Kalash 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manju says what are you saying? I didn’t do anything. Monty says I am not saying that but you never wanted him to marry bhabhi. He recalls when she was mad at Devika in the kitchen.
Monty’s mom says what are you saying monty, she can’t get her kidnapped. Manju says this is devika’s sister that is why she is lying. She says you expected Ravi to bring some rich girl. You wanted devika to give her property to ravi. Ravi recalls her words when he married devika. Inspector asks devika what you know? Tell us. Shweta says mummy ji I am sorry. He says mummy ji didn’t want ravi to marry devika. She wanted him to marry a rich woman. First she was against me and then when devika said no to property she went against devika too. Inspctor says take her to station. Manju

says I have not done anything, ravi. Ravi says my mom can’t do this. She is angry but she can’t do this. I and devika married in weird circumstances. You can’t blame my mom for this. Inspector says we have a complaint against her. Ravi says tell me the name. Inspector says I can’t tell you that. Ravi says you have to tell me that. Inspector says I can arrest you too. Ravi says tell me who did this. Inspector says Mrs. Savitri devol filed this case. Ravi says she can’t do this. inspector says she has kidnapped her daughter in law. While leaving Manju slaps Sakhshi. She says this is all because of you. I never wanted you to marry monty. I hate your family. She gives curses to savitri. She says I won’t leave you. Shweta goes in.

Saket says if police gets to know I am behind this, I will be stuck. What to do now? He gets a call from shweta. Shweta says you can’t imagine what happened here. She tells him everything. she laughs. Her husband comes in. He says in heart I think she knows who kidnapped devika. Shweta turns back and sees him. He says shweta what were you saying? you said devika was kidnapped by someone else. Are you with them? I heard it myself. What you know about it? Tell me clearly. And who was on call? Shweta says I was talking to saket. He says you both have gotten her kidnapped. Shweta says I was just telling him what happened. Mummy ji is already proved culprit. Don’t give her blame to me.

Devika is kidnapped. She says Ravi must be so worried for me. What should I do?I have to find a way out. When I took saket’s name they said he is a minister. How they know about him? Only he can do this. It is he behind him. Or Ms. Luthra is behind this?

Manju is in jail. She says that savitri. I will cut her tongue. I will kill her. SAvitri is overhearing. She comes to jail and says say what you want but its not gonna help. You can pass time in jail this way. Your words can’t harm me. Manju says I will graps your hair. Savitri says you are so helpless. I really enjoy seeing this. Manju says you have to pay for this. I will kick your daughters out of my house. Savitri says you are nothing.
Warden takes savitri out.

Devika says I am right, Ms Luthra can do this. but why would she? What have we done? I think I am overthinking. Kidnapper comes and gives her water. Devika is crying.
Navi comes and slaps the kidnapper. She says why haven’t you killed that girl? The guy says, I can’t help. Navi says what you mean? He says we can’t touch her without saket’s permission. Saket will kill us.
The other says yes. Saket is our boss. Navi says where is she? They take her in. Navi peeks in, devika is crying and eating. She sobs. She recalls when navi made her eat.
She tries to unrope her feet and stand up. She tries to go out. Navi peeks in.
Navi says where is she? Devika sees navi’s hand. She says who is this?

Precap-Ravi says devika is kidnapped. If police doesn’t help me how will I find her. Navi says why have you not roped her in. Devika says this is Navi’s voice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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