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Scene 1
Ambika brings Ravi to his room and says change your clothes you will be more sick. Ambika brings his clothes. She says in heart I forgot medicine box. Ambika says I forgot to brings meds from home. Let me check fridge if there is cold water I will do strips of it. Ravi says just sit here. ambika says you are sick because of me. I shouldn’t have done this. He says this isn’t your mistake. Don’t blame yourself. Ambika says how can you be so good. I got so mad at you. I feel bad. i promise I won’t do this again ever. I will check in kitchen there must be something. He says come fast.

Saket is standing outside the car. He says to mechanic hurry up we don’t have much time. Saket says I will win now.
Ambika sees there is no ice in the fridge. She says

I have to do something for him. He is sick because of me. Ambika says I shouldn’t have done this. Because of me he is sick. She recalls when Ravi made her drink tea because she had fever. She says I can’t believe you made this. He says you can’t underestimate your husband. Devika said how you made it? He said I boiled water and put herbs in it. Devika says you saw it on internet? He says what else is internet for? She said it is so bitter. Ravi says it is good for your health.
Ambika smiles. Saket is peeking in. He says she looks so good. Those days aren’t far when you will live with me. He slips. Devika says who is there? She says maybe I felt this because I am worried. She makes the same herb tea for him. Saket says if Ambika sees me here my plan would fail. Just after some hours I wont have to stay away from you.
Ambika comes to room and gives him tea. She says you will feel better. Try this. He says I feel cold. She makes him drink the tea. Devika says you will fall asleep and i will massage your head and we will go to doctor in the morning. You wont have miss out on your holidays. Do you how to make this tea? He says yes. I made it once for Devika. Ambika says in heart this means ravi still remembers everything. She says you feel better? He says yes. Ravi says for things you have been mad at me till now please don’t be. I wanted to spend these days with you. Devika is my first love and you are my last. This is the truth. Please dont be mad about it ever again. Ambika says I trust you. I should. I overreacted. When I see you going close to anyone I get mad and then I can’t control myself. Being this over possessive isn’t right. I am really sorry for what happened. She sees he has slept. Devika hugs him and sleeps as well.

Devika says please God recover ravi. I can’t see him like this. Give his pain to me/ She hears some noise. Ambika sees outsideand says what is happening. I felt like there was someone looking at me in kitchen and now this. I have to check.
Nivi is on her way. She says this is so dark. I shouldn’t have been driving here in this dark mountainous area. Where should I go? I should check maps. There is no connection here. I should have got a car service. I have to reach there anyway. Before Saket gets ravi killed. I have to save him.
Devika comes downstairs and says there was someone here. She hears people talking. A man says i cut all the brakes. Saket says this isn’t what I asked for. You had to cut one pipe. This would be so suspicious. He says I get all the accident cases here. When they bring me the car I will fix it. If Ravi sees oil lekage he won’t drive. What is your animosity with him btw? Ambika is dazed.

Ravi wakes up. He says where is Ambika? She might have fallen asleep in the hall. He tries to get up. He says Ambika should have informed me. Where should I look for her? He looks everywhere. Ravi says ambika.. Did she go to buy me medicine? So late? He calls her but she doesn’t pick up.
Saket says to the men he is a prick in my way. He gives him money. SAket says I will make sure ambika doesn’t sit with him and he drives. I am sitting in my car you go check it again. Ambika says its about time I end this evil man. He has to pay for his sins. I should have killed him before but I gave him chance to change but I won’t leave him this time. This time you tried to attak my husband. I have to fail his plan.

Precap-Ambika gives money to the same mechanic and asks him to fail brakes of Saket’s car. She says saket should die like he planned for ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god devika knew it…. i hope she stops n kills saket

  2. It was a very nice episode. Devika you should punish Saket. And you gave him the right punishment which is death. For an evil person like Saket his only punishment us death. Nothing else. I just hope that Saket dies. Only this stupid Nivi is left. Please teach her such lesson that she will forget her own name. Well done Devika.

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