Kalash 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika sees through a door that a lady is talking to goons, she says this means some women did my kidnapping but who? she tries to see through hole but Navi hides, Devika thinks that i saw some lady on otherside, goon covers hole of door, Devika thinks who can that be girl? Navi thinks that Devika was looking at me through hole of door, did she recognize me? i dnt think she couldnt. Navi ask goons to tie Devika, she leaves, Devika listens to her and thinks that this voice is of Navi, she was saying something to goons, it means Navi did my kidnapping, she is stunned.
Navi comes back to her home, she gets tensed and drinks wine, she says what if Devika recognized me? what if she meets Ravi?
Goons come to Devika, they ask why did you not eat anything? you will die this way, Devika

runs from there, she tries to go out of godown but goons catch her, she shouts to leave her but goons tie her to chair. Goon says who opened her ropes? other goon says that i left her so that she can get food, goon says lady told us to not leave her free, let her die of hunger, goon says to Devika that what you think that you can runaway from here? if you do this again then we will kill you, Devika says if you wanna kill me then you can but tell me who asked you to kidnap me? goon says we will not tell that you, Devika says Navi asked to kidnap me, right? goons are stunned, goon says to Devika that if you try to run from there then we will cut your legs, they leave from there, Devika says goons stopped laughing when i took Navi’s name, i can understand Saket being involved in all this but how do Navi about goons? why goons got afraid when i took Navi’s name? even i listened Navi’s name, ambe maa always showed me right path, i am sure Navi is behind all this but why would she do it with me? what will she get? she recalls how Navi always tried to come close to Ravi, she says Ravi? it means she is doing all this for Ravi.
Navi is tensed and says its not possible that Devika saw me and even if she saw me even then it doesnt matter, she wont be able to get that why i kidnapped her and even if she does, she would be dead by then, she would think about it in heaven.. but why should she go in heaven? she will go to hell and she would see me and Ravi together from there and would burn, my dream will fulfill, Ravi will become mine.
RAvi says to Savitri that take case back on Manju, i plead you, Savitri says i know you people are behind all this, ask your mother where did she hide it, Ravi says you and i know Manju cant do this, she can hate Devika but she cant do this, because of this complaint, police is taking it as dowry case but we all know that goons have kidnapped Devika, i need to find Devika, i have less time and i cant waste it in solving these issues, Savitri says dont act, we all know Manju wants property, Rekha says try and understand, take case back, Savitri says i will not take case back, Rekha says to Ravi that i will go with you, i will bring out Manju out of jail, Savitri says to Rekha that will she go with this Ravi instead of being on her side? Rekha says i have to .go with him for my daughters, i have to take back the complaints, Savitri says if you go this time with him then our house’s door will be closed on you, you wont be able to comeback, Rekha says even if i have to leave my house for my kids then i will, you lodged fake complaint against Manju, Devika is in danger, anything can happen with her but you have filed fake complaint, Shekhar says you always try to satisfy your ego, let us find Devika, what if it was me instead of Devika who got kidnapped? would you be doing same thing? i request you to not create more problems for her, Savitri says to Ravi that i will not spare for this new drama, she leaves, Rekha and Shekhar goes with Ravi.
In police station, inspector asks Savitri to sign papers, Savitri does and comes in corner. Manju comes out of jail, she comes to Savitri and says you were saying big words, what happened now? why your face is pale? you must have thought that i would take revenge so you took case back, Savitri says i am not afraid of you, i took case back so that Devika is found, Manju says what you think that you can send me in jail anytime you want? Savitri says you should look at your face in mirror, you are more like robber, they both fight, familes take them away from each other.
Navi comes to Sakshi, she says i had meetings and i couldnt meet Ravi so i thought to come here and ask about DEvika, Sakshi says Devika is not found, Ravi is finding her, Navi says dont worry, she will be found soon, where are family members? Sakshi says all have gone for some work, they will return soon, she goes to bring water for her, Navi thinks that i thought to create good impression on everyone here but no one is here, should i go back? she thinks that if i have come till here then i should check out Ravi’s room too, she goes.
Navi comes in Ravi’s room, she says this is my and Ravi’s would be room, i will change it little, i will make is more romantic, infact when i and Ravi will be together then it would be romantic automaitcally, she looks at Ravi’s shirt, she folds it and puts it in cupboard, she smiles. She sees Ravi and Devika’s pictures, she looks at her picture and gets angry. Sakshi comes in lounge and doesnt see Navi there, she looks around for her.
Navi angrily looks at Devika in picture, she says Devika you have no right over Ravi, this is my place beside him, if you were not present then i would have been Ravi’s wife, you have no standard infront of me and now you will die, you will have leave this world, i am not joking, you will have to die for me and Ravi, the only way is that you have to die, she tears picture and sees Sakshi standing infront of her, Sakshi is shocked listening Navi’s confession.

PRECAP- Ravi comes in Mandir, he says to Ambe Maa that i beg you to save Devika, save her for her faith in you else nobody will believe in you from now on. Ravi sees goon going from there and telling someone to keep an eye on Devika, Ravi listens it and says this person seems to be involved in kidnapping, i have to follow him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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