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Scene 1
Ravi goes to bring water for Devika, Devika is feeling suffocated inside club, Navi covers her face with someone’s stole and comes to Devika, she ask Devika if she wanna go outside? Devika says yes but my husband is here, i will go after he comesback, Devika is fully drunk, Navi says your husband is outside only, Devika says lets go then.
Navi brings Devika outside club, Devika does funny antics, she ask Navi that where is Ravi? you said he is outside, Navi says Ravi must have gone back to home, you should go back home too, Devika says i dont know way back to home, Navi says if you go straight from here then you will reach your home, Devika thanks Navi and starts going straight, Navi thinks that Devika will go in jungle if she goes straight from here, i wish some wild animal

eat her and this problem of my life is gone forever.
Ravi comesback with water, he doesnt find DEvika in club, Navi comes to him and says your wife has gone mad, she was throwing things at me, i had to save myself from her, Ravi ask where is Devika? she says i dont know, Ravi thinks where she must be.
Devika is going straight on road, she finds statue on road, she says that Ravi doesnt care for me, he has left me in middle of road, he keep teasing me all the time, he says that he will listen to me but he doesnt, he keep irritating me all the time but he is nice at heart, he keep saying sorry to me for everything, he is sweet, she says Ravi must be waiting for me at home but i dont know way to home, a watchman comes, Devika ask him about bus-stand but he leaves without telling her, Devika starts crying, Saket who is passing by from there stops his car seeing Devika, he comes to her and ask what are you doing here? Devika says i want to go to home, i am waiting for bus, Saket thinks that Devika seems drunk and Ravi is not seen here too, its a good chance for me, Saket says i will drop you home, Devika goes and sit in his car, Saket thinks that its lucky day for me, first Monty’s work was done and now i got Devika too.
Sakshi, Pallavi, Ravi are finding Devika in club, Monty is drunk, Ravi says i will call Vikas, he will take Monty from here while i will go to see DEvika, Navi says i will come with you as i am worried for Devika too, Ravi says okay, Navi thinks that Ravi wont find Devika but i will spend sometime alone with him.
Saket is seeing Devika who is sitting in his car, he thinks that she is looking so beautiful, i will take her to farm-house, Devika ask him to stop car and give her water, he stops and gives her water, he drink, Saket tries to start car again but it doesnt get started, he comes out to check car.
Ravi and Navi are driving car and finding Devika, Navi thinks that some animal must have eaten her till now, Ravi finds a watchman and ask him about Devika, he says yes a girl was here and was asking about bus but dont know where she went, Ravi says i think we should go and check in jungle, Navi thinks that its good he will see Devika’s deadbody himself.
Saket calls his servant and ask him to send another car as his car has brokedown. Ravi reaches the place and finds Saket there, he finds Devika sitting in Saket’s car, he gets angry on him and says i will not leave him. Ravi comes to Saket, Navi thinks that what this stupid MLA doing here and what Devika is doing in his car? Ravi ask how dare you Saket to take Devika in your car? Saket says she sat in my car herself, Ravi says i know you must have given her wine, Saket says i dont need to make her drunk to get her, ask her yourself, she was sitting alone in middle of road, when i asked her, she said to drop her at home, Ravi and Saket are fighting, Devika leaves from there. Ravi comes to Navi and ask if she has seen where DEvika left? she says no, Ravi says i think she has gone in jungle, i will go and check her, he goes in jungle, Navi stares Saket and leaves, Saket starts his car and it get started now, Saket says if this car has not ditched me earlier then Devika would have been with me now.

Scene 2
Devika comes in jungle, she finds Mandir there, she says to Ambe Maa that i am lost here, its all because of Ravi, he left me alone and didnt even think about my chachi, Rekha must be worried about me but Ravi doesnt care, i dont want stay here, i wanna go home, she cries. Ravi is finding Devika in jungle, he finds her in Mandir and says i was finding you everywhere, Devika says i will not talk to you, Ravi says you left from cub without telling me, Devika says you are my husband but you didnt come behind me, you left me alone, you have to do sit-ups now as punishment, Ravi does and says i am sorry to leave you alone, i will not do it again, Devika says i want to ring Mandir’s bell but i am not able to reach there, Ravi says i will help you but you have to be pacified with me then, Devika says i will think, Ravi lifts Devika up, she rings bell, he brings her down, both get closer and share eyelock, Ankhon hi Ankhon mein song plays.

PRECAP- Ravi ask Devika what she feels? Devika says i feel that your heartbeats and my heartbeats are same, both look at each other, Navi reaches there too and sees them close, she is jealous.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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