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Scene 1
Rekha says to janki that i beg you, please tell me, Janki hugs her and says i am sorry, i am your criminal and i cant bear it anymore, forgive me that i kept your daughter away from you, my Ambika is your Devika.. Rekha happily cries. Janki says i will tell you why she had to become Ambika, there is big reason behind it, she tells her how Saket and Nivi cornered Devika in mandir and killed her by pushing from hill and how Janki found Devika’s body floating on river bank, then how Janki adopted her and gave her name Ambika, Rekha says my daughter had to bear so much, thank God she was safe, she thanks Janki and says i cant thank you enough, she got new life because of you, she cries. Janki says you dont need to cry, nothing bad will happen with Ambika, she will punish Saket and Nivi

and will become Devika again, then she will return in your and Ravi’s life and then everything will be fine, Rekha thanks her, Janki hugs her and smiles.
Saket reaches Devika and Ravi’s villa, Saket evilly looks at house and thinks that its time to end this story, i am villain of this story but Ravi is my life’s villain but now i will change everything, villain will win this time, villain will get his love, passion then he will marry her and enjoy his victory whole life, Ravi will die here then Ambika will return alone, i will hold her hand and she will become mine, my passion will win this time. He goes to park his car.
Ravi and Devika are sitting in room. Ravi thinks that she is not talking to me still but there must be some way to make her smile. He comes to Devika who turns away from him being miffed, Ravi smiles naughtly and plays song Juru Ghulam ban ke rahunga plays, Ravi hugs Devika but she pushes him away. Ravi tries to hug her but she goes away from him, Ravi follows her everywhere in room, Ravi gives her rose but she tears it, Ravi brings balloons, Devika likes them but burst them, Ravi brings placard which has “my wife is my life” written on it, Ravi hints her to smile, Devika smiles finally. Ravi says my wife finally smiled, he dances in happiness but Devika brings water bucket and throws water on him, Ravi is shocked, Devika says you try to become hero? now become hero, dont irritate me, go to your ex-girlfriend, whats her name? Ravi says Priya, Devika says go to your beloved Nivi but stay away from me, Ravi says she keep showing me finger, she eat my mind, marriage is all about thorns.

Scene 2
Nivi is drinking wine, she is drunk and says how could i miss Saket? how did i let him go, i couldnt do simple thing, i couldnt follow him, i want to pull my hair, i dont know whats happening there, what Ravi and Ambika might be doing? they must be in each others arms, i dont know what they must be doing, i am feeling helpless, i have to do something but what? and this Saket, if he reached there then he will hurt Ravi, i have to stop Saket, he cant kill Ravi, i cant live without Ravi, i have to call Saket and stop him.
Saket is waiting outside Ravi’s house. Nivi calls him but Saket says she is problem in my life, she always bring trouble, he cuts her call. Nivi says how dare he cut my call? Saket blocks her number, Nivi says did he block my number? he thinks he is smart? she calls from different number, Saket says what you think Nivi, i dont know your landline number? she switches off his phone, Nivi gets angry and says he has become gutsy, he thinks i will remain silent if cheats me? i will write my fate, i cant let anything happen to my Ravi, i am coming to stop you Saket.
Devika is not able to sleep. She says i behaved rudely with Ravi and now i miss him, i curse him out then feel bad, Ravi did so much to bring me out of jail, he cares for me so much but i did this with him, he knows i am possessive and i dont like it, why did he hug that girl? he is at mistake this time, i would have been pacified if he tried more, he didnt even eat anything but i didnt eat anything too and he doesnt care, he went to sleep without asking me. She listens Ravi sneezing, she says Ravi is sick? i know its his plan to make me say sorry, i will teach him lesson now. Devika comes out of room and sees Ravi sneezing and curled up on sofa. She thinks that he is just pretending. Devika touches Ravi and sees that he has high fever, she tries to wake him up but Ravi is dizzy. Devika brings towel and wipes Ravi’s head, she says why didnt you tell me about fever? why you are sleeping in wet clothes? Ravi says you didnt open door and my clothes were in your room, Devika says its all my fault, i do stupid things in anger, lets go to room, Ravi says i cant move, Devika says you have to come in room, i will give you support, she holds Ravi and takes him to room.

Nivi comes downstairs and collides with Janki. Janki says where are you going so late? nivi says that’s non of your business. I can go wherever I want whenever I want. This is my house. get out of my way. She leaves. Janki wonders where is she going?
Saket says to the mechanic is everything prepared? The dealer says if I leave the brakes there they will fail and the one driving it will die for sure. Saket says that’s what I want. I want the person to drive it to die. The mechanic is confused. Saket says I don’t listening no. He says I will do it. Saket says go ahead. SAket says my trouble will be gone forever.

Precap-Ambika is in kitchen saket is looking at her. He falls, Ambika says who is there?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This serial should end, not going nowhere, just round and round in circles. Ambhika’s revenge not complete, saket and nivi planning again and again. Monty just wants to take ravi’s place in nivi’s business, not even bothered whether she’s right or wrong in what she’s done, and that fact that she sent him and sakshi to jail. Either end track or serial.

  2. Hi Tuffy, this is Pinku, i am new to the group, i just started to watch Kalash… i really like devika n ravi… n i love ur comments i am a silent reader and always read ur comments, ur analysis is very nice.. can i join u ?


  4. heheh aap log ye keh rahey ho pls see kumkum bhagya it is so worst.. god knows how come its on 3rd position on trp chart.. this anil nagpal always spoils story in between… kayamath, kumkumbhagya n now kalash…

  5. Today’s episode is nice. Ravi looked cute while trying to pacify Devika. Good at least Devika realized her mistake because she unnecessarily dragged the story of Ravi hugging Priya. I can’t believe that Janki told all the truth to Rekha. But it’s good that she knows about it. I just hope that Nivi and Saket are punished soon. Can’t wait to see what happens. But why are you all irritated with this serial. It’s very nice. They always show Ravi and Devika’s romance, unlike the other serials who always show problems between the main leads and they never show moments of happiness and romance between husband and wife. This is why I love Kalash even more. Because they always show romance between Ravi and Devika even if they have problems. Love Kalash

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