Kal ho na ho os shivika (by temo)

Hello ishqies how are u all well if u r not fine than my well wishes are always there with u☺☺
Sorry for stealing the title but it is from my favorite movie so thought to do an os on it but the story is quite different
All the characters are same but shivika are best friends

Midnight(annika house)
Annika was sleeping when someone rang the bell
Anika: itni raat ko kon agaya(who came this time)
She goes and opens the door and for her surprise it was shivaye he was about to come inside but annika stopped him

Annika:mahraj kahan aa rahy hain app(where are u coming)
Shivaye:mahrani hum ghar ky andar aa rahy hain(I’m coming inside of the house)
Annika:mahraj kya zarrorat hai aany ki office me hi so gaty(what was the need of coming u would have slept in office)
Shivaye:dekh Billi mujhy buhat bhook lag rahi hai mujhy ander any dy plz(look I’m feeling very hungry let me come in plz)
Annika:billu last time
And they both goes inside the house
Shivaye:kya bnaya hai (what u made)
Shivaye:what the wuck tujhy pta hai na mujhy Loki sy kitni nafrat mein nahi kha raha yeh kuch our bna mery liye(u no that I hate calabash I’m not going to eat it make something else for me)
Annika:mhashy kya khaana pasand karien gy app(what would u like to eat)
Shivaye:billi ji Jo app bna kar dein GI woh zehar samajh kar kha Lein gy(what ever u will make I’ll eat it considering it as poison)
And shivaye laughs annika make noodles and annika divides them in two plates
Shivaye:tune abhi take khaana nahi khaya(u didn’t ate food)

Annika:woh…..tune nahi khaya toh iss liye(u didn’t ate that’s y)
Shivaye:tujhy kesy pta ky meny khaya ky nahi(how do u know whether I ate it or not)
Annika:bas pta chal jata hai(I just know)
They both eat and sleep sitting on chairs

In the morning
Shivaye wakes up and saw annika sleeping peacefully
And he suddenly saw time
Shivaye:oh shit mein late ho gya(oh shit I’m late)
Shivaye:Billi uth(wake up)
Annika:chilla kyuon raha hai(y are u shouting)
Shivaye:mahrani 9 baj Gaye hain(its 9’o clock)
Annika:kya damn mein late ho gai(what I’m late)
Shivaye:ab galdi kar(now do it fast)

Lunch time in oberoi mansion
Pinki:shivaye mein buhat tang hon tujh sy tera bas chaly na toh tu apni files sy hi shaadi kar ly annika yeh meri baat nahi manta tuh toh is ki best friends hai na tu hi samjha esy(shivaye I’m really tired of u if u wanted na u can Even marry ur files annika he doesn’t listen to me but u r his best friend na u make him understand)
Annika looks at shivaye
Annika:billu yaar tujhy shaadi kar leni chahiye(billu u should now get married)
Shivika:Billi ab tu mat shuru ho gana(now u don’t get started)
And he goes from there omru follow him

In room
Om:shivaye tujhy shaadi kar leni chahiye(shivaye u should get married)
Shivaye:guyes tum log kyuon nahi samajh rahy ho(y u guyes aren’t understanding)
Rudra:kya nahi samajh rahy him bahiya(what we aren’t understanding )
Shivaye gets flashback(some years back)
Shivaye was standing in a beautifully decorated place
Shiaye;ajj mein annika sy apny dil ko baat keh kar rahonga(today I’ll tell annika what I feel for her)
When annika comes with a boy

Annika:shivaye yeah mera boyfriend hai daksh
Shivaye:u r very lucky
Daksh:woh toh hon hi(yes I’m very lucky)

Flashback ends
Rudra:bhaiya kahan ko Gaye app(where u got lost)
Shivaye:kahin nahi(no where)

In night(annika’s house)
Annika was sitting and tears were coming down from her eyes
Sahil:annika didi kya howa(what happened)
Annika;mein billu ky bary mein souch rahi thi(I was thinking about shivaye)
Sahil:annika do app bta kyon nahi deti in ko ky app un sy pyaar karti hain(y don’t u tell him dat u love him)
Annika get’s flashback(after sometime of shivaye meeting daksh)
Shivaye left
Annika giving money to daksh:yeh lo tumhary pesy(your money)
Daksh:mujhy puchna toh nahi chahiye par tum ny ussay jhoot kyon bola(I shall not ask but y u told lie to him)
Annika:kyon ky mein ussay pyaar karti hon our iss baat ka mein ussay kabhi pta nahi chalny don gi(bcz I love him and I don’t want him to know this)
Flashback end

Somehow all the family members made shivaye to marry he finnaly agreed it was his marriage day
Om:shivaye annika kahan hai subha sy dekhi nahi mujhy(where is annika I didn’t saw her from morning)
Shivaye:kya our yeh baat tu mujhy ab bta raha hai(what and u are telling me dis now)
Rudra:bhaiya pandit GI app ko bula rahy hain(pandit GI is calling u)
Shivaye:om u try to call her

In mandap
Om comes running
Om:shivaye annika hospital mein hai
They all rush to hospital
Shivaye saw sahil
Shivaye:sahil kya howa annika ko(what happened to annika)
Sahil:she is suffering From blood cancer
Tears ran down from his eyes he was like he is unable to breath
Doctor came out
Shivaye:doctor how’s annika
Doc:she is not having much time
All entered the room annika was on bed crying
Sahil: annika didi plz don’t go
Annika:I’m sorry sahil
Shivaye entered
No sounds only tears

Shivaye:btaya kyon nahi(y u didn’t told me)
Annika:tum toot gaty(u would have broken)
Shivaye:our go mein ab toota hon uss ka kya bolo annika
Annika:I’m sorry
Annika:billu I love u
Shivaye:I love u too Billi
And annika starts breathing hard and then stops breathing shivaye called the doctor
Doctor:we are really sorry she is not any more
Shivaye falled on floor sahil was crying uncontrollably they both lost their whole world as they lost their annika

The end

In know I’m not a good writer but I’ll try my best to improve sorry
Plz do comment??

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    Nice..I felt very sad..by reading this….ur emotions touched me…

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