Kaisi yeh yaariya,yeh hain mohabbatein,geet fanfiction part 5


Love confession
Evening of the ceremony
Manik is preparing a set up made of roses and he calls nandu
Nandu come quickly its urgent and hangs up
What his problem now
She decides that she should go and see what happened and leaves for malhotra mansion
Harshad is preparing in his room and calls geet
Harshad …
Hi geet can u meet me on the terrace

Sure as I’m going their to meet maan .ill also meet you there
Harshad is fuming in anger but is glad that she agreed
Smriti who is living in malhotra mansion calls maan asking him to meet urgent as its an emergency
All are set waiting for their partner to come
Manik setup
Nandu comes and asks what happened
Manik bends down and says…
I love you nandini murthy
Nandini is happy and suprised as she feels the same way and just hugs manik and they both kiss
On the side aliya is watching this and crying
Geet comes and says hi

I wanted to say something to you
Nervously says sure go ahead
I love you
Geet is suprised and slaps harshad leaving him in tears
Smriti room
Maan comes and smriti says I love you and maan slaps her saying how can you even think like that and furiously leaves the room,
Manik setup
They depart and nandu runs home when manik sees aliya in tears
What are you doing here.
Finding out that you are cheating on me
What how am I cheating on
Don’t you understand I love you dammit and I know you do to
What are you crazy I love nandu and aliya leaves crying
All of these people rush to their room and think about the replies and answers
Aliya room
While aliya picks up a knife and is about to slit her wrists……
Manik to nandu
You thought I was serious,idiotic girl why would I love you and nandu wakes up and ambulance is going from the murthy mansion

Smriti and harshad
Harshad …
Your aim is to get maan and mine is to get geet lets work together to make it possible
They shake their hand
Maan and geet are celebrating a romantic dinner and are about to consummate their relationship when the window breaks
Can relations survive in this harsh conditions,can love blossom and bloom????
Will the couples break before the unison of another couple?
To find out keep reading

Credit to: Barbie

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  1. Why he say like that what happend manan

  2. Plz yar….kisi bhi situation me manan ko separate mat karna….
    Plz plz plz…..
    ur concept is too good….
    Keep going…..

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