Hi guys. Thanx for the comments. So let the story begin. And guys I don’t know much about north Indian rituals.

It was raginis sangeeth day. Due to lakshs insistance it was decided that sangeeth will be held in Maheshwari Mansion only. Mm was decorated as a bride with yellow and white lights and all. It was visual treat for everyone who came to attend the function. Laksh was dressed ina black and red sherwani looking hot. Ragini was dressed in a maroon and creame sari looking beautiful.Laksh was mesmerized to see her. Swara was standing beside ragini in a navy blue lehenga looking hot and breathtaking. sanskar was head over heels seeing her. And sanskar was in a violet and creame sherwani looking like a Greek god.
Ragini and laksh was made stand beside each other. Suddenly the lights went off. Then a music started playing. ragini was looking around as she felt that laksh is not beside her and she is little scared the spot light fell on the middle of the hall. She looked at the person with love. It was laksh.
Teri aankhon ke matvaale,
Kajal ko mera salaam
Zulfon ke kaale kaale,
Badal ko mera salaam
[laksh started singing pointing towards her and started dancing with the beat. Ragini was surprised at the same time happy as her love is praising her indirectly]
Teri aankhon ke matvaale,
Kajal ko mera salaam
Zulfon ke kaale kaale,
Badal ko mera salaam
[suddenly sanskar came from back and gently hit her shoulder with his and joined laksh]
Ghayal kar de mujhe yaar,
Teri payal ki jhankar
Hey soni soni, teri soni
Har adaa ko salaam
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
[they were dancing whole heartedly]
Ho teri mastaani anjaani,
Baaton ko mera salaam
Rangon mein doobi doobi,
Raaton ko mera salaam

[someone tapped raginis shoulder she turns but the same person taps on her left shoulder she again turns and finds no one. Sanlak where chuckling seeing her pout. That person taps on her shoulder and hugs her from neck pecking her cheeks the person comes in front raginis face lit up. Its her…………………..sweet sis swara :p]
Khwaabon mein kho gayi main
Deewani ho gayi main
Sone sone aise sone,
Har ada ko salaam
[she joins sanlak and started dancing]

Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
[laksh shomi to ragini.shomi started singind putting kajal on her back of neck,pecking her forehead]
Ho teri haatha vich mehndi,
Ka rang khila hai
Tujhe sapno da changa mehboob mila hai
Meri banno pyaari pyaari
Saari duniya se nyaari
Isey doli mein tu leja
Doliyaan, doliyaan
[sanskar was looking at swara lovingly suddenly she disappears. His eyes started searching her. He saw her running he followed her and reached a room. Suddenly bubbles started coming. Swara comes from behind lookinat him]
Teri meri nazar,
Jo mili pehli baar
Ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar

[he cups her face looking deep into her eyes making her blushes he chuckles. He leans to kiss her swara pushes him playfully and turned to go but sanskar held her hand and pulled herto him, hitting her back with his chest.]
Dil hai kya, dil hai kya
Jaan bhi tujhpe nisaar
Maine tujhe kiya aitbaar
[he snakes his hand on her bare belly sending shivers down her spine. He gently touches his lips on her tender skin giving wet kisses. Swara was all lost in his touch. He hides his face in the crook of her neck.]
Ho main bhi toh tujhpe mar gayi
Deewanapan kya kar gayi
Meri har dhadkan betaab hai
Palko vich tera khwaab hai
Ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari
Jaaniye ko salaam
[swara shakes sanskar bringing him back from his dream world*it was his imagination*he hits on the back of his head and started dancing]
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
[swasan drags raglak to the center now the spot light is concentrating only on them. Swasan went and stood at a corner]
Main tere ishq mein,
Do jahan vaar doon
Mere waade pe kar le yakeen
[laksh started walking around her staring her intensely making her blush profusely. Ragini was sraeing the floor feeling shy. He cups her face making her look at him. He kept his left hand on her bare waist pulling her to him. She grasps feeling his touch. He intertwines his right hand with her hand]
Keh rahe hai zameen,
Keh raha aasmaan
Tere jaisa dooja nahin
[He gently twils her and back hugs her slidding his hands inside her pallu and srarted caressing her belly. They were all lost in their world.her knees were getting week. His hot breath was touching her soft skin driving her crazy. Swasan sensed that the situation was slipping from hands they went to them jerking them from their romance. Raglak were little embarraced]
Ho aise jaadoon na daal ve
Naa aao main tere naal ve
Jhoothi taarefein chodh de
Ab dil mere dil se jodd de
Ho jo abhi hai, dil se nikli,
Uss dua ko salaam
[swaragini started dancing facing sanlak]
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
[laksh signs swasan to leave . they leaves giving teasing smile to him. Ragini was blushing reminding their moments happened just a few mints ago]
Rab se hai iltijaa,
Maaf kar de mujhe
Main toh teri ibaadat karoon
[raglak again started dancing sanskar was looking at swara with a smile. He was very happy to see his love smiling whole heartedly.]
Aye meri soniye, na khabar hai tujhe
Tujhse kitni mohabbat karoon
[ sanskar started lip syncing it looking at swara. She gives him a naughty smile]
Tere bin sab kuch be-noor hai
Meri maang mein tera sindoor hai
Saanson mein yahi paigaam hai
Mera sab kuch tera naam hai
[ she started lip syncing it moving around him. She then pulled him by his collar playfully]
Ho dhadkano mein rehnewaali
Soniye ko salaam
[he pulls her by her waist and rubs his cheeks with hers. Swasan felt butterflies in their stomach when sanskars cold fingers touched her bare waist]
[sanskar left to raglak leaving a shocked swara]
Teri aankhon ke matvaale,
Kajal ko mera salaam
Zulfon ke kaale kaale,
Badal ko mera salaam
[he came and dragged swara to the hall and started dancing with raglak]
Khwaabon mein kho gayi,
Main deewani ho gayi main
Sone sone aise sone,
Har ada ko salaam
[swaragini were dancing withj their respective partners laughing and smiling whole heartedly]
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
Salaam-e-ishq, salaam
The song ends. Raglak hugs each other and sanskar side hugs swara. The whole hall was filled with applause. But one person was burning in anger. It was ………………………….Sahil. he was burning in jealous.
Ragini- guys when u practiced this. I was no t knowing about this performance.
She pouts. Swasanlak sighs.
Laksh- coz it was surprise idiot[rag glares him]I mean jaan[showing his full teeth to her]
Swasanrag chuckles at him
Swara- par picture abhi bhaki hein mere laado…[in sharukh style]
Swara- wait babes
She holds sanskars hand and ascends the stairs. They reached the other side. There a very bid red clothe was kept may be covering something. Swata shouts*get ready for the surprise lado…* swasan stands on the either side of the cloth. They count to 3 and pulled the cloth down. The whole hall was left open mouthed seeing the gift. Raginis eyes filled with tears of happiness. It was a beautiful big portrait of ragini almost as high as the wall. Swasan runs down. Swara cups her face.
Swara[worriedly]-what happened rago. Didn’t u liked it?
Ragini –no[swaras face fell] I loved it.[her face lit up]
(swaraini plays)
Ragini hugs her and kissed her cheeks. Swara felt something wet on her shoulder. She breaks the hug becomes worried seeing ragini crying.
Swara- now what happened?
Ragini- I cant leave away from u[sobbing]

Swara felt a pinch on her heart. Her mind was just thinking about the future scenario after her death. She was worried about her families situation. Her eyes automatically welled up. She excused herself. Ragini was going behind her but sanskar stops her and ran behind her.
He felt his world had collapsed seeing swara crying miserably sitting on the ground burying her face in her hands.
(Sanskars song plays- the one in swaragini)
He sat in front of her and gently put his hand on her shoulder. Swara immediately hugged him making him loose his balance . But he somehow managed. She was burying her head in the crook of his next trying to mute her sobs. She had fisted his shirt in her hand. Sanskar was also crying silently seeing his love in such a miserable state. He pulled her more and more to him,hugging her tightly, ensuring her that he is with her only,he will be always there for her.he was hugging her tightly rubbing her back to soothe her. After a few mints they parted from the hug. Swaras eyes were swelled up and red. Her face was all pale. He felt a pinch on his heart. He immediately cupped her face wiping her tears which were still rolling down her cheeks. He kissed her forehead. Swara who was staring the ground closed her eyes feeling his lips on her skin. He then kisses on her both eyes sucking the tears. She was having a new feeling.
Sanskar-[lovingly whispers]y u ran from there?
though he knew the answer he wanted her to share her pain so that she can feel light. Again her mind was occupied by the most dreadful thoughts. She again hugged him as now she wants only his warmth,only his shoulder to cry her pain out.
Swara-(crying and sobbing) im scared sanskar what will happen to them if I left them.(he fists his hand) what will be their condition. Y this always happens with me. Y I always have to give them fake hopes and dreams.. Y I always have to lie to them.
He breaks the hug and cups her face.
Sanskar-dont think too much swara. Everything will be fine soon. U will be with us only. U will never leave us. I will never let u go.
Tears were rolling down his cheeks. Swara knew how much hurt he is. She cups his face and wipes his tears. She gently pecks his cheeks shocking sanskar. Even she don’t know y she did so. But it did helped them in overcoming their inner turmoil. She stood up and pulled sanskar up. They washed their face and acted as if nothing happened,putting that fake smile. They joined raglak.
Ragini- where u went swara?
Swara-leave it u know who made ur portrait.? The great sanskar mishra.(eyeing sanskar. He glares her)
Ragini-wow sanskar u didn’t told me that u know drawing also.
Sanskar-but swara had done the main parts. I just painted it the sketch was drawn by swara only.(he smirks at her)
Swara-no he drew it.
Sanskar-no u
Ragini -stop it. Who ever had drawn it I loved it. And thank u for this surprise.
And then swasanrag started chitchatting leaving laksh alone. He pouted but he was enjoying their talks. The function had ended and everyone left while leaving laksh pecked her lips without anyone noticing.

In mishra house at night..
Next day was raginis marriage. Swasanrag was staying in sanskars house. They were sitting on the bed playing cards laughing and having fun. They were feeling so happy that they are again spending fun time with each other just like they done in childhood and was sad that their sweet sister is leaving. They played for a very long time and drifts into sleep on the same bed . Swara was back hugging ragini and ragini was holding on to her hand. Sanskar smiles at his sleeping angel and kissed her temples. Then soon drifts into sleep back hugging her.
It was raginis marriage although gadodias and mishras were very happy with this proposal,they were sad inside as the daughter of the family is leaving them. Swaragini were standing in front of shekhars photo. They had tears. They wished that if shekhar was there then how much happy he would be. Ragini was then taken to a room. She was looking breathtaking in her red bridal lehenga. Swara was looking like an apsara descended from the heavens in her pink and white lehenga. Swara was walking in the corridor when she met sanskar. She asked him how she is looking through sign language he signs that she is looking beautiful. She smiles at him. But her smile fades when she heard the sound of bharath. She was feeling unwell. Sanskar took her to an empty room. She was closing her ears with both hands tightly. Tears escaped her tightly closed eyes.
Sanskar-(holding her by shoulder)what happened shona.
Swara-aaahhhh sanskar my head is like bursting out. This sound is unbearable. I can’t hold it anymore. I dont know what’s happening with me. Plss sanskar do something.aaahh. Plss my head is aching like hell.
She was crying . Sanskar pulled her into his embrace. Her ear was placed on her chest he presses her more to him and closed the other with his hand. She had clutched his sherwani in her hands.They were standing like that for a long time. Finally the band stopped making swara feel better. She made herself presentable. The marriage had happened and finally raglak were legally husband and wife.
It was bhidaai time . Ragini and shomi was crying uncontrollably. Swara had somehow managed to hold herself from crying as she knows if she cries then ragini will break down more. Shomi was not ready to release her from her tight hug and same goes with swara. With heavy heart she left her and ragini pulled swara into a bone crushing hug. She was sobbing and mourning. Swara was finding it hard to control herself. She somehow managed to talk.
Swara(gulping her tears) rago dont cry this much or else ur make up will get spoiled and u will look not less than any ghost.
Ragini gently blows her shoulder chuckling. The people gathered there had tears in their eyes. At last swasanrag had a group hug remembering about their childhood fun and silly fights. At last she left with her love her husband to her new home. Ragini entered mm after fulfilling all her post marriage rituals.
It’s their first night both were nervous. Laksh entered the house. He sat beside her she had clutched her lehenga tightly . Laksh presses her hands releaving ragini. Laksh removes the dupatta from her face. He leans and kissess her cheeks then eyes forehead and lips. They then made love.
Everyone had left. Swara asked sanskar to sleep with her as she was feeling lonely. They slept in each others embrace.

Guys so swara started feeling more problems due to tumor. The main story is going to start guys. Now if u want to know how swasan will unite then stay tuned.??
Guys I know its bad to say sry every time hope u like it. Plss comment. Thank u. And sry if its a short one.

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