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Scene 1
Devika and Pallavi are in home, Pallavi says all are happy in Manju’s family, they did Munh dikhayi rasam, Rekha ask Devika to sit, she sit and find Savitri there, Savitri says how dare she come in my house? she goes back to her home, Devika says i want to meet her, Rekha and Shekhar ask her to not go to her, Devika says she is hurt because of me so i will set her mood, Rekha says i will come with you, Devika says if you come with me then she will not show her anger, i want her to scold me and say whatever she want to but not remain miffed with her.
Devika comes to Savitri and tries to talk to her, Savitri says you did what you wanted, you always wanted this, DEvika says no, Savitri says to Devika that if you dont like Ravi then you would not have gone with him, you went against

me and gone with him, Devika says ok i will prove myself right, if you dont want me to go there then i will not go, i will stay back. Rekha listens all this and falls unconscious, DEvika and Savitri rushes to her.
Manju is arranging reception, vikas says its good but we dont have money to buy it, Manju says you dont worry about it, my new daughter in law is rich, we dont have to worry about these things now, she ask manager how much reception will cost them? manager says why you are giving order to us, Vikas can do arrangements, Manju says i dont want to burden him, Vikas says i will do it, manager tells Vikas that you did arrangement for one function but that function is not happening, we can use that decoration, manju says thats nice, its economical and nice, this is all happening because of new bride, she is lucky for us, Vikas says now i will do grand reception of Ravi, Shweta listens this and thinks to use this opportunity to disrespect them.

Scene 2
DEvika is crying, doctor checks Rekha and says she is fine, she had minor heart attack, she is fine now but you have to be careful, no shock should be given to her else it can be dangerous for her, all are shocked, DEvika comes to Rekha and sit beside her, she ask Rekha what you have done to yourself, i cant see you like this, what will happen to me if anything happens to you, you want to snatch mother from me again? Rekha says i am sorry, you know if anything bad happens to my people, it hurt me, today Savitri alleged you, you are so pure and pious then how can she allege you? i am your mother, if anything wrong happens with you then it shivers me, she ask Devika that why did you say to Savitri that you have no relation with Ravi? and you will not go back? Devika thinks i cant tell her truth, she says i said it to cool down Savitri, Rekha says i always hope that you say truth to me, promise me you will not say again what you said to Savitri today, you will not say to leave your in laws, you will always be with Ravi, i always thought that Ravi is nice person, marriage happened in not so good situation so you are not able to accept it but soon you will understand me, promise me that you will not take drastic step in this relationship in anger, promise me, DEvika thinks what to do, i cant give her pain, DEvika says i promise i wont do anything which will hurt you, she thinks that Rekha doesnt know reality of Ravi, she is cheap, i did this promise or you but when you will know truth, you will also ask me to break this relation, she cries, Rekha says i am fine, she ask Devika to call Ravi and ask him to pick you up.

PRECAP- Shweta ask Saket to come in reception and do dhamaka, Saket says i will do such a scene that they will keep crying for life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I officially hate Ravi’s mother. She has such a greedy, wasteful mentality. She is the reason for the hatred between Devika and Ravi. And the way she goes on about a bigger house and a lavish function is so revolting! Also, Devika’s grandmother is horrible. How can you have so many granddaughters and maintain such manipulative, degrading tactics?! Someone better put one of these miserable, selfish women to their place soon.

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