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Scene 1
Devika turns to see Ravi, she says you? she slips and falls down, Ravi asks if she is fine? she says what are you doing here? why didnt you speak earlier? Ravi says you didnt give me chance, she tries to get up, he says let me help you please, he bends and supports her to take her to bed, he makes her sit on bed, he asks about ointment, she says no need, what you wanted to talk? Ravi says tell me about ointment, Devika says in drawer, he brings it and sets pillow behind her back, devika is tensed seeing his concern, he asks where is sprain? she doesnt let me pull her saree from foot, he says i have to apply ointment on sprain, not on saree, he lifts saree end a little and applies ointment, Devika eyes and recalls how Ravi used to take care of her, Boldo na zara plays, she is emotional, Ravi

looks at her and recalls his moments with Devika, both share eyelock, Devika looks away but Ravi keeps staring her, she asks what? why you are staring me? i have got sprain on foot , not hurt on foot, Ravi notices mark on her leg. He recalls flashback of Devika saying Ravi i will apply lotion on my feet from now on, Ravi says let me apply it, she says no not need, Ravi takes lotion from her and applies lotion, he says these feet take your weight which is 70kg, she slaps him, and says i am 47kg, Ravi sees mark on her leg and asks whats this? she says its my birth mark, flashback ends. Ravi is shocked, Devika asks what you wanted to say? Ravi leaves her room. He comes down, Janki says you dont have manners, i asked you to not go to her room, you could have waited, Ravi says i am sorry, i had to meet her, he leaves, Janki thinks he is behaving weird, did he fight with Ambika?
Janki comes to Ambika and asks what happened? Devika says my foot is sprained, Janki says i will bring ointment, she says i have applied it, Janki asks if Ravi misbehaved with you? i asked him to not go to your room but sneaked in your room, Devika says he came inside, i thought it was you and asked to tie my dori then i saw him and slipped and got sprain, he helped me and applied ointment, but then he acted weird and left suddenly, he didnt say anything, Janki says let me check your sprain, she checks it and they see Devika’s birth mark on her leg, Devika says Ravi saw my birth mark, now its clear to him that i am Devika, Janki says we killed your all identity, we changed your handwriting, your manners, you dresses, but didnt think about birth mark, i never allowed you to wear short dresses because of this mark, only husband can see mark like this, we have been careful but he managed to your birth mark, now he must be sure that you are Devika, dont know what he is thinking now, he left without a word, i feel like our all hardwork will go waste.
Saket says to Shweta that now dogs are barking, i am king of politics and now people like Nivi and blaming me because of you, Shweta says she even locked me in room, Saket says i handled her, otherwise she would have known that i tried to buy her house, leave her. Tell me what kind of person is this Janki? i had put gun on her forehead but she didnt seem fazed and why she wanted to that house so desperately, Shweta says i feel like she is everything for her daughter Ambika, Ambika acts like Nivi’s best friend but she has snatched all her properties, i dont understand anything Saket says you didnt even send her picture, you have group photo in which Ambika is? Shweta says i am formatted my phone, all data is erased, Saket says you are useless but i am thinking if Janki is like this then what kind of daughter Ambika will be, he smirks.
Ravi comes to his room and recalls his moments with Ambika, their closeness, how he had seen birth mark same as Devika, Ravi says now i dont have any doubt, she is my Devika only, now i will not listen to her, my heart was right all along, she is my Devika not Ambika Raichand, she has to accept that she is not Ambika but my Devika. Nivi comes there and says i have to talk to her, Ravi thinks if i should tell her or not? Nivi says you will be shocked to know what i got to know, i met Saket as i thought he bought my house but someone else is behind all this, that person tried to send me to jail, destroyed my reputation and you know it is? its Janki and Ambika, Ravi says what? Nivi says yes, i thought that she is my best friend and well wisher, and look what she has done, they planned everything against me, i asked for financial to buy my house but she lied that she has to arrange money but then her mother arranged 70crores to buy my house in one day, i cant believe why she is doing this? she gets call and leaves, Ravi thinks that she is doing this because she is my Devika, she is still attached to my family, she wouldnt want my family to be homeless thats why she bought this house, she is Devika thats why she is not able to stand me and Nivi together, thats why she is taking interest in Nivi’s personal and professional life, she is Devka thats why she freed Monty from jail, she cant bear anything happening to her family, after seeing her birth mark i am sure she is Devika, i have been in this pain for much time, now she will herself accept that she is Devika and not Ambika.

Scene 2
Janki and Devika meets client for project, Janki asks client to not compromise with project, he says dont worry, our work will be fine, he asks servant to not let anyone come in office. Saket comes outside client’s office, servant says meeting is going inside, you cant go inside, Saket says nobody can stop me. Saket comes inside office. Janki and Devika are checking documents, Saket comes in same office but they have back towards Saket, Saket doesnt see their faces and points to client. Client comes to Saket and says meeting is going on. He says to Janki that i will come in a minute. He asks Saket to come with him, Saket leaves before Devika could see his face. Client says to Saket that you will get your money, you didnt have to come, Saket says i was calling you, why didnt you pick? Client says i was in important meeting, you will party fund, Saket says your projects are working in this city because of my party, if you dont give funds then i will not give you permit for projects, client says i am finalizing big meeting then you will get your fund, just wait in waiting area, i will end meeting, Saket says fast, he leaves. Client comes to Janki and says i am sorry but these politicians have to be handled too, Janki says i know how to handle them. We have decided to accept your proposal, profit will be 50-50, client says i need advance. Devika says you will get advance when paper work will be done. Saket is outside office, he listens voice and says its Devika’s voice? cup falls from his hands. He comes in office but Janki and Devika are gone. Client says you will get money, Saket asks who was women here? client says it was Janki and Ambika Raichand, Saket says voice was like Devika, where did they go? Client says they went out from my private entrance, must be in lift, Saket leaves.
Janki and Devika goes in lift, Saket comes there but lift is already closed, Saket sees its going downstairs. He runs and goes down from stairs to catch up lift. He comes down and waits for lift to open, lift opens but Janki and Devika are not inside, he says they cant leave so soon, another lift open, Saket has back towards it, Janki and Devika leaves before he can see them.

PRECAP- Saket says to his goon that she is my old love so kidnap her with delicacy, dont misbehave with her, i will give you photo. He gives Devika’s photo to goon and says kidnap her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Are you kidding me??? This story is just going to take forever!! Why are they do the kidnapping story all over again!! I’m so done with this show!

    1. Agree with you do gpodets always face so many problems. So shit carries on and on

  2. Pls update today’s episode anyone….atiba di r u there?

  3. I think devika wont be kidnapped
    Because janki will do something wit dis stupid saket pls dont make her kidnap and ravi will surely protect her as she will tell ravi tat they all have killed her

  4. I cannot wait for RAVI to know the whole truth. Poor RAVI. He acting is great. And Monty. He is dumb.

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