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Scene 1
Dildar scolds guard and goes in marriage hall.
Sakshi and Monty comes to Navi’s house, she thinks that Manju called me sometime ago and now they have come here, Monty says we wanted to talk to you, she says come in. Monty and Sakshi comes in house, Navi thinks that they have so much guts that they came to question me, did they find any proofs against me, Navi asks will they take coffee? Sakshi says we are not here to drink coffee, tell me you like Ravi or not? Navi says what kind of question is this? Ravi is my best employee, i like him as friend, Sakshi asks if its more than friendship? Navi says nothing like that, Sakshi shows her photo in which Navi and Ravi’s face is circled, she asks what this means? Navi says i had to send it to client thats why i circled it, Sakshi says

why you keep coming to our house? why you are so much nice to Manju? you had work that day but you were staying at our house then we went to find Devika but you were there too, you didnt like the fact that Ravi went to find Devika, i am sure that you have kidnapped Devika, Navi says what are you saying? i love Manju because i take it as my mother, i was upset with Ravi going to find Devika as Manju didnt want him to go, Sakshi says i am sure you have kidnapped Devika, Navi says stop it, you stole this picture from my file, i can file case against you for this, Sakshi says yes call police here, they will search your house and truth will come out, Monty says not she but we will drag her to police station, he leaves with Sakshi, Navi says they are doubting me what if they find any proof against me?
Ravi and Devika are hiding in room behind marriage hall, they see Sajid and Deepak standing outside, Ravi says we cant go out, i am fool that i stayed here, Devika says dont blame yourself, we will surely find a way, she finds a window there and shows it to Ravi, she says lets check that, Ravi opens window, Devika says we can run from here, Ravi says you are great wife, Devika says praise me later, lets run now, Ravi takes phone, and says we will call family, Devika says you cant steal someone’s phone, Ravi says i will return it later, he goes out of window with Devika.
Rekha prays to Ambe Maa and says i trust you alot, protect my Devika, you know how much Devika trust you then why you are taking test of her? i am begging you, i am dying to see her face, listen her voice, have mercy on her, she gets call, she receives and listens Devika’s voice, Rekha is stunned and says Devika? how are you? where are you? Ravi is fine? Devika says i am fine, how are you? you know we have runaway from goons, we will soon reach home, i will meet you soon, Rekha says yes comeback fast, i was praying to Amba Maa for you, i was begging to listen your voice, Devika says once i comeback then i will hug you tightly, Ravi takes call and says i have to tell you a good news, we got married, Rekha says what do you mean? Ravi says i will tell you later, prepare for our honeymoon, make god food for us, Rekha sys okay, dont stay anywhere, just come here fast, he ends call. Ravi says to Devika that see how much this phone helped us, Devika hugs Ravi and cries, Ravi pacifies her, they see a man coming there on bicycle, he says what this man is doing in jungle at night? man parks cycle and goes to pee, Ravi asks Devika to close eyes, she does, Ravi goes and steals bicycle, he brings it to devika, Devika says i wont go on bicycle, he says i cant bring helicopter here, Devika says its not good to steal his cycle, Ravi says we dont have time, goons will come, just sit we have to leave, Devika says i wont sit on it, Ravi says i think that man likes you, i am leaving, you stay here with him, Devika says stop, i am coming, she sits on bicycle with Ravi, they start to leave, man sees this and ask them to stop, Ravi says send me your address, i will return your bicycle, he leaves with Devika.
Navi comes to Saket and tells him that Sakshi and Monty have doubt on me, Saket says they have got so much guts that they are blackmailing you? i will think to handle them, you leave from here, Navi says think soon, she leaves, Saket says she will trap me in all this too, i have to safe myself, there is only one way to protect myself that is to get Ravi killed.
Navi comes out and says Saket can think what to do but i know what to do, i should call Dildar and tell him what to do.
Saket calls Dildar and asks if he found them? Dildar says i will soon find them, Saket says just kill Ravi as soon as you get him, make his murder look like accident, i will handle Navi, tell me when work is done, he ends call, Navi calls Dildar and says i am Navi, he says how can i forget your voice, you have such beautiful voice, Navi says shut up, just find Devika and kill her, Dildar says but Saket said.. Navi says stop being with Saket, come with me, i will give you 4crores for it, make it look like accident, she ends call, dildar laughs and says to Deepak that we are goons but whole world is mad, now we can stop this run and chase, as soon as we find Ravi and Devika, we will shoot them at site.
Ravi is riding bicycle, Devika says why are you riding it so fast? Ravi says it doesnt have breaks, Devika asks him to slow, Ravi loses balance, Ravi and Devika falls down, Ravi looks at Devika, Devika asks what? he says my newly wedded wife looks really nice while blushing, Ravi comes close to her, Khamoshiyan plays.

PRECAP- Rekha says to Manju that i request you that the couple which is made by God, let them stay together. Ravi says to Devka that you dont know what you mean to me, he holds her hand and says you are my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please post Kaala Teeka update..please..it is a request..thank you..

  2. such a boring bakwas serial. Why aren’t they ending this crap show sooonnnn…

  3. Don’t think the writers have any other storyline that’s why this one is being dragged for so long.

  4. Hi everyone overthere. I think the writer like romance in the jungle that is why he is not changing the scene. Its ok we can give him some ideas of jungle if he likes the jungle scene a lot. For now he can change the scene let ravi and devika go to their home then later they can go in the jungle for honeymoon.

    1. Very nice kajol

  5. I think that they should rename the show Kidnapped. The writer seems to be putting all the different kidnapping scenes he could possible think of in one story. He is overdoing it and needs to n move the story on. the incidences to prolong the story are unreal such as you are running for your lives and you stop to argue etc .etc etc. The story does not seem real or is it that the writer is incompetent.

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