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In murthy mansion
Aliya picked up the knife and brought it closer to her wrists while saying
The guy I had loved since kindergarden has cheated on me and with that nandu whom I always thought as a sister . Manik is not like that but it is nandu who has made him like this . I should die as I have no importance
Aliya brings the knife even more closer and then thinks
It is not maniks fault it is his brothers and nandus fault who has made manik closer to nandu then why should I end my life when I can end there closeness so easily as i know manik loves me

In nandu room
Nandini is sleeping when she hears someone’s voice it’s manik he is saying to her
Why are you an idiot who thinks I love you
When suddenly she wakes up realising it was a dream
She panicked as she got scared thinking that it might be true but she then remembers her moment with manik

In smriti room
Harshad comes with tears in his eyes and looks at smriti who is also crying
Smriti says
I am leaving as the person I came here for left me broken
Harshad ….
Are you crazy
Your aim is to get maan and mine is to get geet we can work together to separate them
Are you sure we can do that
I promise they will be separated before ishu and ramans wedding
And they shake hands and they make a plan

At the same time on the terrace
Maan finds geet worried and ask her about it
Geet tells him about harshad and maan tell geet about smriti
And they decide to forget
Maan shows geet his surprise which is candle light dinner and takes geet hand and take her to the table
He feed her food and slowly comes close to her
She blushes and moves apart
He walks slowly and grabs geet by her stomach and kisses her
Then he lifts her and is about to consummate when they hear smritis scream
Everyone present in the house rush towards her room and sees smriti has slit her wrists .
Maan feels guilty and geet consoles him
They call the ambulance and take smriti to the hospital
And harshad smirks ……..

In the hospital the sister arrive and ask geet what she’s doing with maan and geet replies
Just wanted to meet him regarding ishu di and ramans wedding
Everyone teases them
When the doctor comes and says that smriti is out of danger but is broken and she didn’t fight to survive as if she was broken everyone is shocked and maan decides that he needs to talk to smriti
Maan asks smriti
Why did you do this
As I love you and want to be with you and if you want that next time I don’t hurt myself or your precious geet then break up with her maan is shocked and harshad who is listening form the corner laughs and gives the money to the doctors for the fake report

Maan breaks up with geet .in retaliation ishu breaks her marriage with Raman
Dhruv is glad looking at all of them
Can geet find the truth behind her breakup ???why is dhruv happy??will the marriage happen????
Keep reading to find out


The terrace
Maan is sitting alone crying when manik comes and asks
If it hurts so much then why did you do it
What r you talking
The breakup
Maan not making eye contact says
When am I hurt about that I’m very happy
Say the same while looking in my eyes or say the same while looking at geet (geet walks in)
I told you that I’m happy again not making contact
lie say the truth
You want to know the truth fine the truth is the other day when I talked to smriti she told me that if I don’t break up with geet she is going to hit her
Manik and geet
You can’t leave your love just because smriti said so at least you could have told someone
I’m sorry geet
Geet slaps him and then hugs him and they reunite
Ishu room
Manik and Raman tells ishu about it and ishu ask Raman to forgive her
I forgive you as i know you did all of this because you love your sister and thought that geet would feel bad and as it was our plan to get maan to feel guilty and be back together
What a plan!!!!!
Next morning
As everyone know that ishra marriage is after 3 days let’s make partners for the wedding dance .what we will do is that each girl will come and pick up a chit with a guys name and whatever name comes he will ever your partner
First is the brides turn
Ishu picks a chit and its dhruv (dhruv is happy but ishu and Raman are not)i
* Aliya says it her turn next and she tries seeing the names and then sees maniks chit so she is about to pick it when manik sees what she is doing and makes the bowl fall and aliya picks the the wrong chit which has harshad on it(harshad and aliya both are angry)
* Next is nandu who picks up a chit and its manik (both get happy but Aliya fumes and leaves and harshad suspects aliyas intention and goes behind her)
* Geet gets maan and smriti fumes
* Mukti gets abhimanyu
* Kabir with navya
* Raman gets smriti
Aliya is talking to herself saying that nandu is very lucky that the bowl dropped and when will my luck come
Harshad and smriti come and say…join us and you’ll be lucky and they reveal their plan to which Aliya agrees and dhruv is quietly listening
Dhruv is staring at ishu and decides that he will propose her

Dhruv proposes ishita refuses.a car is about to hit Aliya and nandu and manik saves by pushing nandu and getting hit himself with Aliya being hurt

Aliya realises maniks love for nandu and decides to backout and dhruv leaves being dejected leaving a dear john letter.smriti and harshad exposed

Guys this fanfiction is about to come to an end please comment whether you guys like it or not as I did not separate any couples as per the requests


In the hospital
Maan asks smriti
Why did you do this
As I love you and want to be with you and if you want that next time I don’t hurt myself or your precious geet then break up with her maan is shocked and harshad who is listening form the corner laughs and gives the money to the doctors for the fake report
Maan is shocked and says
No I will not break up with geet as you can’t do any thing to harm her
Smriti fumes and says
If you think I can’t or won’t do anything you are wrong as you are my love and I can do anything to get you
Maan leaves the room when harshad walks
Wow what acting the way you faked your suscide is perfect and the way doctor acted she is broken was just amazing
Plan 1 part a is done now maan has a doubt on you and will protect her geet when we will strike again and act to harm geet
They both give a five

Everyone return home and the guys ask girls to stay here today as its to late and the girls agree
Geets room
Geet is sleeping when a person in a mask comes and tries to suffocate her but geet screams and the person runs

Ishu room
Raman and ishita are making out when they hear geet scream and they go there
Everyone else also rushes there and geet tells them what happened
Maan gets worried and thinks about smritis words and decides to break up with geet for her own safety

When every one leaves maan comes to geet and says
I don’t love you
Geet is shocked
I hate you and our relationship is over
And he leaves the room with tears in his eyes
Geet is crying and harshad and smriti are laughing looking at them
Harshad…our next plan is to pretend suffocate geet so that maan believes your words and breaks up with geet
Geet narrates the story to everyone and ishu fuming in anger asks Raman to meet her outside

Ishu…what does your brother think of himself .he has dated geet for over 3 years now and just broke up with out any reason after taking advantage of her .we sisters can’t trust you guys what if you also leave me after three years that’s why I am breaking out marriage
Raman is left speechless and both have tears in their eyes

Manan geet fab 4 harshad and smriti witness this and are shocked
Harshad and smriti think what have they done as their plan was never to separate ishu and Raman but geet and maan
Aliya thinks ….
If ishu has broken up with Raman then nandu might also have broken up with manik and if not it will be easy to separate them as they wont have support
Geet is shocked and thinking what just happened
Manan promise to find the reason of separation of geaan and will reunite all couples
Dhruv is happy as his love ishu is free for him

Manik ask maan for his reason and maan tells him.they reunite the couples
Aliya plays her trick and joins with harshad and smriti .dhruv plans to,propose ishu

Whose love will win
Will they reunite
Will Aliya ,harshad and smriti succeed to find out keep reading

On the street
Nandu and aliya are walking on the street when suddenly a car comes manik witnesses this and runs and pushes nandu away and gets hurt him self and aliya also get hurt
Smriti and harshad who are watching this from the side are shocked seeing their plan backfired flashback
We will test manik and when manik fails and protects you nandu will realise manik loves you and would break up
Aliya realises manik passed as manik saved his love which is nandu and not her cause she’s just his friend .she decides…..I am going to tell bhai that I’m no longer a part of their plan
At home
Aliya tells harshad
Today I realised who manik loves which is nandu and not me
No he loves you
No he does not as today it got proved and stop making me believe that he loves me and I fact stop separating geet and maan as they are meant for each other and next time I will tell everyone
Aliya leaves leaving harshad dumbstruck
Ishu room
Ishu gets a message from dhruv saying meet me in the garden as its urgent
Ishu gets worried and rushed towards the garden

Ishu meets dhruv and asks him what happened
I love you ishita murthy ,will you marry me
Are u nuts ,I love Raman and am getting married to him in 3 days ,I always thought of you as a friend and nothing more
Ishita leaves leaving dhruv dejected

Dhruvs room
Dhruv is crying and packing his bags and decides to leave right away as he does not have the strength to face ishu and leaves after writing a letter

2 days left
Ishu decides to talk to dhruv and goes to his room and finds his room cleaned and all his stuff gone she calls out to everyone (except harshad and smriti)
Ishu then spots a letter and begins to read it
Dear everyone
I am very sorry for leaving without telling as I made a huge mistake of thinking that mine and ishu are more than friends and I am weak to face everyone after my actions yesterday sorry to everyone and happy marriage to ishu and Raman as I won’t be there but will come after few months and I want to bring the truth of few people in your eyes who are smriti and harshad who are trying to separate maan and geet .i know this because I heard them telling their plan to Aliya
Everyone is shocked by this revelation
The truth revealed

Finally the big day is here the unison of the couple a formal one and two informal ones

Raman asks Aliya what did it mean
Dhruv wrote it correct as maan the attack on geet was planned by smriti and harshad ,smriti never was about to die it was just an act to to convince you that geet is in danger so yo will breakup with her
What rubbish what about the doctor and why would they do it
There was no doctor he was an actor and they did it as they loved both of you and wanted you guys to break up
They fooled me by giving the hope that manik loves me but in time I learned the truth else manan would have been .im sorry as I should have told this before but wanted to give bhai a chance
Maan …
It wasn’t your fault . They planned a lot of games now its our turn which is checkmate

They all go to harshad and smritis room and get all there stuff and throw it outside when they come and ask what their doing
We are doing what you both were trying to do difference is u guys were throwing geet out of my life and I am throwing both of you out of this house
Harshad and smriti started to plead when the police came
Harshad arbor and smriti chauhan you are under arrest for attempt to harm miss geet murthy and forging a doctor
And police takes them away.

1 day left
Marriage preparations are going in a full fun

Marriage day
Raman is sitting when ishu comes in a beautiful red ghaghra dressed as a dulhan and they get married
During marriage
Maan bring geet to a store room
Maan ….
Here I promise that I will love you till my last breath and we will never be apart
I promise that I will always support and love you no matter what happens
We have an incomplete task to full fill
Maan looks at her and picks her up and makes her lie down and starts kissing her starting from foot to lips and finally consummate

Manik bring nandu to his room and says.
I know we have started of as enemies then friend then lovers and now boyfriend girlfriend
He gets a rose and give it to her saying
I love you
I love you to
And they kiss

Precap ….
Last episode


The marriage is complete of Raman and ishu and so is this series of fanfiction
All the couples join in for a final jam and they dance on gallan goodiyan, balle balle and qurbaan hua
Love is beautiful with obstacles coming In your way
Sometimes obstacles are your own relatives but what really matters is that you stick together no matter what happens
Cause love sticks in happy times but true love stick in bad times
Learn to accept destiny if someone rejects you give it up as you are better then that person instead of spoiling their relationship
Don’t use brain but heart when taking decisions of love and enjoy it as life is to short and you never might know when will it be over
These couples faced many problems but stuck together till the end for eg
Manan …
Stuck together during maniks memory loss
Stuck together when geets past came in front
Stuck when shagun was attacking their relationship with Ashok

These couples are an example of love we should use these as an example but should never place our selves in them
Thanks it had been a fun journey writting this fanfiction please comment if you like this series it would make me happy

Credit to: Barbie

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