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Scene 1
Savitri introduces Sanjay and Ajay to Saqaid, Sanjay says i am in college, but i dont pass exams, Saqaid says dont worry, just write anything in exam, you will be passed, i will see it, Sanjay gets happy, he says to Ajay that i have some government projects, can you handle it? he says its great, i will handle it, Saqaid ask about Devika’s mother, Savitri says she is no more, Saqaid says sorry, i asked to give jewelry to her as per part of our ritual, i will give it you now, Savitri says you are an angel, he says i have given my nod to this relation, Saqaid says i want to take Devika to my house, my dadi is ill and she cant come, so can i take her? Savitri says yes you can take her, Dada whispers what are you saying, SAvitri says can you see how much he is helping us, she ask Chachi to

make Devika ready, Chachi ask Devika to come.
Saqaid and Devika are in car, Saqaid says old people cant understand that young generation wan to spend time together, to know each other, so i said about my dadi, my dadi is very active, i said she is on bed so i didnt lie, she must be sleeping now, i wanted to spend time with you, dont you want us to become closer.
Dada says to Savitri that how can you do this, Dada says to Savitri that you keep talking about shame and now you sent Devika with Saqaid alone, the relation has not confirmed yet and we dont know that Saqaid much. Savitri says see Saqaid’s big heart, he is not asking dowry and making Ajay get new projects, he didnt think that about marriage confirmation before all this, Devika is safe with him as he is very respected person, i wanna ask till when Devika will do job and will live her dream, but in future we will not gt proposal like this, so dont involve in all this and let me do what i am doing, Dada sys its not good to break dream of anyone, Savitri says girls should not see dreams like this in our society, i wont let this proposal go from my hands.
Ravi brings girl to restaurant, she says this is my favorite hotel, how do you know, Ravi says i read faces of girls, Saqaid brings Devika to same hotel, Devika says we were going to your house? Saqaid says i am hungry, we will go after dinner, lets come, Devika doesnt get up from car, Saqaid says i dont like wrong answer for right question and the one who are close to me, i dont like them to go against me, Devika is stunned and gets off from car, Saqaid thinks she is right girl for me.
Ravi is flirting with girl, he says i will come from washroom, he leaves and Devika enters with Saqaid there, he comes to Ravi’s girlfriend and says there is no place in restaurant so can she sit here for time being? girl says yes, Devika sit, girl says i saw you somewhere, Devika says i came to your office for interview, girl thinks she is same who was rejected to give job to Ravi, Saqaid comes and leaves with Devika, Ravi comes and drinks in same glass in which Devika drank. Ravi and girl leaves, DEvika doesnt see him.
Girl is sitting on back seat of Ravi’s bike, she hugs him tightly, she says my house, lets go in, he says really.. Ravi gets call and says i am coming, he says to girl that have some work, i will come some otherday, she gives him flying kiss, he leaves.

Scene 2
the weather is rough, Devika says seems like Ambe Maa is angry with someone, Saqaid says she will be fine, Saqaid’s car stop, he says we will walk by to my house, Devika is tensed, he ask her to come, she starts walking and thinks why Ambe Maa is so angry, a light falls infront of her, Saqaid says it nothing, come, i am wit you, DEvika thinks if its some sign, Saqaid gets angry and holds her hand, she imagines Maheshasur in him, he drags her with him. in house, Dada thinks that why weather is so bad, Devika should comeback fast, he says to Maa that protect Devika.
Saqaid is taking Devika with him. voice over says that to kill evil, Maa was born, why she is angry, whom she want to save today, Maheshasur when saw Maa first time, he got crazy for her and wanted to get her at any cost, Maa knew about his intention so she fought with him and kille dhim after 9 days of fight, if history is repeating? on whom she is angry
Saqaid’s family is worried that how this storm came, mother ask to call Saqaid, Saqaid comes to his house with Devika. DEvika still thinking on which thing Ambe Maa is angry, Saqaid comes to his house, he meet his sister, Devika is about to come in house when Diya from mandir falls and Devika’s saree gets fire, he leaves Devika’s hand, Devika doesnt enter house, Devika ask to save her, Saqaid is standing away from her, Ravi comes there and pours water on her saree, she is shocked to see him there, Sadqe tere plays.

PRECAP- Saqaid says to Ravi that my house’s gates are open for you and you know how much i love my sister, Ravi ask what that girl(devika) is doing with you? Saqaid says i am going to marry her soon, Ravi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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