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Scene 1
Devika says to Janki that i saw Ravi and Nivi happy together, it reminded me of what they did with me, i wanted to see fear in Nivi’s eyes so i took this step in anger, Janki says you have to control your anger, jealousy every emotion to win this fight, promise me that you wont take any action without asking me from now on, Devika says i promise you that i will never do this again, i will be careful maa, she hugs Janki, they sit in car outside Nivi’s house.
Nivi says to Family that who was the girl that gave me black roses and said such bad words to me? Vikas smirks, Nivi says you think its joke? she asks Vikas, Jyoti and Monty to find that girl. Jyoti says how we will find that girl? Vikas says lets find girl who has black roses but the problem is that she gave all black roses

to Nivi, maybe Nivi recorded her voice, we should match it with guests. Nivi says shut up, Monty says she was your guest but it seems like she doesnt like you, maybe she has professional jealousy, you are successful so anyone can be jealous of you, Nivi says you are right, it was someone who doesnt like me, she recalls how Savitri said to her that if Devika was alive then she wouldnt have let Nivi come near Ravi. Nivi thinks that it must be Savitri or Rekha only, i will set them right now.
Devika is outside Nivi’s house, she sees Rekha and Savitra on road and Nivi pushing them away and asking them to get lost. Devika says to Janki that this is my chachi and beeji, how can Nivi behave like this with them? i have to help them, she cries, Janki says you have to control your emotions, you cant do mistake of revealing of your identity, you have to be strong to do this war, be strong. Rekha and Savitri leaves, Janki says its good that they left, now you can easily and calmly go in engagement ceremony, engagement will start soon, we should go inside.
Manju says to Shweta that after few minutes, Nivi will become Ravi’s fiance, Shweta says i have fasted for this day from a longtime, Manju says dont lie. Shweta says but Nivi will remain our boss and will remain bossing around, Manju says no she will become our relative then we will have right on her and assets, we will become rich, Shweta says dont forget me after becoming rich. Gurvinder says my husband has left me alone, dont forget me too, she goes to have ice-cream, she strikes with a guy and gets mesmerized by him, man calls her sorry sister and leaves, she gets angry as he calls her sister.

Scene 2
Nivi and Ravi comes in function. Nivi asks to bring rings from her room, she thinks that Ravi will make me wear today, i am so excited, he will officially become mine, Ravi thinks that i dont want to do all this but i dont have any other way to fulfill Devika’s last dream, he gets emotional, Nivi looks at him and thinks that he is getting emotional, he can change his mind, i should do engagement fast. Shweta bring rings, Pundit asks Nivi to make Ravi wear ring first. She holds his hand and is about to put ring in finger but Manju’s puppy comes there and strikes with her, ring falls from Nivi’s hand as puppy bangs to her, ring rolls and falls in feet of girl, all look in ring’s direction, they see ring near girl’s feet, they look up to see girl is none other than Devika, all are shocked. Nivi recalls how she killed Devika with her own hands, Manju recalls her hand in murder too, she gets scared. Devika confidently looks at them, she takes ring in her hand, Nivi is horrified. Devika stares ring, Janki comes there and says shall we? They walk upto Nivi and Ravi. Nivi imagines old, injured Devika. Devika stands infront of Nivi and offers her ring, Nivi is scared, she takes ring from her and gives to Manju, she asks Manju to keep it save. Nivi says this cant be possible, what are you doing here? how can you be here? you fell off cliff, this is impossible, this is wrong, go form here. She asks Devika who is she? how dare she come here? you have come to snatch Ravi from me? i wont let anyone snatch my Ravi from me, he is mine, Nivi says Ravi is mine, no one can separate us, we are getting engaged, go from here, she pushes away Devika. Janki comes forward and says dare you touch my daughter, Janki says who the hell are you to talk to my daughter like this? Ravi stands there confused, Janki says you greet guests like this? Nivi says dont fool me, i know who is she, she is Devika, she has come to snatch my Ravi from me, i wont let anyone snatch him from me. Janki says are you mad? she is my daughter Ambika not Devika, all are stunned, she has been brought up in London, we shifted here somedays back only, Rakesh Luthra invited us here, we thought that we will meet professional and decent people but didnt know that he has connection with cheap and third class people like you, i have bought shares in his company, if i knew he is like this then i wouldnt have put single penny in his company. Nivi says you are lying, i know this is your act, Devika says what are you saying? who the hell is Ravi? all are shocked to hear this from Devika, Nivi says shut up, dont pretend, i know you recognize everyone here. Janki says what is this way to talk to my daughter? Devika says lets leave from here, Devika and Janki starts leaving, Ravi says Devika stop, Devika doesnt stop, Ravi comes to her and says stop. He says to Devika that where were you all the time? you know what was my condition without you? and what are you wearing? what kind of dress it is? you used to like sarees only, remember i gifted you yellow saree, Devika say something. Devika says my name is Ambika, Ravi says i dont believe it, Devika says then go to any doctor and ask him to check your heart and mind, get treated, my name is Ambika.. Ambika Raichand.. Daughter of Janki Raichand, Ravi says no you are Devika Garewal.. wife of Ravi Garewal.

PRECAP- Ravi comes to Rekha and says i thought you would understand my pain and will help me but you hided Devika from me, dont worry i will find my Devika, he cries, Rekha is confused. Janki says to Devika that today we have shaken their identities and this is just start.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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