Kaisi yeh yaariya,yeh hain mohabbatein,geet fanfiction (Part 2)


This is the 2nd part
The love talk (their opinions about love)

Part 2
In the malhotra mansion
Manik, Raman,maan ,fab 4 ,geet, ishita and nandini are sitting together talking about true love
Love is a huge waste of time why fall in love when you can play with girl without al this nonsense
Every one seemed to have minded his comment when nandini responds
Love is no way a waste of time it is the pleasure of life you cannot be happy until and unless you have experienced it
Everyone applauds and Manik looks at nandini and says in mind
Don’t know why but this girl always debates with me unlike other girls who just say say yes to everything she is something different
Aliya notices Manik staring at nandini and quickly changes the topic to geet and maan
And says maan what is your feeling for love
Love is indeed an amazing thing which changes a person completely before geet I was a rude business tycoon who just loved his brother but after geet I became a better brother and. A better person
Geet turn red and every one teases her

Great why isn’t anyone asking me about my love life as I’m the one getting married soon to the love of my life
Kabir-okey bro what is love for you
Raman- it is indeed ishita for me
Ishita blushes and everyone especially kabir teases them
The clock strikes midnight and it is the time for them all to go back
Raman kisses Ishita on the cheek when no one is looking and says good night and ishita goes in the car
Maan French kisses geet outside the door when they are alone and she leaves
Nandini is leaving when Manik stops her and he says
Can we continue our debate tomorrow in lunch
No cause girls are just toys for you and ur nothing like your loving brothers and leaves
In the night in nandinis room she is lying in bed wondering why Manik doesn’t believe in love and on the other hand Manik is also awake thinking about nandus words and what she meant by love is beautiful

Date of the wedding decided it it Valentine’s Day date
Sangeet practice and romance between the couples

Guys please comment whether you like my ff and which changes should I make

Credit to: Barbie

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