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Scene 1
Navi sees that her clothes are changed and she is wearing Ravi’s shirt, she says he took advantage of me? i am gonna kill him, her head aches, Manju comes there and says i have made black coffee for you, Navi ask where is Ravi? she says he has gone to buy clothes for you, Navi tries to get up, Manjua says keep sitting, and take rest, i know you roam around with Ravi, Navi ask who said this to you? ravi? Manju says yes, Manju says i will call Ravi, she goes, Navi says Ravi you didnt do good with me, how dare you touch me, i will destroy you.
Saket brings Devika home, he holds her hand tightly and says you always say there is nothing between you and Ravi, i just wanna say it should not happen else i will break this relation, Devika says nothing like that, Saket says if that happens

then it will not be good, Devika says what about you? can you say clearly that you have no relation with the girl Ravi showed in picture? it should not happen else i will break this relation, keep that in mind, Saket looks down, Devika says you didnt answer me? Saket says i have dont have affair with anyone, he leaves, Devika thinks why Saket got pale listening to my question? what is the truth?

Scene 2
Ravi comes back home, he comes in his room, he ask Navi are you fine? Navi says i will not leave you, you took advantage as i was drunk? i will throw you in jail, what you thought that i am common girl that you can do anything with me? what you think of yourself? that you are hero? you are roadside romeo, and i am princess, you can only dream about me but cant get girl like me, have you seen my standard? you touched me, you tok advantage of me? she is about to slap him but Ravi holds her, Navi says leave my hand, i am not weak teenager, that i will melt down, i will not leave you, Ravi pushes her away and says dont live in false hopes that all wants you, you are most disgusting women, you have no beauty and brains, you have nothing that can attract boy, you are not women but machine who has no feelings, you have no humanity, you are boss with hatred? what you said that i dream about you? you are nightmare for me, the one who will get you will cry whole life, even if you are last girl on earth i will not look at you, Navi says if thats the case then why did you brought me here? why did you change my clothes? didnt you feel disgusted while touching me? Ravi says i was fool to brought here, i have humanity remaining, you were totally drunk in hotel, hotel staff was about to throw you out, i came there on right time and took you out, i didnt have your house address, i knew you will blame me, i brought you here, i asked mother to change your clothes, i slept in hall so that you can sleep in my room, women like you dont deserve all this, you only deserve to live alone, drink alone and cry, what you said you are princess? right, i should have left you at roadside then someone would have taken your advantage, its foolishness to good for anyone this this year, he is about to leave, Manju brings breakfast for Navi, Ravi says its not needed, she is not important, ask her to leave before i comeback, he leaves, Manju says how can i ask her to go? i want to bring her here for whole life, she will bring money here, she is treasure for me.

Scene 3
Devika shows shopping to Savitri, Savitri says Saket must have chose it, Devika nods, Sakshi says to Devika its so old fashioned like Saket, Devika says i know you will say that if Ravi has bought it then it would be nice, Sakshi says you understood without even my saying, good. she brings in her room and says if you find Ravi so hot then why dont you marry him? he is not interested in me, i am getting married, i will talk to him about you, he is my friend, your couple would be nice, you are crazy and he is crazy too, if family doesnt agree then you both can run away, Sakshi says wow you used to be fearful girl and now you are talking so bold, love changes person, you cant love Saket as he is bad, whom you love then? how you changed so much? its Ravi’s effect, Devika says nothing like that, i just said it to close your mouth, Sakshi says i am sure Ravi has changed you, Savitri calls dEvika and says you asked Saket about the girl which Ravi showed? Devika says yes, Saket says how can you ask that with your would be husband? Devika says why not? my would be husband can doubt on me, can ask thousand questions then why cant i? i have right to ask him too, how can he say that i have affair with Ravi? we are going to be life partners then trust should be between us, how can i keep respecting him and he keep insulting me? Devika gets silent and recalls how Sakshi that you have become bold because of Ravi, Savitri says how dare you talk to me like this? Rekha says what wrong did she say? we are reputed family, if he can question our daughter then why cant she? its Saket’s fault, he complained to you about Devika, is this the way? they are going to marry, if husband and wife then will he come to you and will complain to you? Savitri says fne but women should question in polite tone, these small things can become big one, she ask Rekha to come in room, she leaves.

Scene 4
Navi recalls how Ravi said that if she was last girl even then he will not look at her, how he said that you deserve to be alone, she gets angry and says nobody talked to me like this till now, Manju brings breakfast for her, Navi says you changed my clothes thanks, Manju says i am happy that you came here, you gave us opportunity to serve you, this house is open for you,you can come at any time, Navi says but Ravi doesnt think like that, Manju says Ravi is mad, he is not bad at heart, he is not concentrating on his life and is helping Devika only, Navi ask who is Devika? Manju says she works in your office only, she is on leave as her marriage is happening, Navi says she is getting married even then Ravi is interested in her, Manju says you are thinking wrong, my elder son Vikas is decorator in her marriage so Ravi is helping him, Navi recalls how she had seen Devika with Ravi in police station, she ask Manju Devika is the one who came to police station too? Manju sys yes, dont think about her, take interest in Ravi, Navi says yes your son is interesting, but he is interested in Devika, Manju says its not like that, you are not understanding, she says i can prove it too, today is Saket and Devika’s sangeet, you come with me and see yourself, Navi agrees and says she is my employee, i should know my staff, Manju sys great, do breakfast, Navi says i dont do breakfast without juice, Manju says you are princess, i will bring juice.
Savitri says to Rekha that i know you and Shekhar likes Ravi, he has done alot for us and i used to like him too but after what he didn in Mehndi, i dont want him or his mother to come in Sangeet, they will destroy our happiness, i know Saket will not invite them too, i wil not allow them to enter Sangeet, Rekha says yes and leaves.
Manju says wow Navi agreed so easily, she will go with me in Sangeet, she likes Ravi thats why she agreed, she must be jealous with Devika, i will not take time to make her my daughter in law, i will show that SAvitri her place, she must be thinking that we will sit quitely after Mehndi fiasco, i will bring Navi and Ravi closer in Sangeet.

PRECAP- Devika is getting for Sangeet, Ravi is standing behind her and smiles, he comes closer to her and sets her dupatta, she glances at him, Sadqe tere plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Kalash has completed almost 50 episodes!!!
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  3. very cute precap!
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