket getting exposed. All serials are the same.

  5. Omg am tired waah

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