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Scene 1
Pallavi calls Devika, Devika ask about Rekha? Pallavi says she is fine, you gave her hopes that everything will be fine so she is content now, also i trust Ravi, he will join Sakshi and Monty’s relation again, Devika thinks how to tell her that Ravi wont do anything like that, she ends call and says Ravi doesnt even know how many hopes my family have from him, her door knocks. she opens it to find Find Ravi in Navi’s arms, Navi says i saw him drunk in middle of road so i thought to drop him home, you should take care of your husband else husband goes to other women and then wife blames other women, you are lucky that i was with Ravi, he was alleging you, what if he had said all that to someone else, Devika thanks her for bringing Ravi home, she takes Ravi in her room, Navi thinks

that soon i will take Ravi from here on permanent basis, he has to stay here for now to fight with Devika and break his relation with Devika.
Devika brings Ravi in room and puts him on bed, Ravi scream in pain due to his wound on hand, Devika gets worried for him, she sets her head on pillow, Ravi holds her hand and says in drunk state that its good that you came, i feel alone when you are not with me, i missed you so much today, dont leave me alone, you know your hands so soft that i feel like holding your hand for life and walk with you, when you are with me, my heart gets happy, Devika cries listening all this, she takes off her hand.
Relatives meet Savitri, Savitri says i am ill, we will meet later, women taunt her that you are hiding your face, you used to taunt other girls, you grand daughter has blackened your face, Savitri ask them to leave, they leaves, Savitri says i dont need sympathy of anyone, dada comes and says you used to taunt other girls and point at their upbringing and now its comign back to you, Savitri says you gave freedom to girls of this house and we have to bear all this now.
In morning, Ravi wakes up and has hangover, he mistakenly throws candle on floor, he has pain in hand, Devika comes out of shower, both look at each other, Devika turns away, Devika is about to slip due to candle but Ravi holds her in time, she looks at him, Ravi thinks how can she even think that i will cheat her, i love her so much that i can give my life for her, look in my eyes and feel something, Devika thinks what happens to me, why i give him chance again and again to fool me, Teri Galiyan plays, Devika moves away from Ravi and says you must have thrown candle in my way so i can slip, ou have habit of doing mistakes and then ignoring them, i dont expect anyting from you, you drink wine so much that girl have to drop you home at night, i got to know that cheaters are cowards too, what you thought that your mistakes will vanish away by drinking wine? Ravi says no.. Manju comes there and says Devika’s father called and said that Devika have to come sign property papers in registrar office, she ask Ravi to with her, its big responsibility, she leaves, Devka is tensed.

Scene 2
Saket meets Savitri and says i am so sad at what happened to Sakshi, Savitr says dont know till when we wll keep hiding our faces, everything will become fine only if Sakshi gets married but dont know who will marry her, Savitri says Sakshi is ready to marry anyone, why dont you find any employee of yours to marry Sakshi, Saket says i will see proposal for her, Savitri thanks him and goes to bring tea for him, Saket thinks that she doesnt know i am behind all this, dont know what Sakshi be going through, that Sakshi tried to come in my way, now i will make her listen and she will listen to me silently, i have to break her ego.
Devika and Ravi comes out of house, Ravi is trying to get auto, he asys dont know why we are not getting auto, registrar office will be closed, we have to reach there, dont know what to do, should we go on bike or wait for auto? we should go on bike, Devika says your hand is hurt, will you be able to ride bike? Ravi says i will manage, Ravi sits on bike, Devika sits behind him, he starts bike with jerk, he says sorry to Devika.
Saket comes to Sakshi and ask if she i waiting for Monty? Sakshi ask what he is doing here? Saket says i came to see your bad fate and how you are feeling after getting slapped by fate, i am feeling bad for you, you used to be so chirpy but now people would make fun of yours, you will have to listen silently, you will have to lve like this, i have an idea, go and jump in well, Sakshi says i dont have to hide my face, you should jump in well, look at yourself, i know Monty ranaway but there is chance that he can comeback but what happened with you? your would be wife became wife of someone and you will not get her at any cost, you are villain and Ravi is hero, you are taunting my fate? have you seem your face? you are loser man and Ravi ha defeated you, Saket is about to slap her but Sakshi holds his hand and says if you try to touch me again then i will shout and call everyone here then your respect will vanish, now get lost from here, Saket is angry and leaves.
Ravi and Devika comes to registrar office, Devika signs papers, lawyer ask Ravi to sign as witness, Ravi does, Devika thinks that wish this property was not between us, our relation would not have strained if this property was not between us, she turns away and cries, Ravi looks at her, Ravi wipes her tears and says give this property to anyone you want, i dont want it, we dont need this property to live together, if by giving this property our space will vanish then give it, give it to anyone you want, he tears property papers, Devika gets happy and hugs Ravi, she thanks him,Ravi says i love you, this property doesnt matter to me, you matter to me only, Devika smiles.

PRECAP- Savitri tells Devika and Rekha that Saket has agreed to marry Sakshi, Devika is stunned, Sakshi comes and says i dont accept this proposal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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