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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that i dont need this property, i just want to spend life with you, lets give away this property which is creating rift between us, Devika says what about my mother’s dream? Ravi says i will fulfill your mother’s dream but not by using this property but by working hard and earn to fulfill her dream, i promise you, Devika smiles at him, Ravi hugs her… this all turn out to be Ravi’s dream, Devika ask Ravi where is he lost? sign papers, Ravi signs property papers as witness, Devika says to Ravi that you must be happy now that now property’s formality is done and it will be under my control and i being your wife, you will try to control me to get property but to your sadness, nothing of that sort will happen, you wont get any share in this property,

you married me to get property of 10crores, you wouldnt be able to fool me, you married me as part of deal but you failed, right? Ravi is angry and says you are right, this deal was worst for me as you are seeing what you shouldnt see through this deal, you are seeing wrong only, he leaves, Devika is tensed.
Saket recalls how Sakshi said that he is loser and Ravi is winner, Savitri comes to Saket and ask if he has any proposal for Sakshi? Saket says yes there is one name, Saket Kapoor, she says you? Saket says i feel like we have old relation, i cant see you getting insulted, i was feeling to take your pain so now i am ready to become our son in law, i can do anything to save your respect, i will become part of your family and this will be happiest moment, Savitri says to Saket that you dont know how much happiness you have given to me, Pallavi listens this and goes.
Savitri tells family members that Saket is ready to marry Sakshi, Sakshi is shocked listening this.
Ravi and Devika are drinking tea, Devika thinks that Ravi showed his real colors, everything changed in one night, wish that wouldnt have happened, Ravi thinks i wish i could tear property papers and prove my innocence, Devika’s hatred is killing me, one night changed everything, Devika mistakenly spills tea on her hand, her hand gets burned, Ravi gets worried and ask her to show him, he brings water, she says leave it, he takes her hand and puts water on it, Devika thinks wish you were doing all this from heart and it was not a facade, Ravi thinks i wish you could see how much i care for you and i cant see you in pain, Teri galiyan plays. Pallavi calls Devika and ask him to come home, Devika ask what happened, Pallavi ask her to come fast, she ends, Devika says to Ravi that i have to go home, Ravi says i will drop you, she says no i wil go, Ravi says you wont find auto, i will drop you, Devika sits with him on bike.
Savitri says to family that Saket’s heart is very big, we should do Roka fast, Shekhar says i need one day, i have to Sakshi if she is ready for this marriage, Savitri says no need to ask her, Dada says he is right, Sakshi’s opinion matters, Savitri says didnt you see women taunting me? the only way to shut mouth of women is to make Sakshi get married to Saket, Savitri says this way not only our respect wil be saved but will increase too, Saket thanks her and says i am doing this for your family, he ask can i meet Sakshi? Savitrri says why not.

Scene 2
Devika comes to her house with Ravi, Ravi is about to go in but devika stops him and says you cant come in, Ravi says but Pallavi said there is something urgent, i would help, Devika says you have helped me enough, there is no need for your help now, its between me and you so dont hurt my family and Savitri will scold you, will say ill words about you which i wont be able to listen, i wont be able to see you getting insulted and i wouldnt be able to take stand for you as i know you are wrong, its good that you dont go in, its better, Ravi says okay, he sit on bike, Devika looks at him sadly, Ravi turns to look at her, she turns her face away from him, Chalte chalte yeh faasle plays, Ravi leaves.
Saket comes to Sakshi, he calls her Mrs. Sakshi Saket Kapoor, it would be good if it was Devika Saket Kapoor but not worry, i will adjust, Sakshi is disgusted, Saket touches her and says you have to adjust with me now, we are going to get married and this room will be ours then, i can come to meet you anytime, this bed will be small for us but i will book big bed for you, what did you say? that i should leave your room else you will shout and people will throw me out of this room, now what will you do after marriage? will you shout to get saved from me? but i will be your husband there, he ask her to keep her tears saved as she will have to shed them after marriage, i will get license to touch you, you wont be able to do anything, nobody is going to save you from me, nor Devika or Ravi as their marriage is on verge of breaking too, Devika will be my saali, i will touch her too after getting married to you and also she will need someone’s shoulder to cry on, i will be there for her, after marriage you wont be able to come back to your home and in my house, you will get pain only, i promise you i wil make your life hell, sakshi cries listening this, Saket says why are you crying? dont worry, we havent got married, there is still sometime in that but trust me i will make your life hell, Sakshi is petrified listening this.
Ravi comes back his house and thinks that dont know when Devika wil listen to her heart and understand that i love her, he sees Devika’s purse on his bike’s handle, he says her mobile and money will be in it, she would need it, i should go back to give it to her but she asked me to not come in house, what to do? i will call her outside house and will give it to her.
Savitri gives sweets to Rekha, Dada, Devika comes in, Savitri ask her to eat sweets, Devika ask for what? Savitri says forget everything that happened, Ambe Maa always end problems, Devika says what are you saying? Dada says to Devika that Sakshi is getting married, Devika ask but with whom? Saket comes and says with me, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that this house(Savitri’s house) door wil be always open for me but i dont think they will allow you to come in now, you are son in law of this house for namesake only. Savitri says to Devika that its time for to show that you really care for this house and your family, go and make Sakshi agree for this marriage, tell her that this is not only beneficial for her but for whole family, Devika is tensed.

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  1. Oh my god! Why didn’t Ravi speak up?!
    And where the hell is Monty? He is completely at fault. All he had to do was say the truth from the beginning and explain why he invited Sakshi out so late at night. He’s a stupid boy and the writers better make him struggle before rewarding him with anything.
    And this character Saket, who came up with someone so horrible? Sometimes he is amusing to watch, but he is such a creep to offer marriage to Sakshi. How is this storyline going to go?!

  2. This is crazy….y isnt Sakshi speaking up too

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