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Scene 1
Devika comes down in hall, Manju and Shweta are stunned, she asks why you people are standing like statues? Manju hurts her leg in process, Devika gets worried but then asks Shweta to first see furniture if its broken, Manju thinks that if she was Devika then she would have first run to see me, she was always careful for me. Nivi comes there and asks them to work harder. Devika brings her to corner and says focus on Ravi now, you are getting married to him, to be honest, Ravi is a flirt, maybe he hugged me not because he thinks that i am Devika but he wanted to hug Ambika, you remember how he was dancing with me? i had to left from there, i dont have any interest in your fiance, but i think you should be careful, he maybe having affair with some other woman, keep an eye on him, Nivi says i will

keep that in mind. She scolds Shweta to go and work, Devika thinks that now Nivi will understand how it feels when your husband cheats on you, when you see your husband going to other woman but now i am not on that side, you will face it now.

Scene 2
Monty brings woman shraddha in house who has Devika’s property in her possession, she is not emptying it and scolds Monty for forcing her to do so. Ambika tries to talk to her and convince her, shraddha is surprised to see her, she says you are Devika, because i know you are Ambe Maa’s blessing, you can die like this, i am sure someone tried to kill you by throwing you off cliff but dont cry, god is with you thats why you are alive and will take revenge from people who tried to snatch everything from you, your house, your property everything, Devika is silent, shraddha says that i will talk to her alone.
Ravi comes to his room and says if she is Ambika then why she is taking such big risk for Nivi? if she is Devika then why she is lying? why she didnt return to me? why she is faking her identity? what mistake i did? i frantically searched for her after accident, i dont accept that she is Ambika but if she Devika then why she is lying? if there is some reason behind it then i will find it for sure, i want my love back, i will do everything to find truth.
shraddha says that i know you were not opening infront of everyone, this house is like gross, that Nivi seems like snatched your property, Monty, Ravi and Nivi came to get your property but i never gave it to anyone, your mom kept it for you, Devika says thank you for doing for me, you did this for me even when i was not here, you have done favor for me, shraddha says that i get my bread and butter from that property, that property is yours and you will get it only, Devika says my mom was right, you are very honest, shraddha says dont worry, i know people, your own family have back stabbed you for this property but i am with you, i will stay with you, Devika says Rekha chachi was right, you are very honest and simple, people like you exist in real world, shraddha says you are just like your mom, you have innocence like her, i am sure, you are Devika, when i held your hand, i was sure you were Devika.
Manju says to Nivi that i feel she is Devika, i feel it, Nivi says stop it, she is not Devika, Shweta says how can you be sure? Nivi says i am not stupid like you, you both are jealous that she saved my life, she is doing so much for me, she is trying to free that land for me, she cares for me so much but you people live on my money but still, she says its useless to talk to you people, i will see why it is taking time for Ambika, she leaves.
Devika says to shraddha that yes i am Devika, God saved me and Janki stood my side, i am Devika and i will get my everything back, i want my property back, shraddha says that land is on Nivi’s name and if i leave possession then Nivi will get it, Deivka says just tell them that you will leave possession only if land is on Devika’s name, shraddha says that i will do it, i will be stubborn and will make sure that they make it on Devika’s name, Devika says once i got my property back on my name then i will be good, thank you for doing all this for me, she hugs her, Nivi sees all this from window standing outside room, she seems confused, she hasnt listened anything and says what is happening? Devika sees her and comes out, she says to Nivi that shraddha aunty is reading, she is ready to give property to you, shraddha says yes, Nivi thanks her and hugs Devika for being helpful, she asks to bring her down, i will ask lawyer to prepare papers, she leaves. shraddha asks if she listened anything? Devika says no and i will handle everything, this is going to be first win in our battle, shraddha says i am with you, they hug each other.
Nivi gives property papers to shraddha, Vikas think that Ambika is not fool to let Nivi have that property then why she is doing mistake? Ravi thinks that if she is Devika then why she is letting Nivi get her property? shraddha reads papers and says these are on your names, i will not sign them, till you dont name property on Devika’s name, i wont sign them, i dont know any Nivi, i will name this property on Devika’s name only, Monty says what are you saying? you said that you want to meet Devika, i let you meet Devika, now just sign papers and get lost, shraddha says that dont cross your limits, Monty says we are respecting you but we can force you too. Devika whispers to Nivi that what Monty is doing? i convinced shraddha with so much difficulty, if he does this with her then she will know that we lied and i am not Devika, tell him to shut up. Nivi says if she wants to name property in Devika’s name then let it be, we should respect her emotions and care towards Devika, if she wants to name it on Devika then Monty just do it, Monty is not convinced but agrees, Devika thinks that its good she is so desperate to get my property, this way i will get my property, devika says to Nivi that you are doing good, once we get this property then all will think its in my name i mean on Devika’s name, then i will give it to you, Nivi nods. Nivi asks Monty to get papers ready for property to be transferred on Devika’s name, its good that i am going to give Devika her property, she asks shraddha to stay night at her house, tomorrow papers will be ready, Devika asks her to stay, she agrees. Manju says to Shweta that dont know what Nivi is doing.
Devika comes to her room and calls Janki, she says i cant believe this is actually happening, once i get my property then it will be my biggest win against them, i am going to construct school there, it was my mother’s dream, i am so happy to finally do it, Janki says i am proud of you, Devika says once papers are signed tomorrow then.. Shweta comes there and listens this, Devika stops seeing her.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that this is your room and your bed so i will sleep on couch, you sleep on bed, Ravi says but you are not comfortable on couch and we had this discussion earlier too and result was that i used to sleep on couch and you used to sleep on bed, Devika gets tensed recalling it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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