KAL HO NA HO Abhigya SS Part 9


Dedicated to Ani who gave a jodi name to Pragya and Raghavendra-Pradra.

Part-9….Abhi suddenly thinks about Raghavendra who is in jail now.he goes there &; asks the police 2 leave him.Raghavendra was set free.
Raghavendra:why r u doing this drama?when the police caught me u did’nt open ur mouth & now u released me.
Abhi:that day i did’nt know why u did so.now i realised everything.
Raghavendra keeps on blaming Abhi.
Abhi:trust me.i did’nt do anything wrong.everything was planned by Ayesha.
Abhi tells the truth. Abhi:if u hav doubt,u call up Ayesha & ask from my mobile.
Raghavendra calls Ayesha from Abhi’s mobile:Ayesha,Abhi says that he is innocent.u r close 2 Pragya,just tell the truth.i trust u.bcoz however notorous u r,i’m sure that u won’t lie about Pragya.

Ayesha weeps:what Abhi told is true.he is innocent.plz don’t blame him.
she cuts the line. Raghavendra was shocked.
both Abhi-Raghavendra go 2 see Pragya. Pragya was very cheerful.she felt shy 2 see Abhi,bcoz of the blunder she did thinking about him.
Pragya:where is Ayesha?
Abhi did’nt get words.
Pragya:she may be finding it difficult 2 face me.tell her that i’m not angry with her.when i was not conscious,she had come 2 see me,khusum bhabi told.but i did’nt see her.next time when u come,u plz bring Ayesha.Abhi,why r u keeping silent?will u bring her?

Abhi after thinking 4 a while:ok..
.Abhi goes 2 see Ayesha.Ayesha was feeling difficult 2 face him,after their fight.
Abhi:why r u so dull Ayesha?just bcoz i quarrelled with u?leave it man.that was bcoz i was angry.now my mood has changed.i 4got everything.
Ayesha cries:thanks 4 4giving me.but i don’t deserve this.Abhi,u shud do 1 favour.u shud marry Pragya. Abhi:what?
Ayesha:don’t take our engagement as an hinderance.i’m willing 2 throw the ring u put on my finger.

Abhi becomes sentimental:Ayesha,that we’ll discuss later.i’ve brought a happy news.Pragya has become normal.
Ayesha was really happy.
Abhi:u’ve 2 come with me 2 see her.
Ayesha:no,i can’t face her.
Abhi:Pragya is not angry with u.she is missing u very badly.
Abhi enters Pragya’s room.
Pragya:u said u’ll bring Ayesha.then where is she.u did’nt bring her?
Abhi:who said she did’nt come?

Ayesha comes 2 front from his back. Pragya goes and; hugs her
.Ayesha starts crying:i’m cause of all the problems.sorry Pragya.
Pragya:don’t cry Ayesha.u did’nt do anything…u told me the truth.but i was so foolish that i did’nt believe u.thus i caused my own problems.still i luv u Ayesha.u r the only friend i hav.
Ayesha hugs Pragya:u r gr8.
Abhi teases Pragya:again u shud not believe blindly whatever u see or hear. Pragya was embarrassed. Abhi:Ayesha,u r too kiddish 2 become sumbody’s wife. Ayesha becomes shy.

Abhi:college life is the golden age of our life.so go enjoy ur college life. again they get involved in their college life.Ayesha becomes jolly again with her naughty deeds.
the college life gets over.on the last day,Pragya goes 2 Raghavendra with her autograph book:plz write sumthing here.
he was sad:Pragya,i don’t want 2 write it.autograph book is needed when we get separated from each other.i don’t want u 2 go away from me.why don’t u think about not leaving me?

Pragya:Raghavendra,i can’t understand….Raghavendra:i’ve been loving u since the 1st day of our college. Pragya was shocked.

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  1. Arshi

    Wowowowoowow superbbbbbbb….

    U know?? Ragavendra doalog at end.. was mine… abt autograph.. in collage.. and all my frndz were vey much angry on me.. tat i didnt keep any diary to hold their memories….

    I just told that.. u have very limited frndz.. and i believe that i wont get seperated from any of my closed ones… so i dont need this support of autograph diary….

    But all my frndz had their diaries.. and bought one for me also… and filled up abt me… they were sooo sweet… but at last day… i forgot to get my diary back.. it was i hands of one my junior….

    Till now hoping tat diary to get t back….

    Sorey i was talkig abt my story..

    Coming to this chappy.. i loves ayesha abhi convo… and the way ayesha asked abi to marry prags.. shows her character.. inspite of being the reason for such worse situation….

    And ragavemdr pragy soooo cite….

    1. Jasminerahul

      it was so sweet of u to share ur personal experience with me.but i loved autograph book.thank i u so much

  2. super cool. again i loved this. i am waiting for whats next. again u did a great job.

  3. Interesting

  4. Trisha


  5. Amazing yaar I loved it missed neev in the epi but loved it

  6. LakshmiSiva

    Super. waiting for pragya reaction from his proposal.

  7. Super dear……

  8. Saranya24

    Awesome dear?????

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