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Scene 1
Pallavi calls Ravi and tells him about Saket assaulting Rekha, Ravi is stunned, Pallavi tells him how he is drunk and abusing, he is saying that Maa is responsible for all that happened today, Ravi says dont worry i am coming.
Devika says to Janki that till when we sit here, we have to know what Ravi have decided and what Manju and Shweta are planning, its weird that no one has come to talk, Janki says i am also thinking what we should do, you have to stay here to keep eye on your enemies, they should realize that you are daughter in law of this now, Devika says till when we keep waiting? Janki says you should go to Ravi’s room, i dont know if he will come to take you or you should go with right, Devika says its my right to go to his room, Nivi should see it too, she killed me

to get that access but its time for my revenge but this wouldnt have been possible if you were not with me, you have made me from Devika to Ambika and now this Ambika will take her revenge at any cost, thank you. They turn to see Ravi coming there, they get tensed if he listened anything. Ravi asks why you both got silent? Janki says nothing, i was scolding Ambika that why she took drink and fainted and this wedding problem happened, Ravi says i came to tell that Saket has gone to Rekha Chachi’s house, he has beaten chachi, i was asking if you both will go with me atleast for Rekha? Janki holds Devika’s hand and hints her to calm down, Janki nods yes to Ravi, Ravi says okay and leaves.
Monty says to Gurvindar that i am destroyed, my career is going down, i was thinking that after marriage, i will get promotion but now Nivi will not do anything for us, dont know who swapped brides, Gurvindar says i know, Monty says if you know then tell me name, i will tell Nivi and she will give me promotion, Gurvindar says i dont know, he says i am messed, he leaves. Gurvindar says i am not fool, i know whom to tell this secret but i am waiting for right time.
Saket ties Rekha and Pallavi to chair, Pallavi says my mom is innocent, she doesnt know if Ambika is Devika. Saket says to Rekha that tell me you swapped brides? he shows her dagger and asks her to speak, Pallavi thinks that where is Ravi? come fast. She says to Saket that if you touch my mother then i wont spare you, Saket points dagger to her neck and says what did you say? Rekha says dont touch her, i wont spare you.
Nivi is in Ravi’s car and thinks that its good Saket is fighting my battle, i cant do anything but he is doing good, Rekha was going against me today and was supporting that wedding, she is on
Ambika’s side. Nivi says to Ravi that dont you think Saket is doing right? we are confused about Ambika being Devika and Saket will clear today, Ravi says Saket is beating and you are happy? i didnt expect this from you, Nivi says because of Ambika, we couldnt get married, do you know what i am feeling? you are already taking Ambika’s side? Ravi thinks that i can die for her, i know she is my Devika and she is most important to me, Nivi thinks that i wish Ambika had not come in our lives.
Janki and Devika are going in car too, Devika says i will kill Saket today, she is one person who care about me most and they are in danger and pain because of me, this is not right, if need be then i will end this drama today, Janki asks what you are thinking? Devika says i am thinking to end this drama, all want to know if I am Devika, i have got everything what i wanted, i have got Nivi’s house, Nivi’s property and her husband too, i have married Nivi, and Ravi and Manju were behind Nivi’s money which is mine now, so they are under control too, i have to go to my Chachi, this is right time to tell that i have done all this because i wanted to take revenge.

Scene 2
Pallavi says to Saket that Maa didnt do anything, please free her. Saket says if you speak much then i will cut your tongue, he puts dagger on Rekha’s neck and says you know i can go to any extent, why you are wasting time, you knew everything, you knew Ambika is Devika thats why you helped them to get married, Rekha says you can scare me, threaten me, can kill me but i will only speak truth. Someone knocks door, Saket says who has come at this time? Pallavi thinks that Ravi must have come, only he can save us. Nivi knocks and asks him to open door, Saket says its good guests have come to see you dying, he asks Pallavi to go open door, he frees her from chair, Pallavi goes and opens door to find all family of Ravi. they come inside, Saket points dagger at Rekha and says dont come near, Nivi says you will get in trouble, Saket says i am not coward like you, they did so wrong with you but you didnt do anything, you cant do anything but i can and i know what i have to do so dont interfere. Ravi tries to stop him but Manju says he has dagger, he can hurt Rekha. Shweta says this is wrong brother. Saket says nobody will speak, i have asked questions from Rekha, if she answers me then i will leave. He says to Rekha that i have allowed them to come so that they can listen what you have to say, he says heroine Ambika Raichand have come, she knew from before what was happening and Rekha helped her in getting her married, Devika says listen, i have told truth, i was not conscious, Saket says i am not fool to believe you, you are Devi Maa’s blessing so she must have swapped you in mandir, she wanted you to marry Ravi, i am not fool, truth is that you are Devika and this Rekha knew truth, he hurts Rekha with dagger, Devika pushes Saket away from her and hugs Rekha. Saket says now all must know that you are my Devika. All are confused, Devika says i dont care what you think about me, i just know that i cant see someone getting hurt infront of me, Saket pushes her away and says i am here to get answers of my questions, i have loved you so much, i am not able to forget Devika and i couldnt marry anyone else, you are Devika, right? Devika comes forward and slaps Saket, all are shocked, Devika says dont you dare say that you loved Devika because its lie, person like you cant love and if love is like this then i pray that no one loves in this world, you cant love any person, what you wanna know? you wanna know secret behind this face? so listen. She turns to everyone and says yes I am Devika, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Manju says this cant be true, she cant be Devika. We all pushed her from cliff, she cant be saved from that much height, she cant be Devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well truth is out now. Hope Ravi asks who was involved in pushing devika off cliff.

  2. Maybe that’s just a dream


    I hope its not dream sequnce or joke of ambika being truth coming out as in this dragging serial and repeating story truth can’t come so soon just it making me laugh…. ??????????????

    1. manju blurting out the truth in front of everyone just like that its not real. what no revenge, no sending the culprtis to prison , no payback, where’s the punishment after all Ambika has been through its bit of a wash out i am afraid yesterdays episode. could be gurvinder dream and thougths, or manju as afraid of the consequences of truth coming out. imagination running wild.

  4. There is was a spoiler out think last week that ambika will reveal truth, let’s see if it true or not.

  5. Without taking revenge she just says she is devika come on its to quick its a dream , just whose dream is the question. Just silly now

    1. no there were spoilers posted and it has been confirmed by the writers too that She was going to reveal her identity to everyone. There was a video that was shown that Devika even slapped Ms. Luthra too.

    2. Same thing came to my mind, has to be a dream. Did I miss something? All of a sudden, Saket was torturing rekha and pallavi? Ambika blurted out that secret to quickly, it definitely fell flat in my opinion. Maybe ekta want to end the serial, good idea, if you ask me.

      1. well they were about to talk but they ended the show. Devika even said that she can’t see her loved ones in pain anymore so she has to reveal her identity. (: I cant wait to see their faces when she revealed it.

  6. Yes devika revealing her identity is just a dream not real

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