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Scene 1
Atal comes to savitri and says because of your anger, we all are tensed, Devika went to that house because me, she listened to me saying that its better to do suicide then disrespect of my daughter, thats why she decided to go there, please accept this, Savitri says do you think that i donjt care for my family? Devika is involved in wrong marriage, one day they will show their real face to DEvika and DEvika will break down and comeback here.
Ravi comes to Devika’s house and thinks if i go in then Devika will think that i have come here to pick her up as i want her property, Manju doesnt understand anythin and sent me here, Sakshi comes out and says its good came, scene created here, she tells everything about Savitri, she says DEvika is bearing so much even after now, only Rekha

loved her, nobody loved her from childhood and even now hatred in her fate, she have not made any boyfriend even then why this is happening with her? she is hurt, its good you came, go to her, Ravi goes.
DEvika thinks what to do, how to call Ravi, Ravi is hiding behind curtain and listening, Devika says to Ambe Maa that whats my fault? why i am bearing all this? i always tried to give happiness to everyone but why sadness for me? i have promised Rekha but what to do now, Ravi thinks DEvika is very nice, she is not wrong at her place, DEvika thinks what to do, she says if i call him then he will taunt me, Ravi thinks if i come out then she will get angry and will taunt me again, DEvika says i will ask Sakshi or Pallavi to call Ravi, she finds Sakshi, she ask Sanjay about Sakshi, he says i dont know, Ravi says so she want to call me from someone else, lets see who will call me.
Devika comes to Sakshi and ask her to call Ravi here, Sakshi says ok.. she finds Ravi behind who nods in no, she says why should i call him, you call him, he is your husband, DEvika says understand, if i call him then he will think that i am missing him, Sakshi laughs and says he is your handsome husband so you can tell him that you are missing him, she leaves, DEvika thinks what to do now, she says now i will have to call him only.
Shweta meets Saket and says they are enjoying life, you have to do something, Saket says to Shweta that dont worry, i will take revenge from them, i will do such a drama at reception that they will keep crying for life

Devika calls Ravi and says i left some things in your house, can you bring it here? Ravi says you can call Monty and ask him to bring it, she says no only you will bring it, he says why? she says Rekha got minor heart attack, she would want to meet you so come here, Ravi teases that i will meet her after two three days, she says no you will come here today only, he teases that you are missing me? she is stunned, he says ok i will come to your house but you have to say sorry to me first, DEvika says are you mad, i will not say sorry to you, he says ok then i will not come, DEvika is tensed, she turns to find Ravi hiding behind Curtain, she is stunned, she says you came here and was teasing me, i have not seen a cheap guy like you, you were taking advantage of my problem, you are disgusting, she leaves in anger.
Devika comes in room and fumes in anger over Ravi, Ravi thinks i have miffed her, i should pacify her but how.

PRECAP- Rekha says to Ravi that you are like my son and i am giving you this with full rights so accept it, Ravi accept jewelry gift, DEvika comes and sees him accepting gift, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why did they change the person playing Sakshi???!!!!!!!! Horrible choice! I hope Ravi and Devika work things out soon. They’re too cute.

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