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Scene 1
Janki and Devika comes to Vikas,she asks what you want to say? he says i want to do,he touches Janki’s feet, he says to Devika that you are great person,nobody could do what you did, no God was able to do it, after shifting to Nivi’s house, all have become animals,they used become her pets when she would raise her voice, they were afraid of her but now she is afraid,she goes mad when she listens your voice,dont know what you did but after coming back from your home,she is not able to sleep, she keep shouting Devika,Devika, Janki says she is Ambika, Vikas says name doesnt matter, her face has shaken Nivi, she has gone mad, Janki asks if he wants to say something else?Vikas says i came to say thanks to this known face, i dont know if she is stranger or our own, Devika thinks that he

came to say thanks to me or wants to know that i am Ambika or Devika? Vikas says ihave one request, keep coming to our house and keep torturing Nivi.
Manju says to Shweta that i see dreams of Devika, she is behind me too, my days are finished, Shweta says dont worry nothing will happen,Nivi has gone mad but you dont behave like this. Ravi comes there, Manju asks how is Nivi? she is going mad, Ravi says Nivi have done alot for us,Ambika was saying that we should take her to psychiatrist, Manju says Nivi will not agree, Ravi says she has to agree,its for her good.
Ravi meets psychiatrist, he thanks her for coming on short notice. Manju comes and asks if she will tea or something? doctor asks if she is patient? Manju says no i am not mad, Ravi says patient is in room, i will inform her about you. Monty comes to Ravi and says Nivi will not like this,Ravi says you stay out of this, he leaves. Monty thinks that Ravi has too much air about himself, once i match Devika and Ambika’s fingerprints and prove that Ambika is Devika then i will get higher position than this Ravi.
Ravi comes to Nivi and asks how is she? she says i am fine, he says doctor has come, she says i dont need to meet any doctor,i am fine, Ravi says i know you are fine but sometimes we stress ourselves, its not bad to meet her, Nivi says i am fine, Ravi says you kept shouting whole night that you are not mad, no normal person does this, whats the problem in meeting psychiatrist? Nivi says you think i am mad? Ravi says she doesnt only treat mad people, you are stressed and thats why i want you meet her, Nivi says when people will know that i am consulting psychiatrist then my reputation will be destroyed, Ravi says i know about your reputation thats why i called her at home only, it is not bad to meet her once, Nivi says i will not meet her, leave me alone, Ravi says what will you do alone? you will keep shouting that you are not mad but you have problem, Ambika is right, you are mad, whats the problem in meeting doctor? prove that you are fine and right,Nivi thinks that he is right,i should prove that i am fine and that Ambika is wrong, i will handle this doctor later,she asks Ravi to call her to her room,she is ready to meet her, Ravi thanks her.
Devika is in car,she thinks that is necessary to control Nivi, after seeing Sakshi,i will not spare her now, she insulted my mother,i will not spare her now, i have ace card,we have done investment in her company, her reputation will be destroyed in market.
Doctor comes to Nivi,Ravi says she is stressed, there is some reason that she is stressed, doctor says i will find out reason. Ravi says actually..doctor says let Nivi speak.She asks Nivi to speak up, you answer my questions, everything will be fine.She asks Nivi to close her eyes and tell me what is bothering you? Nivi says Ambika’s face, that face tortures me alot, it reminds me of Devika, she was Ravi’s first wife, i dont want to lose Ravi, Doctor why its bothering you so much? Nivi says Ravi broke engagement with me seeing Ambika,he broke my heart, doctor says it means that you are afraid of your love,you think that your love is one sided and Ravi might leave you, this is reason only? Ravi thinks that i am responsible for her condition, Nivi says there is no other reason,Doctor says you are lying,Nivi says how can you say this, doctor says my observation is that you are hiding something so tell me,Ravi asks how can you be sure? Doctor says she started shouting on me and there is two reasons behind it,once she wants to hide something and other reason is that she wants to force her talk on you, she wants you to feel guilty, Nivi says she is wrong, she is saying that i have done something wrong and i am hiding itk,doctor says your shouting is proving that you are hiding something,Nivi says this session is over,leave,Doctor says please cooperate with me, your case is serious,you need to keep ego aside, never hide anything from your doctor, just calm down and tell me, what is bothering you so much? give me chance to help you, Ravi says i should leave, Nivi says no dont leave, there is nothing hidden from you,doctor says you might not be comfortable sharing your past infront of him,Ravi says i shall leave, he leaves, doctor asks Nivi to sit and relax,nivi angrily looks at her.
Manju and Shweta are trying to listen doctor and Nivi’s conversation, Ravi comes there and asks what are you doing? Manju says i wanted to see how she is doing treatment, Ravi says this is not joke. He takes them from there and asks them to let doctor work. Doctor comes to Ravi and says Nivi is lying, she is hiding some secret,i wont be able to treat her till she doesnt share it, lets assume that she has done some big mistake and she is not accepting it, this guilt will follow her and will destroy her,she will go mad ;fully, we need to know her secret,Ravi asks if there is any way to treat her? doctor says i will hypnotize her then she will tell truth, Manju gets afraid listening all this.

PRECAP- Manju says to Shweta that this all is happening because of Ambika,she came in engagement party and it broke, she has destroyed our lives, i wish she gets destroyed, her face is torture for us, Ambika comes there and listens all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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