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Scene 1
Police raid in bar where Sakshi and Monty went, they find Sakshi and Monty lying on sofa and are unconscious, their friends say that they drank hard drink by mistake, police finds drugs there and says that we will take Monty and Sakshi to police station.
Rekha get worried and says to Pallavi that i am getting tensed, call Devika and make me talk to her. DEvika is waiting for Ravi and says he said he will comeback soon but didnt return till now, he is making me tensed but why i am getting tensed for him, i dont care, i will sleep, she gets Rekha’s call and ask Rekha how are you? do you take care of yourself? Rekha says i take care of myself, you dont worry, DEvika says you seem worried, Rekha says i feel something bad is going to happen, my heart is worrying alot, Devika says you must be worried about me but let me tell you all take care of me alot here and Ravi is very nice with me, Rekha says i am happy for you, you also follow your duties, she ends call, Pallavi ask why you are tensed now? Rekha says make me talk to Sakshi once then i will be at peace, Pallavi calls her but Sakshi’s phone is switched off, Rekha says dont know when she will understand things.
Navi is sleeping on Ravi’s shoulder, Ravi thinks i am stuck here, there is no one outside

Navi tries to get close to ravi and tries to get close to him. ravi shoves and leaves.
Ravi comes home and goes to washroom. Devika sees lipstick mark on his shirt and gets cross. Ravi comes out and says you were bringing me food? She says am I your servant? That you will come home late and i will serve She says my mood my choice. I dont change my colors like you. He says sorry i wont ask anything. She says yes you say sorry after everything. I wont pardon you this time. I dont want any clarifications. Addie and manju call ravi and devika out. Addie says monti is in police station. Cops caught him. There is a girl with him as well her name is sakshi. ravi says we should go. Addie manju and ravi leave.

Precap-There are monit’s pictures with sakshi. Devika says where were you when your brother tried to do this to my sister. You were with someone as well. There was a lipstick spot on your shirt. I will never pardon your brother for this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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