Kaisi yeh yaariya,yeh hain mohabbatein,geet fanfiction part 4


Everyone is surprised to see smriti who is the girls cousin
Harshad asks them
Who am I paired with for the dance
Smriti says even I want to know who my my partner is
Raman says you both are your partners
Harshad and smriti both are shocked as harshad wanted to pair up with geet and smriti with maan

Fast forward
And the dance practices begin
Manik has started to feel for nandini as their friendship has grown and he himself is surprised that how can he feel for a girl who fights with him 24/7

Sangeet day
Everyone is getting ready in the malhotra mansion
In nandus room (which is shared with navya .smriti and aliya)
Nandini is getting ready when her dori of her ghaghra choli suddenly opens .there is a knock on the door she thinks it is navya so she calls out to her for help
Navya please help me and tie my dori
It is manik on the door and he quietly enters the room and ties nandus dori
She is speechless as both are lost in each other’s thoughts when suddenly they hear aliya coming so they depart
Aliya …
Manik what are you doing here
Nothing just came to see whether this crazy nandu hasn’t broken her foot or so as she is my dance partner he says nervously
Aliya laughs quietly and thinks in her mind.
This is just an excuse for you to come and see me as I know you like me to as I am your best friend
Manik leaves
Sangeet ceremony begins
And the bride ..ishu and groom…Raman come and performances begin
1. Nandu and manik on the song pehli nazar mei .they dance romantically with out breaking eye contact .aliya feels sad looking at their performance
2. Geet and maan romantically dance on the song Teri ore with everyone cheering except harshad and smriti
3. Harshad and smriti dance on Zara Zara touch me with dhruv feeling bad (suspense)
4. Rest of the couples perform on thug le
5. Lastly Raman and ishu Dance on nazar laye na .they dance without breaking hand contact
Aliya looking at manik and nandus performance decides that she will tell manik about how she feel about him on the other hand manik decides that he will tell nandu about his feelings
(Now the twist in the tale is whether nandu has those feelings for manik which she does but can she tell him about them….)
Harshad and smriti decide to tell geet and maan about their feeling in hope that they will break up with their partners and be with them
On the other hand the respective males are planning something for their partners

Confession of harshad,smriti,aliya,manik and……………
Guys do tell me whether you like is so far and form now onwards the villains would start scheming and
now it will be seen which couples stick together and which will depart who will sacrifice their love for friendship and can they overcome problems put in their relationship only time will know

Manik to nandu
I love you nandu suprised
Aliya to manik
I love you
Harshad to geet
I love you
Smriti to maan
I love you
Time will only know who’s love will win
Can love overcome all problems ????????
Wait to find out

Credit to: Barbie

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