kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 6 ( fab 5 reunion )


So finally slowly slowy everything is  gonna be complete

First of all so sorry for not posting

Thanks guy’s for your response guy’s actually i can’t able to post my ff regularly bcz  of my study but I’ll try my best to write  a lomg part whenever i can.

And friend’s so I’m gonna make navya snd canir Jodi bcz all of you like their jodi.

Let’s start the story

Here in jamming room when nandini was about to come she saw aalia is crying .

She went and consoles aalia

Nandini : are you missing druv ???

Aalia : yeah  !!! You know what nancey i loved him so much and never wanted him to go away from my life i wanted to be eith him each and everytime if he comes again i I’ll not get angry on him in fact i want to hug him and want to say how much i love him

(And aalia break down )

Just then aalia got a call from that unknown number

Aalia : helo who’s this ??? Why can’t you speak damn it ???

Nandini snatch her phone suddenly

Nandini : helo druv olz don’t cut the phone ???

And listen to me carefully

We all know how much you loved your friend’s and aalia plz come back druv you know cabir…!!!

(Before nandini say about cabir he cat the phone )

Aalia : how can you be so sure that he’s druv ???

Nandini : bcz i noticed he only calling you for hearing your voice ???

Aalia : oh how can i be so careless i would’ve think about it before ???

Nandini :  yeah after today I’m very sure that he’s our druv and in this number we can able to find him I’ll tell dad and he’ll try to find him .

Aalia : really nancey !!!

Nandini hug alloa and again start consoling her.

And here is going to meet manik and suddenly dumped with manik and both fall on the floor.

( guy’s a passionate eyelock seriously ????)

Suddenly cabir and start coughing  ( now cabir is back na manik toh gaya ????)

Manan stand up and now both are feeling.

Cabir : dude anything can change but tum logli yeh romance bhi na kabhi kahibhi seriously manik ????

Manik : oh god cabir  listen nothing  happend ok ????

Nandini : oh bye i have a important work .

Arayaman come to meet harshad .

Aryaman : hey dude what’s up ???

Harshad : hey!!!

Aryaman : dude what do you think about nancey ???

Harshad : nancey she’s a different person actually of course their faces sre same but i don’t think she’s nandini ( idiot harsad as stupid as before  ???)

Aryanam : whatever but manik has to pay for killing my sis???

Harshad : what do you going to do with manik ???

Aryaman : harshad you think I’m stupid like to telk my plans to you .come on harshad be mature but yeah whatever is my plan I’ll make sure manik will get punish ???

Aryaman left

Harshad : whatever it’s but this time I’m not gonna take a part of his plan

Nandu come home nad trying to call that numner and also she send so much voice messages
After 5 hours she get a reply .

Nandini : yeah I’m druv but plz i don’t disturb me i don’t want to come here

She become happy ???

Nandini : so that means i was right he’s druv and omg I’m so happy thank you aiyappa ???

Nandini again call druv but this time he pick up the phone

Nandini : i know druv you don’t want to talk but for the sake of fab 5

Druv : plz nandini i don’t want to talk ???

Nandini : you have to hear druv bcz i have s good news for you I’m sure after hearing this you will surely come here???

Druv : plz nandini and I’m not gonna come ok???

Nandini : ok ok !!! Druv cabir is alive

(Druv didn’t talk for second )

Nandini : helo druv are you there

Druv : yeah I’m here but how i mean i can’t believe cabir ???

Nandini : yeah

( and she told everything to cabir )

Nandini : so druv now telk me that you don’t want to come

Druv : ok I’ll but only for cabir and not for anyone else ???

Nandini cut the phone
And next day she told everything to them .

Manik : he’s coming but only for somedays ???

Mukti : yeah !!! But we can’t let him go this time

Cabir : yaar this druv is so stupid i don’t know what happend to him ???

Aalia : i know what happened to him but guy’s don’t worry he won’t go again this time I’ll make sure to convince him ???

Nancey : yeah I’ll help for you ???

Abhi : me too ???

Manik : ok then I too???

Navya : me too???

Everyone start preparation for welcome druv

Mukthi : by the way nancey seriously you are a lucky charm isn’t it manik ???

Manik : yeah !!! She’s my

( ufff manik sambhal ke ???)

Manik : i mean yeah !!! She’s a lucky charm ???

Nandini start blushing ???

Finally now everything is fine to welcome druv

Next day

Druv come to the space academy

And went toward the jamming room and went inside but it’s so dark there.

Hi druv ( a voice come )

I know you are upset with ne druv but druv I love you so much i want to be with you each and everytime you are my everything druv .i know you also love me plz druv don’t do this to me I’ll die without you if you again think to go I’ll surely die druv plz druv???

( light come and whole the room full of fab 5 pic )

Aalia come toward him

Aalia : druv can we start our relation with a fresh start ???

( now druv can’t take this anymore and he hug aalia with Lot’sof love and care ???)

Druv : aalia i missed you so much you know what i wanted to be with you but my stupid ego ???
But don’t worry I’ll never do such a stupid things
I’m so stupid ???

Yup !! You are

A voice come from behind

Druv : cabir tu ???

Cabir : any doubt ???

(They hug )

Mukthi : you stupid I’ll kill you ???

Druv : ok soryy ???

Manik : just a sorry ???

Druv : ok so sorry guy’s and i promise I’ll never leave you all

Finally the fan 5 reunion is happend

Abhi : helo ???

Druv : you also alive na??? nandini told me ???

Everyone become shocked ???

Nandini : yeah !!! I told him that I’m nandini sorry guy’s ???

Druv : what was that i mean ???

They all tell him about nandini and nancey dtuv hug manik

Finally everything is fine now the real story will start so now fab 5 is coming with bang???

Next day

Nandini is coming toward the jamming room

Suddenly harshad come

Harshad : hi nancey !!! I want to talk with you

Nancey : hmmm !!!???

Harshad : i only can say this to you bcz fab 5 isn’t gonna listen to me ???

Nandini : but what do you want to say ???

Harshad : nancey manik isn’t safe !!!

Nandini : what ???

Harshad : yeah !!!

Nandini : why should i believe you ???

Harshad : don’t believe in me just look st this video

Guy’s so harshad records his and aryamans conversation

Nandini : omg !!! Manik and aryaman what’s he gonna do ???

Harshad : don’t know plz be with manik .

So guy’s plz comment bcz after fab 5 reunion i thought to start my real story with fab 5 and maddy face of and lot’s of interesting things so just be with me and if you have any question you can aks from me .

Precap :maddy’s entry

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