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Scene 1
Devika thinks why Navi didnt bring water till now? maybe she couldnt find it, i should go and check. Naci comes in hall, she strikes with Rekha, Rekha asks how are you? Navi greets her, Navi asks did you meet Devika nicely? Rekha says yes ofcourse, Navi thinks that i am talking her last meet with Rekha, Rekha thinks why Navi seems suspicious? Navi looks at Devika meeting guests and thinks that Devika can smile as much as she wants as this is last smile of hers. Navi comes to Devika and says i have brought water, present this water to Lord and break your fast with this water, Devika says thanks, she leaves with water. Devika presents water to Lord, she prays and does rituals. Navi comes to Manju and asks can i feed kids? Manju says why now, Navi sits to make kids eat. Devika is praying to lord,

Devika takes water bowl in her hand, she is about to drink water but one kid loses balance and strikes with Lord’s idol, lord’s trishul falls on Devika, water falls from her hands, Navi scolds kid for losing balance and says you are fool, cant you stand straight? Sakshi says she is kid, whats the need to scold her? Devika says it was just water, i will bring it again, Navi says she destroyed everything, it was sacred water, you were going to break your fast with it, kid starts crying, Devika says i will break my fast with something else, Ravi takes Navi from there. Ravi says to Navi that this is not your office, all guests are here, kid didnt do big but scolded her so much, i didnt like it, Navi says i am sorry, i got tensed thats why i scolded kid, this will not happen again, Ravi says good and leaves, Navi thinks Ravi you know i am doing all this for you. A women comes to Navi and says you remember i asked about water from you but you didnt give it to me and thats why Lord threw water which you brought, Savitri says it seems like she did a sin in past thats why she is bearing all this, Navi says i dont believe in all this, she leaves, Savitri says she is so egoistic.
Devika says to kid that you dont need to cry, maybe that water was not pure, you have saved me from drinking it, dont cry now, Ravi comes and says it was not your fault, dont cry, i will bring chocolates for you, he gives her Trishul, kid leaves, Devika smiles.
Navi says to herself that everything was going fine but that kid destroyed everything, i hate these rituals, i am stuck here.
Ravi sees Devika and think what should i do to set Devika’s mood? Ravi says to Devika that dont worry, it was just water, Devika says i had to break my fast with it, what i will do now? Sakshi comes there with sacred water and says you can break your fast, Devika gets happy. Pooja starts again, Pundit asks Devika to drink water and break her fast, Devika drinks water and breaks her fast. Devika says to Ravi that i broke my fast. Devika says Navi got hurt, i should go and check, Sakshi goes with her.
Devika comes to Navi and says you got hurt on finger, i will bring ointment for you, Navi says its not needed, Devika says i will bring warm water for you, it will make you feel better, she asks Sakshi to bring hot water.
Sakshi brings hot water, Devika asks her to put hand in it, Navi puts hand in it and says its so hot, this Sakshi wants to burn my hand, Devika puts cold water in it and says now its warm, put hand in it, Navi puts hand in it and says its fine now, women comes there and says i told you dont hold grudges, be nice to people, you were rude to me when i asked water, she leaves, Navi says i feel like killing this lady, Devika says dont say like this, Navi thinks that my problems will be solved once you are gone.
Ravi comes to Devika and says Pundit has called us for aarti, we have to do it together, Devika is confused. Ravi brings Devika to pundit, Pundit says i didnt call you both for aarti, Ravi says you did, Pundit understands that he is trying to be with Devika, Pundit says your husband is clever, he asks them to do aarti together, Ravi says to Devika that our relation will become strong with this aarti, Navi sees them together and thinks i could have finished Devika today but that kid destroyed my plan, can Mata Rani do all this? she recalls how Savitri said that Navi must have done some sin thats why she is in trouble, she thinks that it is just coincidence, it cant be true, she imagines kid in Mata’s idol, she is stunned. Ravi and devika does aarti together, Devika says to Ravi that Monty and Sakshi should do aarti together too, Ambe Maa will bless them and their relation will be good too, she asks Pundit to call Monty and Sakshi too, he says yes, he calls Monty and Sakshi, Monty says its not needed, Sakshi says why not? she drags Monty and does aarti with him, she looks him.
Manju brings bhog for Mata rani, Pundit says Laddo is missing, Manju says i will bring it, Navi says let me bring it, i behaved rudely with kid so i should repent, Manju says okay i will bring it, Devika says to Navi that i am so happy you are taking interest in all this, i told you will start believing in Ambe Maa too, i hope you get what you want, Navi thinks that yes i want success in my work, she leaves.
Navi comes in kitchen and says i threw poison bottle in dustbin, what should i do now? she looks in dustbin, she feels weird and hesitantly puts hand in dustbin, she finds poison bottle in it, she smirks.

PRECAP- Navi opens poison bottle and is about to pour it on laddos, someone comes from behind and says excuse me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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