KAL HO NA HO Abhigya SS Part 5


Part-5….Pragya dreams….Abhi-Pragya in a romantic mood in the song…

Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam
Pyar hota hai divana sanam
Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam

((tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam
Pyar hota hai divana sanam) – (2)
Abb yaha se kaha jaye ham
Teree baho me mar jaye ham) – (2)
Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam

Raghavendra goes 2 Pragya’s class 2 propose. he tells her classmate:can u plz call Pragya?
she:Pragya went back.
he:what? b4 the class got over she went back..usually she does’nt bunk class.
he becomes sad that he cud’nt tell her 2day. Neev consoles:valentine’s day is just a formality.its not a big loss that u cud’nt propose particularly on the valentine’s day.leave it man.u can tell her later.be cool man.
Ayesha was sitting in an icecream parlour.she gets her dad’s call on her mobile:Ayesha,u plz come home immediately.
Ayesha:why dad?is everything ok?
but he cuts the call.Ayesha becomes tensed.she goes home immediately.her dad was waiting 4 her at the gate with a smiling face.
Ayesha:thank god,now i’m relieved seeing ur cheerful face.suddenly when u called me,i was scared that sum urgent dangerous thing is there.
dad:urgent matter is there.but not dangerous.but its very sweet 4 u.go 2 ur room thru the back door.ur mom is waiting there.

Ayesha:thru the back door?why?
he:guests hav come.they shud not see u in this look.
Ayesha:why dad?is it that bad?
he:no.but u look tired.be fresh & come.
Ayesha goes 2 her room where her mom was waiting 4 her.
mom:Ayesha,there is an imp thing going on in our house. she:what mom? mom:a guy & his family has come here with a proposal 4 u.
Ayesha:what?u r planning 2 make me married soon?no way..
mom:Ayesha,don’t try 2 stand against it.very nice family. very nice guy..u’ll like him.
Ayesha:if i don’t like him? mom:then we’ll drop it. but now u shud go there.take a shower & wear the sari i bought 4 u.

Ayesha:me wearing a sari?
mom:why not?
Ayesha:ok,4 ur sake.
Ayesha wears the violet sari & silver ornaments.
Ayesha goes infront of them with tea glasses & ladoos.she pretends 2 be shy like a bride.
her dad:Ayesha,u look at the guy’s face.
she looks at the guy.she was surprised 2 see him.bcoz it was none other than Abhi.she gets excited & goes 2 her room.
her dad:Ayesha became shy.Abhi,if u want 2 speak 2 her,go 2 ur room.
Abhi:no need uncle.we no each other b4 itself no.
dad:thats true.but this custom is diff man.so u pls go…
Abhi is also shy.every1 laughs. Abhi enters Ayesha’s room.Ayesha was nervous.
Abhi:Ayesha,i hid a thing from u.u r my 1st luv.u’ll be my last luv too.whenever i think about my wedding,u always come 2 my mind.

Ayesha was surprised. Abhi:Ayesha,u luv me?
she becomes shy.Abhi smiles & goes out of the room. Ayesha looks at the mirror. she becomes happy 2 think about Abhi’s sweet,luvly words 2 her.suddenly Pragya comes 2 her mind:God,what did i do 2 Pragya?she is in a dream world,its just bcoz of me.did she get the valentine’s mail & card?
Ayesha calls up Pragya. Pragya:without telling me,u went home.wardon told me. Ayesha:did u check ur mail box? Pragya:ya..i got Abhi’s mail.he luves me Ayesha..he luves me..
.Ayesha:if he had not sent it?
Pragya:then i wud’ve forgotten my crush.but he luves me.now i can’t 4get him. I feel he is made for me and I am made for him.

Ayesha becomes upset. she thinks:now i hav 2 options.join Pragya & Abhi or else I shud marry Abhi.but how can i reject a person who luves me a lot.Abhi is the 1st person 2 luv me.no..,i can’t reject him.i need him.

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  2. Saranya24

    Ohh no so sad cant wait fr nxt part loved it????

  3. B_Ani

    oh no…what a situation is this yaar?…i mean, i never expected this. and abhi loveing ayesha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooo…..
    it is so sad yaar. i think ayesha is negative from now. i thought it must be neev…but it being abhi gave me a shock…deadly shock.
    please give the next one soon yaar. i cant wait. sorry…i am making u 2 b in a hurry…but i am more tensed…

    1. Jasminerahul

      Will update tomorrow. Thanks for commenting. Missed your comment on the previous part

      1. B_Ani

        sorry dear. my fault. i missed reading it. but i read it after seeing this. i felt too bad to cmnt so lately on such a lovely story…so i didnt comment there. dont worry i will always love ur stories ????

  4. Abhi loves ayesha? So sad…

  5. Interesting yaar waiting for the next update that how you clear this complicated situation

  6. Frankly say i don’t lyk this track change the track…always hurting thing happen to our pragya only…i don’t lyk this storyline yar..change the track…

    1. Jasminerahul

      Sorry year.I can’t change the track as its the main track.but I won’t drag this part.it has only 5 more parts

  7. Arshi

    woowoowowowo ayesha abhi.. i liked it soo much.. but anyways .. at end there wil be abhigya i guess.. but still want to have ayesha abhi track sooo cute.. they match each other perfectly

  8. Prathi

    Abhi loving Ayesha?? 🙁

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