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Scene 1
Chacha says its sangeet, everything should be decorated. chacha ji asks ravi to give him chair so he could put up flowers. Chachi says i see you can’t control emotions, i can feel it. you feel ravi’s absence. In the kitchen i called ravi so many times, but he is not here and he wont come. Anyway. drink the tea.

Saket asks his sister to keep the gift for devika aside. his mom says we are gifting them things on our standard. Saket says bring more things. His sister says why are we taking so much? She says when your own piece is not good you have to do this, to conceal your weak part. saket gets a call. he goes out. shweta says what happened to that girl? Her mom says i dont know.

Devika wears her bangles, she says i wont think about it anymore. i wont think about ravi

anymore. She puts her dupatta and recalls how he covered her in the room. She recalls him saying i am your friend i can help you with things like these.
Ananiya calls saket, he says dont cry. Give me this one day. And i wont even ask you to go for the abortion. She says why can’t you meet me today? He says its some political activity today, Its important for me, i will be with the minister. She says okay then we will meet tomorrow. saket says i have to do something with this ananiya she has become a trouble for me. before she becomes a trouble between me and devika i have to do something.

sakshi says to devika you look so good. ravi isn’t here? you know when will he come? saket arrives with his family. dada and dadi ji welcome him.
Vikaas in working, bee ji says these servants can’t do anything. Shweta doesn’t like it. she says vikaas is working so hard. Saket sees Devika, she stands up and wraps her hands around herself. Saket comes to. sakshi says he looks at her in a gawky way.devika doesn’t like her at all.
sakshi asks decvika where is ravi? do you know when will he come? saket says why you want ravi to be here? she says the function looks incomplete with ravi. He is such a nice man, he makes everyone happy. he has so many qualities.i think you dont know when is he coming, i will call him and ask him to come.

ravi’s mom says i have invited navedita as well. He says how could you? She says i am really mad at them, how could they put such allegations on you. They can’t say all that about you and devika. we need a girl to show them that there is nothing between you and devika. ravi says you are using navedita? She says yes i will. you are coming with me to sangeet. ravi says you can’t do this, she is my boss. she will get mad if she knows youa re doing this. his mom says she was really glad, she said she has not atteneded any wedding for long, she is excited about it. ravi says keep me away from all this. your plan is wrong. i don’t want any trouble in devika’s life. he leaves.

Precap-Saket says i brought ravi here and that was my mistake and he shall never come here again without my permission.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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