KAL HO NA HO Abhigya SS Part 10 (Alternative climax)


KAL HO NA HO… Tomorrow May Never Come Part 10(1st climax)

Dedicate this to arshiabhigya who is waiting 4 Abhi Ayesha union.Dedicated to Ani and Saranya24 who want Raghavendra Pragya to unite.

part-10…….Raghavendra extends a rose:Pragya,i wanted 2 giv u this on the valentine’s day.but unfortunately…..
Pragya:Raghavendra,u no everything no…the blunder i did,how i admitted in the mental hospital. Raghavendra:ya….unfortunately….
she:then also u luv me? he:my luv is not sumthing which goes fast seeing silly things.
Pragya:but it was’nt a silly thing 4 me.i was mad…
he:Pragya,its past.it has gone.now also u did’nt 4get that?still u luv Abhi?
Pragya:no..again i won’t do that mistake.Abhi luves Ayesha a lot.Ayesha too.Abhi has gone from my mind.if he comes 2 my mind,it’ll be as Ayesha’s luv& not as my foolish luv.

Raghavendra gets relieved. Ayesha’s eyes rose up who overheard this.
Pragya:i don’t think i deserve u. Raghavendra:Pragya,plz leave this complex.
Ayesha comes to the scene.
Ayesha:Pragya,once i supported ur luv 4 fun.but this time i’m serious.u r lucky that there is sum1 like Raghavendra 2 luv u.maybe ur crush got shattered bcoz god’s decision was 2 giv u Raghavendra.
they hear sumone’s voice:Raghavendra and Pragya r made 4 each other in the heaven.surprisingly it was Abhi who came there saying this.
Ayesha:wow,Abhi!i can’t believe my eyes. Abhi:i thot i’ll giv u ppl a surprise.
Abhi:i knew that Raghavendra luves Pragya,otherwise he wud’nt hav become really emotional while he came 2 beat me like a real hero.
Ayesha & Abhi laughs.
Abhi:hey Pragya,poor Raghavendra.b4 he becomes sentimental u plz take the rose from his hand. Pragya smiles & takes the rose from his hand. Raghavendra smiles.They both share a sweet eye lock.

Raghavendra-Pragya’s wedding takes place.Abhi-Ayesha go there.
Pragya:when will u both get married?
Abhi :1st let Ayesha become mature.then i’ll marry her.
he laughs, along with him Raghavendra-Pragya too. Ayesha pretends 2 be angry.
Abhi:i was joking…our wedding will be in next month.u ppl shud come.
Ayesha smiles.
Pragya:if u don’t invite also we’ll come.
Abhi pretends 2 be wondered:what!really?
Ayesha:ya,thats our friendship.

Raghavendra:Pragya-Ayesha r the best known friends in our college.
Abhi smiles:only Ayesha is ur friend?am i not ur friend?
Pragya:ya,sure…definitely….Abhi:so enjoy ur married life if 2morrow is there or not.anyways,happy married life….

.Raghavendra-Pragya and Abhi-Ayesha get married

and dance 2 the wedding song happily.

O – maahi ve, maahi ve, maahi ve, maahi ve, maahi ve……(2)
Maahi ve mohabbata sachiya ne…
Maahi ve mohabbata sachiya ne mang da naseeba kuch hor hai…(2)
Kismat de mare asi ki kariye…(2)
Kismat de mare… oh asi ki kariye
Kismat te kis da zor hai
Maahi ve, maahi ve… maahi ve… maahi ve – KHNH


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  1. Saranya24

    Nice dear loved tis climax too????

  2. Love is always win…. This climax too super dear..

  3. Arshi

    Wowowowoowowowo lived this really.. auesha millind is superb….. the way milind says that we will marry once ayesha becomes matured is really nice…

    Also ragavendra and prags jodi is superb…….

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thankyou very much. but it’s abhi. .not milind

      1. Arshi

        Hahah yeah… while rewading i just imagined milind only… as charming abhi is not matchig aith ayesha.. as per my preception???

        Tough milind is perfect for dashing ayesha… ???

  4. This climax also superb to this story

  5. B_Ani

    this…i loved a lot…than the previous…i loved this more. awesomely written…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku very much.missed ur comment on my ffs

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