KAL HO NA HO Abhigya SS Part 10(1st climax)


Dedicated to Arshiabhigya who wants Neev ayesha scene.

Part-10…. RAGHAVENDRA:i’ve been loving u since the 1st
day of our college. Pragya was shocked.
Pragya weeps.suddenly Raghavendra realizes that
its only a dream.Raghavendra did’nt hav the courage 2 tell
Pragya that he luves her like he told her in the dream.
PRAGYA:Raghavendra,will u plz write something in this autograph book?
RAGHAVENDRA:Pragya,i don’t want 2 write anything in this
RAGHAVENDRA:autograph is 4 departure.we r not going 2
get separated.
Pragya did’nt understand. RAGHAVENDRA:i’ll be there
with u always as a gud friend & i’m sure that u’ll be
there with me always as a gud friend.then whats the need
of this?
Pragya smiles:u r right Raghavendra. i’m lucky 2 get
a friend like u.
RAGHAVENDRA:u’ll be lucky 2 get a nice life
partner also.
Pragya’s face seemed 2 be dull.
thinks:in Pragya’s eyes now also i see her luv 4 Abhi.
Raghavendra goes 2 meet Ayesha.she was sitting under the
RAGHAVENDRA:Ayesha,whats ur plan? i mean about Abhi.
was sad:i don’t deserve Abhi.so i’m not going 2 marry
him.not only that i realized that mine was only a
crush.it was not luv.but Pragya’s is true luv.so she
deserves him more.
RAGHAVENDRA:but Abhi?what does he think about
AYESHA:he realized that we shud be with the person who
luves us.whats the use of marrying a person who does’nt
luv us eventho we luv that person?
RAGHAVENDRA:u r right.

& Raghavendra go near Pragya.
AYESHA:we r not going 2 get
separated.Our friendship will continue forever.but we’ll giv u a memorable gift.
Abhi comes.
RAGHAVENDRA:this is the gift by ur friend Ayesha.
Pragya is stunned.
PRAGYA:i don’t want this gift.
AYESHA:u luv Abhi
no.then whats the problem?
Ayesha: he also luves u.
Pragya is stunned. Pragya
looks at Abhi.
Abhi:i’m not coming 2 u on the basis of
sympathy.how can i reject a girl who loves me so
much.nobody will luv me like u.And to be frank in the mean time unknowingly I too started loving you.
Pragya is surprised.
AYESHA:mine was only a
joke.It was never love.believe me.
slowly Pragya smles.she hugs Ayesha &
cries:no other friend will giv me such a precious gift.
every1 becomes happy.
Abhi :Pragya..
She looks at him.
Abhi:I would love to propose you in a rocking style as I am a rock star.
Abhi starts singing to her:

Haan Kab Tak Jawaani Chhupaaogi Rani
Arre Kab Tak Jawaani Chhupaaogi Rani
Kanwaaron Ko Kitna Sataaogi Rani
Kabhi To Kisi Ki Dulhaniya Banogi
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi – mujhse-shaadi-karogi.

Pragya is surprised.Everybody giggle.karogi.
Pragya holds his hand smiling:Yes..I will marry you.
Abhi smiles.Everybody smiles.
Abhi:I promise you Pragya..even if there is no tomorrow my love for you will cross many tomorrows.

They both become emotional.

Abhi-Pragya share a romantic eye lock.

Har ghadi badal raha hai roop zindagi
Chaav hai kahhi hai dhoop zidnagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama, kal ho na ho-KHNH

Neev goes near Ayesha.
Neev calls her sweetly:Ayesha..
She stares at him:Don’t you remember how I slapped you last time in the pub?
He touches his cheek where she slapped him.
He is embarrassed. But he pretends to be not remembering it.
N:What to do?I have a very poor memory power.
Ayesha:Oh..you are impossible.
She tries to go away.Suddenly he holds her hand.Ayesha stares at him.
N: Ayesha..will you be there with me the whole life to fight with me?

N:Because I can’t live without fighting with you.
They both burst into laughter.She pulls his cheeks:Of course..I will keep on fighting with you till the end.How can I just leave you?
They both laugh.

After months..
Abhi Pragya and Neev Ayesha get married.

The end

I will be posting an alternative climax episode

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