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Scene 1
Nivi brings Devika to corner, Devika asks what happened? Nivi says wait, Devika thinks what she wants. Nivi shows her papers and says this is your birthday gift, i am not that bad that i cant give you gift, i have brought this surprise for you, open it. Devika opens papers and reads it, they are property papers, Devika what was need for this? Nivi it was needed, look you may not understand but i dont need property or business anymore, i have pained in last few days, i dont care that i lost everything but Ravi was most important and without Ravi, it doesnt matter, you are my good friend so you deserve it, its your gift, happy birthday, Devika thinks i am sure, there must be some trap in it, atleast she wished me unlike that Ravi, he is just thinking to celebrate new year, Devika asks are

you sure? Nivi says i dont have any doubt, just sign papers, its absolutely fine, read it and sign, Devika takes pen and sign papers without reading much, Nivi smirks, Devika thinks that Ravi keep talking about love but he cant even wish me birthday, Nivi thinks that she doesnt know that this is her death warrant and tonight she shall die.
Ravi is asking decorators to do everything nicely. One worker Dj comes there, Ravi asks him to play romantic songs, pla tum jiyo hazaron saal at time of cake cutting. Vikas comes there and says i never saw you such happy, your love is shown in eyes and on your tongue, Ravi says understand, Vikas says it happens in love, you see her everywhere, enjoy, Ravi says its her first birthday after marriage so its my duty to make it special, he leaves, Viaks thinks that all are so happy after Ambika came here, right person have come here, nothing should destroy happiness.
Saket calls Nivi and says Ambika will die on her birthday, Nivi says i have done my work, just i have to do few things, she ends call. Nivi comes to Manju and Shweta, she asks why you got silent seeing me? Manju asks why you are here? Nivi says Ambika’s game will end, they are stunned? Nivi says she wants to make Sakshi fine? but thats not going to happen because i wont let her do anything, she wont have power, i will get her power, Manju says what rubbish is this? Nivi says see these papers if you dont believe me, these papers say that my house, my business and my wealth will comeback to me after Ambika’s death, Shweta read papers, Nivi says see it shows that when Ambika dies then i will get my everything back, Shweta says how did she sign them? Nivi she was reading starting papers but she signed this paper without reading, Manju says she will live long life so it doesnt matter, Nivi says what if i say that Ambika is going to die soon? she snatched everything from me and i am angry, i know how to answer back, i have planned everything, i will kill Ambika then i will see your both, you both have given me pain so you will get punished, Shweta says i am with you, Manju says forget past, Nivi says i cant trust you, Manju says daughter in law, Nivi says what? Manju says what if i call you daughter in law? Nivi says what if you people change side again? Manju says then punish us daughter in law, Shweta says i am not going to change sides, Manju says forgive me, Nivi says i will accept your sorry, she ask deal? they hold her hand and smile, Nivi thinks that Ambika will get death gift on her birthday from me, i will finish you today.

Scene 2
Devika wears dress which Ravi gifted, she thinks that this dress is looking so good one me, his choice is so good. She sees Ravi standing near doorway and smiling at her, she looks away being shy but acts like she is miffed, Ravi says look at me, i wanna see how your face is looking, you are looking so beautiful, Devika says i know how i am looking, i dont need your compliment, Ravi says i am praising dress, Devika says this dress is worst, i am looking ugly, i had to wear it because of your family ritual, i have class but you dont know about it thats why you brought this cheap dress and i had to wear it, Ravi says its not your class but your ego, i have brought this dress thats why you are saying it, Devika says i dont like your choice, is it clear? Ravi says you think about me from mind but think about heart, you will be fine when time comes, lets go, its new year party, Devika thinks that he doesnt care about my feelings, he didnt even wish me birthday, he doesnt have courtesy, Ravi says why you keep thinking, lets go, he holds her hand, Devika says why you are holding my hand? i know way, i am not kid that you have to show me way, Ravi says there are guests so we have to show how much love we have, he holds her hand and says its special day, its new year, be careful, Devika says stop it. They come in lounge, everyone claps for them and wishes Devika happy birthday, Rekha and Janki are there too. All wish birthday to Devika, Devika is pleasantly surprised. Rekha comes forward and wishes her birthday, she give she gives her gift, Devika thanks her. Janki comes to her and gives her gift, she wishes her birthday, Devika says i didnt know you planned for my birthday party, i liked your surprise, i know you planned this lavish party, Devika says no Ravi did all this, my son in law, Devika turns to Ravi and says you did it? you were fooling me since morning? this is not fair, i was miffed, i you are good actor because i thought you dont remember my birthday, i am upset, she says to Janki that you were on his side too? Janki says he wanted to surprise you, he wanted to see your smile, Rekha says yes Ravi did all this. Vikas says Ravi did all this, i have never seen him so energetic, Manju says Ravi loves her a lot, congrats Devika, Devika thanks Ravi, Ravi says small things happen in big cities, never mind, Devika lovingly looks at them, the share eyelock, Devika thinks that Ravi did so much for me but why? if he doesnt love me then why would he do so much for me? am i misunderstanding him? i accused him on marriage night too, he was planning my birthday all day while was cursing him, i misunderstood him whole day, did i misunderstand him earlier too and took him as my enemy, i am so confused about him but i know one thing that i love him a lot, i really love you Ravi. Nivi and Saket sees them gazing lovingly at each other, Nivi says i feel like killing her right now, Saket says she is going to die soon, just wait.

PRECAP- Nivi sees that Ravi has gifted crystal ball to Devika, she says who gives this kind of gift to his wife? i am sorry Ambika, you must have expected something nice from him and this is what you got, Devika says i like this gift a lot, infact i think nothing can be better gift than this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Devika is seriously mad. This time I am with Nivi atleast she knows what she want.

    1. Yipp vry true

  2. Stop this nonsense crap. At least reveal true face of ravi.

  3. Either bring out the truth about devika’s death or better still kill nivi and saket in this celebration for ambika and end this serial. Far too much dragging. Just hoping someone(janki) realises something and turns the tables on nivi and saket.

  4. I hate when they are repeating the story. ? It’s always the bad guys gaining what they want ? and they are achieving it and I don’t think the truth will be out anytime soon ? this is making me really angry and hurt cause they keep streching the story even more and I don’t like it at all. I’m going to decide that I’m not going to write on here ??

  5. Please ambika be again very very smart and alert and win every time over nevidita and always please don’t loose she deserves it please ambika and please don’t loose your hope

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