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Scene 1
Sunny asks saket to come down from the house. Saket says you cant do this ask ravi. He asks ravi. Ravi says please ask someone else. Savitri says to ravi why are you showing this attitude? I know you elder in relation but he is way up than you in respect. Go bring my son in law. Devika says please go for me ravi.
Ravi extends his hand. Saket puts his shoes on his hand. He says so you will challenge me? Its your hand under my shoe today tomorrow it will be your head. Suddenly the horse jumps and saket falls from it. Ravi picks him up and says are you okay? devika says oh God are you okay saket? Ravi whispers time will tell whose head and whose shoe will it be.

The thugs stop the car outside a restaurant and sit there to eat. Manty wakes up an says this is the right time to get

out of here. He jumps out of the car and sneaks with the wall of restaurant. Monty stops cars and tells people that he has met an accident. An old man gives him lift. Monty takes his phone to call.

Ravi says i hope monty is okay. Ravi says where are you? Monty says I met an accident. I am fine now. I ran from saket’s detention. He tells his location to ravi. Ravi says hide somewhere and I am coming. Don’t take any risk now. Ravi says your game is over now saket.

palavi comes to sakshi are you ready? Baraat has come. Are you not happy? Devika comes in and says you look so good. Please smile a little. Someone calls devika. She goes out.
Ravi collides with savitri. Savitri says no matter how much you try. This wedding can’t be stopped. Ravi says i know you are very happy about this. but that wedding has not happened you. He says your blessings were left only. I am sure my mission would be accomplished. He leaves.

Devika asks ravi if vikaas ji has come? Some flowers fall on them.
Ravi cleans petals from her hair. The song ‘banjara’ plays in background. He says even God wants us to be together. devika’s locket gets stuck in his shirt. Devika says everyone will be looking for us. Ravi says thats what i want, to get lost in each other. devika smiles. ravi says whenever you smile at me, it brightens my whole world.
Ravi says to sakshi come with me at this time. Trust your brother. Sakshi says how can I? Ravi says i know you are doing this for your family. Palavi says what is happeneing. Ravi says you will know everything. Sakshi says i have to make this sacrifice for maa. I know what animal he is. Ravi says why should you marry a man like him? One day or other they will know. will chachi be happy to know if she finds out what kind of life you will live with him. I want to save you that is why i am facing all the insults saket throws at me. wont you listen to your brother?
Sakshi says I am ready to come with you.

Precap-Ravi and Sakshi leave. Palavi is there in bridal dress prestending to be sakshi. Devika comes near her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg?…plz expose saket…he is a devil…pllllllllleeeeeezzzzzzz…..

  2. Episode is starting to get more and more interesting

  3. Saket is really a devil!!!
    I hate him
    Ravi is so nice

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